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BOOK HOT.“ The Offspring

You can only play the punk rock rebel card for so many years and so many novelty singles. Can’t you? It’s certainly a problem The Offspring face head-on. These four men, just into their late 30s, have both Smash (biggest selling indie album ever) and the even bigger Amer/cana (ten million copies) under their ever-expanding belts. Yet they’ve given away a million dollars of their own money to a fan in a prize draw, and released their last single, ’Original Prankster’, free on the internet. They've got fans all over the globe who no doubt consider them to be punker than Sid Vicious’s decomposed corpse, but play to most of those fans in vast hangars usually occupied by the Eltons and Ideal Home Exhibitions of this world.

So are they punk? Well, who gives a flying fuck. It’s

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A trip to Novelty Island for The Offspring

always been a dubious term anyway, one which means rather different things to arch-manipulator MacLaren, LA lardarse Lydon, and a sixteen year old in America who’s pissed because his parents have found his porn collection. They can still pen a tune, still get a crowd to go wild, and still survive as a commercial proposition with a guitarist called Noodles (real name: Kevin). And for that, we must salute them. (James Smart)

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