I Open Stage The llalt liar. wot itiitilitis RtiQtti. 504 15:“. 475p”). l'ree.

I Smiler lite llalt Bar. \‘v'oodlands Road. 5'»; 153". S3llpm. l-ree.

I The Outpatients Samuel Dow ‘s. Nithsdale Road. ~123ltll)". S..‘~ltprri. l’ree. Resident hand playing rock and pop


I Singleskin, Rocco and DevilZweed 'i he Mercat. 2S \‘y'cst Mttitlatiti Street, 225 3H6]. Tfillpm. £3.5H. lidinhurgh hands mixing indie and funk sounds.


I Teenage Fanclub, Gary Mullen and Kinnetic Main Stage. Argy le Street 'l'rongate. 32‘) 113‘). ‘)..‘~llpm~l.3llam. l‘ree. 'l'alk ahotit eclectic. (ilasgow llogmanay celehrations proyide a diyerse range ol acts with (ilasgow ‘s own Stars In Jizlll‘ lz'yes lireddy Mercury. (iary Mullen. Belshill's littlest leelgtttiti lellas the l'antiies and the fresh—laced pop. rock and gospel tinged sound ol Kinnetic.

I Zuba, Sheboom, The Latin Lovers, Dochas and Radio Sweethearts World Party Stage. 'l‘rongate llutcheson Street. 220—1129. Uzillpm-r1.30am. l-‘ree. liyerything from l.atin loyin' hip swayin‘ samha to sortie kickin‘ country.

I Pink Kross, One Root, Single Point Of Light and 3 Days Fallen King 'l‘ut's ‘i‘y'ah \Vah llut. St Vincent Street. 331 527‘). 7pm. £4 plus hooking lee. A scuzzy t uartet oi lo-l‘i-ish indie treats.

I Ceili h Nice ‘n' Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 553 9037. S.3tlpm. 13—15. llogmanay ceilidh chaos in a twisted traditional fashion.

I Big Vern & The Shootahs Bourhon Street. (ieorge Street. 553N141. Spm- 4am. £15 (130.5“ with dinner).

I The Cobramatics .‘ylc('huills" High

Street. 552 2l35. lllpm. l-‘ree.


I Moby lidinhurgh Castle—173 letlt). £25. liorsaking New York for to hring in the New Year in lidinhurgh. Mohy headlines this year‘s llogmanay programme. S()l.l) ()l'l‘.

I New Year Revels Assemth Rooms. 51(ieorge Street.22ti2-12S. (Litlpiii-~3.3()arii. UH. This annual hash features music from The Soul Kings and Millennium IMHO: The Rohhie Williams lixperience as well as a ceilidh dance with the Rohert l-‘ish (’eilidh Band and l)Js from (ioing Places.

I The Royal Bank Street Party Princes Street. ~17} letltl. lttpm. lite world‘s higgest street party ieatttres music from Bjorn Again. lil \ez. llohotalk. (‘apercaillie and others. Street pass required for entry.


I The Delgados and The Felsons 'l'own t‘entre (King Street). tilTst» 4oo177. lllpni~lam. l’ree. lleadlining Stirling‘s Party In The Streets eyent. Mercury l’rize nominees 'l‘he Delgados and joined hy alt. country merchants The lielsons and a host of other hands. See liolk listings for further details.


Glasgow I Area 51 Nice ‘n‘ Sleazy. Sauchichall Street. 333 0M“. S..‘~tlpm. i345.


I James Grant and Andi Neate l-‘ruitmarket (iallery. ~15 Market Street. 225 23S}. l~5pm. liree. 'l‘he l‘ormer l.oye & Money irontman returns with tracks from his new solo alhurn. My Hiram-n Glory. West coast songstrcss .-\ndi Neate proyides the support.



I Brooklyn, Brutal Goose and Columbia King 'l‘ut's \Vah Wah lltit. St Vincent Street. 221 52“). 7pm. £3.5tl tadyance). £4 (door).



The dates listed below are for one- off or ticketed shows; see below section for free residencies. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ei ht days before publication. Jazz listings compiled y Henry Northmore.



I Mystery Juice and Green Juice l.a Belle Angele. liastie‘s ( 'lose. :35 “Sim. 7.3(tpm. Ll. :\ totally juicy comhination as two genre-husting hands share the hill with new-way e (‘eltic sounds from Mystery .ltitce and electronic hreak- heat jazz l'rom (ireen Juice. l)J Dolphin Boy will he manning the decks.

I Brian Kellock Trio and Guests lienry\ Jazz Bar. S Morrison Street. 53S 73S5. S.3llpm. L5 (L4 ). 'l‘unes trom The Brian Kellock 'l‘rio. l'ronted hy internationally respected pianist Kellock. with John Rae on drums and Kenny lillis on hass. l‘xpect a ditterent guest each time. ring the \ctitte lor details.

I Napier University Jazz Society Bannerman's. 212 (‘owgate. 55o 3254. 9pm. l-‘ree. 'l‘he Napier l'niycrsity Jazz Society get down and lunky at their jazz jam session.


I The Producers \Vynd 'l‘heatre. Biteclettch Street. (MSW) S23S5-l. Sfitlpm. LS (L5). l‘ilectric :tltti ttctitlSlie hlues ol the urhan yariety l'rom this Versatile l7K outi'it. who were hailed as Blues Band ()l'l'he Year in 19‘)”.


I Balance llenry’s Jazz Bar. S Morrison Street. 53S 7’3S5. Midnight. 15. A new hand tormed hy drummer Stuart Brown with trumpeter Alan Wylie. two excellent youngjazz musicians. lixpect drum is hass and other urhan sounds underpinning some mellow jazz. ~ moody, atmospheric music with a heayy grooye.

I Jools Holland And His Rhythm And Blues Orchestra t'sher Hall. l.othiatt Road. 22S 1155. 7.3(lpitt. £17.51). Britain‘s layourite tinkler ol the iyories‘ teams up with his twelye- piece hand for a hot Rele selection. Jools is joined hy celehrated chanteuses Sam Brown and Marianne l‘iaithl‘ull. I Friday Jazz 'N' Jive Club l-‘airmile lnn. ~14 Biggar Road. 512 S243. Spm. £4 (£3). Maids ()ii'l‘he liorth Stompers pay a yisit tojoin the Louisiana Ragtime Band tor more traditional jazz and jiye sounds.

I Martin Kershaw Quartet Henry‘s Jazz Bar. S Morrison Street. 53S "3S5. S.31ipm. £5. A new outlit fronted hy innoyatiye saxman and Berklee graduate Kershaw. ot (ireen Juice. Rarelaction and (irooy ediggaz tame.


I Christmas Party Nights

Motherw ell (’oncert llall. ('iy ic (‘entre \Vindmillhill Street. ()lo‘lS 2o75l5. 7pmelam. L2S.5tl. (‘hristmas l’arty Nights otter a t‘estiye meal accompanied hy entertainment trotn local hlues hand Big Vern And ’l‘he Shootahs.


I Savourna Stevenson \y'y rid 'l‘heatre. Buccleuch Street. (llS‘lh S23S54. S..‘~llptn. {S (£5 ). .-\n exponent ol‘ the small harp. Stey cnson draws from folk. jazz and eyen African music in her performances.

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