Drama is listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Dance is listed after drama for each city. Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Drama & dance listings compiled by Kelly Apter.


W.\ : Wheelchair .\eeess; I’ : I’arking Iaeilities; W< —* Adapted Ioiletlsl. TICKETLINK

'I iekets Ior iriaior \enues Ill (ilasgow are ayailable Iroin the 'I ieket Centre. (KititIIetiL'fe'S. \Iiiti .Sat

litiliarri o. illpiri; Sun noon 5pm in person or tiritil “pm by phone on llHI 2S" 5511. Any ’I'ieketlink box oltiee ean sell tickets tor other yeriues. THEATRE TOKENS

'I'I' indieates \ enues w here IIIL‘QIITC IiiIs‘etis can be t'\.eIi;itIgetI litr tiekets. 'l'okens can be bought lrorri the 'I'ieket ('entre. ( aridleriggs. (ilasgow. (llsll SS“ S‘IIH; inost branehes ot' WIII. Smith. John Menzies and .lames 'l‘hin Booksellers; or by eredit eard I'rorn ’I'okeiiline. (IITI lilo .ssoii_



I I” (iorbals Street. ~13” (lllll. [I’. II, II. Wt'. W;\]

Pal Joey l'ntiI Sat 23 Dee (not Sun. Mon). 7.3llprn. Llll (L3). All tickets £3 on 'l‘uesday. Based on a series ot~ short stories written by John ()‘I Iara tor the New Iii/Aer, this Rodgers and Ilart musieaI IoIIows the lite ol .loey Iiyans. a nightelub erneee in dow ntow it (‘hieago See rey iew‘. Death In Venice t‘iriil Sat 33 Dee (not Sun Mon i. T. illpni. {Ill (Hi. All tickets L3 on 'I‘uesday. (iiIes IIay ergal direets liiinselt in this one-rnan adaptatioti ol 'I‘Iiomas .‘ylann's noyel about art austere (iertnan seIioIar.

Peer Gynt t'niil Sat 23 Dee inot Sun. Mon]. ~Slipm. i‘ll US). All tickets :3 on Iuesday. Adaptor direetor (‘Iare \‘enabIes' take on Henrik Ibsen‘s eIassie drama about a would-be artist and the woman he ones. See reyiew.


93—95 Ily ridland Street. 35,” .‘sStiS.

The News At When . . . ? IItU 21 Dee. llfitlpm in the bar. l’ree. 7S4 Theatre Company follows up last year's round-up ot' news with this new show looking at the eyents ot' the past year.


2‘)? Bath Street. ZS" 5511. [II. WC. WA] Cinderella l'ntiI Sat 2]) Jan. ~pm (pItrs mats). L3—L155ll. Ihe stalwarts oi the panto world are out in loree onee again for the King‘s annual extrayaganza. (ierard Kelly. 'I‘ony Roper. Barbara Rafferty et aI inyite you to ‘haye a ball' with einders and her aesthetieally ehaIIenged sisters. See reyiew.


New Street. SS" Illlll. [II, WC. WA] Hansel & Gretel t'iiiil Sat .‘sti Dee (not Suns). 'I‘imes yary. LT—L‘Sfiti (55» Loft i). I’aisley'\ annual paiito promises lots of laughs. original musie and a happy ending. See rey'iew'.


IZI Renlield Street. 333 1846. [l’, WC. WA]

Treasure Island L'ntiI Sat 27 Jan (not Mons). 7.3llpm (plus mats). £7.5(l»£11.5ll. Brendan ()‘Carroll and Andy (‘amerori share star billing with a huge pink spotted inlIatahle Ioon. otherwise known as Mr Blobby. Here's hoping a w ell—aimed 'I'w iglet from the audienee puts the nation out ol' its misery onee and for all . . . See reyiew'.


0S Ingram Street. 237 551 I. [I’, WC. WA, w'.-\.t\]

The Night Before Christmas t'ntil Sat

Io Dee. "Sltpm. LF—LS IL2~L~1L Ir tarry

godmothers and beattstalks are your idea of hell. then eheek out Anthony Neilson‘s alternatiy e and wicked look at the testiy e


It'll Rerifrew Street. 3.“: 5"?” ]II. Wt‘. WA]

Aladdin l'ntil Sat lb Dee 3 Fl 'pm A "Slipm. KEN it? i. The leadeltty "s tatai year Acting students prepare tire-:rtsely es tor the harsh reality ot their ehosen protessiort. arid get some panto trazrzing in early.

Into The New l'ntiI Sat lb I)ee. b Illprir. Lb (U i. I‘inal Year Acting students present thirteen pieces ot original work oy er I-otit esettittgs.


Iiiririieston ()uay. llSTti li-ltl Jilllll, ]I’. Wt‘. WA]

It’s Christmas With The Happy Gang l'ntil Sun I" Dee. See Is'ids listings. Shaolin Monks Wheel Of Life In 15 Dee. L I (XSILL I N5“. .-\ speelaettlat stage show based around the lorees ol good and ex iI. ineorporattng iriusre. speeial etteets and the anetent martial art ot Isung I'u.


is: No re Street. 332 noon.

Scottiin Opera Madama Butterfly Wed le. I’ri 33. Thu 2S and Sat 3t! I)ee. See (‘Iassieal listings.


(i3 'I'rorigate. 552 4207.

Peter Pan l'ntil Sat b Jan (not Sun Mon). 7.3tlpm (plus mats). LSFUL‘ Illfill. theatrebabel and the Iron Iheatre ('ornpany present their take on .l. .‘\1. Barry 's eIassie tale. ineorporatirig puppetry. masks and II\ e musie eorriposed by danee tusion band t'eltie Wah Wah. Suitable for children aged S and o\ er. and adults. See rey iew.

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The glory so

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t‘ i‘illilift '

'; l 2.].1’ tar fIIir“



Your at-a-glance theatre guid

7 Thursday 14

Pal Joey

Citizens Main Citizens Circle Citizens Stalls Cottier Th Gilmorehill King's

Paisley Arts Pavilion Ramshorn RSAMD


Theatre Royal

I’eer (iynt

Death In \cniee

Sec Classical Cinderella Ilanscl (iretel I'reasure Island Night Before Christmas

Aladdin, Into [he New

FfidayIS i Pal U I’eer (iyrit

Death In VCDNL‘

Sec (.‘Iaxsieal v


IIanscI a: Ciretel 'Ireasure Island Night Before Christmas

.-\lae din Into Ihe New

Wheel Of Life

A Saturday 16 ii an...

I’eer (iyrit

(‘tttdereIIa Ilanscl & Circtel Ireasure Island

Night Before (hrtstmas

Sunday 17

Death In V'cniee

'Iteasute Isiartd

Sec Rock «k Pop

Aladdin. Into ’I‘he New

Hansel & (irctel

IJ-ti JUL‘F I't C I i‘..'.i

Death In \eriiee

Hansel LS; (ireteI

Iteastirr: \i.lil\i

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh's main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

Monday 18 Tuesday 19 Wednesday 20

I’aI Joey

Death In \{cniee

( ttteIeteIia Hansel 6t (irctel

Ireasure Isl ind

st 122d. i)]it.'l

l’cter Parttiolden .'\.ss Peter Part (Holden .-\.ss Peter Pan Golden Ass (iolden .-\.ss l’eterl’a::,(}o1.le:r -\ss l’e L I’ 3.. (i tr r \ I’eier I’al‘..(i ilden Ass .-\I.idt‘ \ iidzzx \ x.

. Sinbad Siribad Sirtbad Sinbdd Sznbad Szt' ti Saibad Festival Theatre seen-AL». l lpera s'. are] t ipt-ra s..::;s:.lia1.ei Diek W hittington Diek Whittirigton Diek Whittington I)iek Whittington I)iek W hittirrgton l)iek Whitririgton Netherbow riaaa r. tint- r'::;..t-w iuaa i. tine imam

See I'oik See It ik

Playhouse gummy Night lim‘r Saturday Sign: fever Saturday Sign: it". er Saturday Night rum Queen's Hall 7 7 Royal Lyceum Th Workshop

Traverse 1

Saturday Night I7eyer Saturday Night I-‘eyer

See (iIJ\\I\JI Seet iassteal See ('iassieai Neel .assrea. Set I ..i\s..a. \tL'I .a‘sleti.

' 'e' " (1: IereiIa (inderella (inderella (indereila 1y

.ir.i.e\i.:.'._3'liIlft.217.\ izer. I.:,‘x.1‘lf Ilftift Ji Lt‘c I.1I,.I‘lf i)T'.'.t!IL‘s

.Iaek \\ I and I 7? I).'ear::s Jack A I .uaf 7! Ih'ants Jaek A I and ( )1 Iht'tUY‘A

-N-- A'Whe'i’ .\Ied1ae\'aI Baei‘es Surters I