The Golden Ass t'ntil Sat 33 Dec. bpm. L5 (L3). Suspect ('ulture teams tip with performers from Italy. Bra/.11 and the Gorbals. for this new production looking at wealth and power in the modern world. (at-directed by (iraham liatough and Mauricio l’aroni De (‘astro, the show follows the exploits of Lucius, a storyteller and magician lost in the city of Glasgow. See review.

The News At When . . . ? l’ri 22 Dee. ltlpm in the bar. Free. See (‘ottier 'l‘hczilrc. Sec preview.



ladyw ell Way, .‘vlusselburgh. (iofi [l’. H. 'l'l‘. W(‘, WA]

Aladdin l'ntil Sat (i Jan. Tattpm (plus

mats). LUSH. 'l'he Hrunton look cast for this year’s panto, with a host ol original songs, audience participation and some outrageous characters. See review.



33a .‘vlorningsitle Road. 55S OSUH. (P, ll] Sinbad (Or A Bonny Wee Genie May Call) l'ntil Sat 23 Dee. 7pm (plus mats). L5. ()ne of Scotland's l'inest amateur dramatics companies. lidinburgh People‘s Theatre presents its annual family panto. a Scots version of the classic nautical tale.


3 l.even Street. 52‘) (illtlll. [ll. 'l’l‘. WC‘. WA]

Dick Whittington l7ntil Sun 14 Jan (not Mons). 7pm (plus mats). L4—thi5tt (Ll—LUSH). l’anto and comedy queen Dorothy Paul isjoincd by Allan Stewart. Andy (iray and (irant Stott for the King's annual foray into the world of panto. lixpect lavish sets, fancy costumes and more than the odd ‘it‘s behind you‘. as poor l)ick travels to the big smoke to seek his fortune. See review.

' ff _:.". . l" I" S if]; . ll:


43—45 High Street. 55o 05“) 2M“. [th WA]

The Puddok An The Princess 'l'ue l‘)~Sui12~l Dec. 7.3tlpm (Sat ck Sun mats 2.3Hpm). Lo (L4 l. Scottish Actors liiitiative present David l’urves‘ Scots tale about an ailing queen. whose two daughters attempt a battle of wits with a cheeky frog in order to secure her w ell- being. Suitable for children aged live and over and adults.

Ian Turbitt's Puppet Nativity Sat 23 ev Sun 24 Dec. See Kids listings. PLAYHOUSE

lS—CZ (ireenside l’lace, ()S‘Tti (itio3424. [ll, W(‘, WA]

Saturday Night Fever t'ntit Sat 13 Jan (not Sun). 7.3(tpm (plus mats). LSStPLRZSU. Nothing will every quite live up to the Travolta t'ilm (although that said. it does feature some of the worst dancing you‘ll ever see). but this stage version has its own special appeal. Weak

Rug huncher: Aladdin and friend at The Brunton

'7 _.

on story line but strong on tunes (courtesy o1 .‘vlessrs (iibb) the show ollcts a fun antedote to panto ov er-indulgence.


(‘lerk Street, (ms :lll‘),

The Donkey Show Tim is l)cc 'I‘ue 2 Jan. ".Sttpm (plus late shows ll..‘~tipm Hi I" ck Sat 3H l)eci. Lllfll. ’l‘he lidinburgh l‘riiige sensation returns to the capital. with a pulsating disco beat riding roughshod ov er Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. See preview in llogmanay supplement.


(irindlay Street. 24S 4548. [l’. ll. 'l'l‘. Wt‘. WA

Cinderel a tutti Sat b Jan (not

Sun, Mon). 7pm (plus mats). LS~L1() (L4-LS). Stuart l’aterson gives the traditional fairytale a revamp. where the ugly sisters are anything but. Prince (‘harming has more than a few character flaws, and not everyone lives happily ever alter. See review.


34 Hamilton Place. 22o 5425. (ll, WL‘. WA]

Jack And The Land Of Dreams t'ntit Hi 2" Dec (not Suns). 73t'pm (pltis matsi. L" (L3 5H). Robert Rae directs 'l‘heatre Workshops integrated company in this charming old travelling tale by Stanley Robertson. about a poor boy and a princess destined to marry. See review.


(‘ambridge Street. 22S l-ttM. [l’. ll. 'l'l‘, W(‘. WA}

Surfers Sat to Dec. “.Sopm. L2 (L1 l. 'l’rav erse 'l‘heatre (‘ompany giv es a performed reading of this new translation of Xavier Duriiiiger‘s play. The News At When . . . 7 Wed 2o l)ec. S3Hpm in the ’l‘raverse liar. ltee. See (‘ottlci' 'l'heatre. (ilasgow.

lL' i llAL


Hal” Nicolson Street. 52‘) (illllll, Ill. Wt‘, WA]

Scottish Ballet Aladdin Wed IlliSat 3H1)ec(iiot Sun 347l'ue 2o). finitlpm (plus mats). L‘) L3H (LP-LIP). Scottish l’iallct‘s‘ first full—length ballet for seven years should be quite something. with choreography trom contemporary dance man Robert (‘ohaii, music by tilm and ’l'\' composer (‘arl Davis arid a stack of exciting special effects and dazzling costumes. See preview.

CENTRAL DRAMA &. DANCE - Ayr GAIETY THEATRE (‘arrick Street, till): (it 1222. (ll. W( ‘, WA Cin erella L'ntil Sat 13 Jan (not Sun). 7pm (plus mats). Ll l—-LlZ (LS—LSSH). (antlers, Buttons, the l-‘airy' (iodiiiother and co. ham it tip for the kids in the (iaiety‘s annual panto.

Your at-a-glance theatre guid

7 Thursday 21 Friday 22 Saturday 23 Sunday 24 ' Monday 25 - Tuesday 26 Wednesday 27 Thursday 28

HCigtizensflMain _ fill?” CitizensCircte - .,

l’eer (lynt

citizens Stalls "Dali;iiittiitém " 5.1’...ia..xi.......c‘

(CottiergTh My ._ King's


llansel t‘k Crete

Paisley Arts r n litt‘asure lslarid Ramshorn


sEccf * 'Vvi}i

Theatre Royal

The News At When.’

Pal Joey Pal Joey l’eer (.iynt l’eer (iy iit Death In Venice

('inderella (’iiiderella

l llansel A; (iretcl llansel & (iretel

lteastiic lslafid 'l'tcastife lsiaztd

Scottish ()pera

"N' W ' .’ . nu U“ \l hm Peter l’antxoldenAss

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh's main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

llansel e‘c (iretel

lifL'dSthL‘ lsiatid


lreasure Island 'I rcaslzte Islam.


llansel ck (iretel llansel t‘c (ireiel

'lfeasiirc lsl illvl

Scottish ()pera

PM“ Pan (mlan N55 pm“ pm (iolden \ss‘ ~ Pcter Pan Peter Pan Peter Pan Brunton Aladdin Mum Atkiva yam {in ChUI‘Ch Sinbad Sinbad Sinbad - _ c _ _

Festival Th King's Netherbow E!.air_h29§.e__ . ,Queen'sfia" .. Royal Lyceum -

Scottish Ballet

l’uddi k cc 'lhe l‘rxn


Traverse 1


Dick Whittington

Scottish Ballet Seoitzsh Itaitei

Dick Whittington lhck W hittington

cess l’ucid k A The l’:::;.xss l’udd i. c\ 'l‘ac l’r::‘..‘css

Saturday Night Fever Saturday Night lever Saturday Night Let er

See ("ortiedy ~


Th Jack & lacidt): [hauls Jack ck land ()2 [hearts Jack A land (it Drtxuxs

acid k .\'l‘.1el‘:::‘.c


Dick Whittzngtl n

Cinderella ——

Dick Whittington


Sc‘iittzsl1l5aiie2 Se :tnl'; Haliei

Dick Whittirtgton Dick W'hittington

Saturday Night Fever 'liie l)-.vt:'i.ey Sh as



Jack ck land ()1 (mums