OMEDY listings

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Whose Lunch Is It Anyway? the Stand. 5 Yorl. l’iie 55‘ "252 I; l re; ‘.\ltlt drinks i.’ 1t!i'.' ti l reestyie itiriiiiness tr trr‘. ideiit duo l‘au} ilitl Stuart Jeff Green .‘yrig'd l x: _ l’t:t.cvs Stiee (titlti'.'li\l ist.22"‘t23" 3t'prri.:.l Sport it‘i witsct'. ill‘ in il ei-rnedy itit‘xcd

ith a i'cttctt 'tls dose ot in tj. ish charm lit‘lll the eherubie little stand-up.

Six On Sunday 'l he Stand. 5 York l’lace. 55‘ "2532 3Hpin. :-3t:-2r. lhis <,"w:iiiii-_"s se‘-.tt;plet oi stand up stars

lltt. itide rrrtpxre Ben l)arey. 'l'tm lawrenee and headliner Natalie llay ites


Fife Comedy Club i’atti "lane-rn. Mid Street. or “)2 Swift. s, 3|ttirn. 1-1 t:_3i. Airtiabte humour trom Australias Adam llills. Support comes troin l'ilc‘ Day idsoii and local lad (irant t)'Rour'r.e.



The Crazy Ape Comedy Club Bar Zoo.

Sit l)umbarton Road. 334 Sttl2. Spin. L4

M3). An ey ening oi mirth and ioeularity'

with a choice selection ol stand—up talent.


Red Raw the Stand. 5 York l’lace. 55S "222. .S.3ltprn. J- l. l)onna lirachan puts betweert eigltt and ten comedy

new comers through their paces. with Bill Bruee

. TUESDAY 19 '


Halt Bar Comedy Club lch llalt Bar. 1oo\\'oodlands Road. 5trt l522. Spin. the Belly flattglts abound at tltis weekly \‘yest ltnd eomedy night.


Jeff Green Angel liye. l’rinces Street (iardens l'.dSt. 22H (I23tt. 2.3itpm. £125“. See Sun 1“. only (ireen is supported by Canada's (ilen \Yool.

. . WEDNESDAY 20 .


Fred MacAulay llte' Stand. 33.3 \YttttdldlttlS ls‘t‘dd. HS?“ 0' lll ott55.

S. 3ltpm. L5. Mr MacAtilay takes a break trorn tilrning his new 'l'\' series. .Si'rrr/r/y Ind. to line~tune his stand-up skills in the company ol' the comparatiyely tetchy Stand audience.

Vigorous Lime Comedy Club Nice ‘n‘ Sleaxyg-i21 Sauchiehall Street. 333 (Mill. ‘tpm. L4 tL3r. Rumours ot comedy being the new rock ‘n‘ roll are greatly esaggeiated since the management of Nice ‘n‘ Slea/y haye ditclted stand-tip in iayour oi bands. the cheek ot it! We're told the organisers are looking tor a new \cnttc. so watch this space.


Jeff Green Angel liye. Princes Street (iardens l‘ast. 22H ti23tt. 5.3itpm. £12.5(l. See Sun 12 and support comes trom (ilen \Yool.

Maverick Cabaret the Stand. 5 York l’lace. 55S 2222. Spin. 131 (L3). A pick ‘n' tttlfx’ ot comedy and magic cotnplete with unusual characters and an assortment ot~ /any nonsense.

Reg Anderson's Fun Quiz Night The Stand. 5 York l’lace. 55S 7222. tifittpm. it to play. l’it your wits against host Reg Anderson tor the chance to win caslt and prizes.



The Stand 'l‘he Stand. .333 \‘y‘oodlands Road.ttS2tttititttytl55.S.3ttpm.L~1(£3). t'ompere lirankie Boyle ensures the

ey enirtg runs smoothly. aitd welcomes to the stage John l‘lint. tiraeme Thomas and Bill Bruce.

Lynn Ferguson t‘anyas. 134i» \Valls Street. 552 2lltt. “pin. L5. The tinest thing to come out ot‘ ('umbernauld since


72 THELIST ‘4 13:; 22.34 Siit

brother (Titlg'. the all-round iunny iady partakes in a little straight-talking humour. Joined by Meryl ()‘Rourke and token male l'in Mc.-\rthur.


Ross Noble Angel liye. Princes Street (iardens liast. 22H “23”. ".3itpm. 1.12.5H. ('omedy 's tree—w heelin‘ y irtutiso brings some pre-( ~hristmas cheer to lid1nburgh w itlt a three-night stint at Angel icye. lispect a journey into the surreal with more than a little audience participation thrown in along the way.

The Stand the Stand. 5 York l’lace. 55S "222. me. M (£3). (iiididlitccd guttaws trom l)a\ id Kay. who is _]t\lltcd by posh stand-up Miles Jtipp. Ste-yen Dick and (irant ()‘Rourke. llost Joon Broon keeps the lads in check.

World Of Comedy Quizshow (ntded Saloon. 233 (‘ow gate. 22o 215 1. “put. it to play. See Thu 14.



The Comedyshop@0ffshore ()ltshore. 3~5 (iibson Street. (t771-i (Mitt-72H. Spin. £5 (£4). laughter arid rnerriment at this BY()B comedy night eompered by Jamie Robinson.

Lynn Ferguson (amas. t3—to Watts Street. 552 21”]. 0pm. £5. Lynn l‘erguson returns for second helpings ot‘ (’anyas. this time support comes from lee Ness and Meryl ()‘Rourke. ('raig ('rookston competes.

Best Of The West Glasgow Christmas Comedy Extravaganza The Stand. 33.3 \Yoodlands Road. (LS-ill ()tltl (M55. ‘tpm. Lb (£5). llost Susan Morrison is joined by John (iillick. indulging in sortie joy'ial banter alongside Motherw ell‘s Mark Bratchpiece and some hyperactiye hilarity from lirankie Boyle.


Ross Noble Angel liye. Princes Street (iardens liast, 22H ti23tt. 7.3ttpm. £12.5tl. See Thu 21.

Give Us A Laugh Queen‘s llall. (‘terk Street. (tors 2(11‘). .Spm. Elli. Sec panel. Scruffy Murphy's One Comedy Night Scrut't'y' Murphy's. 4‘) 5t) (ieorge l\' Bridge, 225 that Spin. Free. See liri 15. Beyond Compere Christmas Cracker the Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. Lo (15). A cracker of a line—up to get you in the testiye spirit compered by Jane Mackay'. (‘raig llill takes a pop at celebrities. joined by (iraeme Thomas and Joon Broon.


Glasgow Canvas Comedy Club Canvas. 13—10 Walls Street. 552 2101. 9pm. £5. Janey

(iodley admits she sounds like a ‘y'ery chatty cleaner'. but her stories of iiasterhouse will haye you in stitches. Master of put-downs Gordon Brunton takes oy'er as compere, whilst Bill Dewar and Des (‘larke proyide the comedy backing. Best Of The West Glasgow Christmas Comedy Extravaganza The Stand. 33.3 Woodlands Road. (LS—7t) ()lill (>055. 9pm. £7 (£4). See Fri 22.

Madcap Comedy Club The State Bar. HS Holland Street. 332 215‘). 9.3(ipm. £5 (£4). Richard Allen is the main patter merchant. with two stand-up stars to be contirmed and host Billy Bonkers.


Ross Noble Angel tiye, Princes Street (iardens liast. 22H ti23tl. 2.3ttpm. £12.5it. See Thu 2].

Beyond Compere Christmas Cracker the Stand. 5 York Place. 55S "222. ‘tpm. i" (H). See Fri 22.

WEDNESDAY 27 . Edinburgh

Adam Bloom Angel liy'e. Princes Street (iardens liast. 22H ti23lt. 2.3ttpm. £125“. The multi-award winning comic races through a set ot~ maniacally energetic proportions. Support comes from Drew Barr.

ALL STAR thtE UP Gives Us A Laugh

Noble intentions: Ross Noble at charity show at The Queen's Hall

it's not Ottet‘i oat'ntie the il.""}t.‘ that , f' i" ,i' : asserrroled ..'t a shoe on; its <1 . t i i i Baht“, ReJ‘)‘)llt.)l)it‘,‘:_Tri(71ll..(177i}i.f" iw : . ' w w.

(i L'i’iit()k_i{.‘r‘il:t‘ ;\i('i)ti:/‘ ’. 'l‘. lit‘t‘d T itii.tt‘.

that"; thdli‘be t'e tow a . T ’i '

charrt'es, the End- iwis it 1‘ i :at .' '.‘.

Charm arat 3am lie Ct. hirer.

\lviltlt (J '(1Ski'ttlc (ti/HTelt c it At (.().'tet‘li.px,iltlly )etii-l»1_\l;} i..i'_ ) Hi. ‘1' t' i r.k .. ' tsBL‘li d't(i StththL {J'dr' :1 Ur tit/3t" .t:.. 'it i .’, i'

of the spettrurr; ‘.‘..'.h the r? a1 z. ' r rr‘acidle is Hobie, iiiiar‘:oti‘aV t,o.'r1:i.";".tt The d'. 1; 't- ' 'r " " ~‘ spirit of the other

t.lean.~.hiie, leagu‘en is torrent}, outta: tr. ‘3 w l Kind/trig, in which she also appeared, and her 3' i- '. .3 ;' 1 ' just returned to the comedy orient H J, t r ." , r' ‘r coining COit‘tC, should also vrx'..erz rat. tint“! ' 'Ii it. '

and :rresstoe carrper, Sit-ye- Ara.

The Stand the Stand. 5 York Place. 5.53 5‘25'2. t)Pin. Li“ (£0). A show case ol’ (‘eltie talent including political polemics arid at‘t'able humour irom lreland's Keyin llayes. boisterous banter trom Vladimir Mc'lay ish. whilst (‘olin Rarnone gets the ey'ening ot't' to a rib-tickling start with tales trom his name (ilasgow. (‘ompere Jane Mackay cracks the w hip.


Dundee Comedy Cafe \y'est Port Bar. West Port. ()13S2 2th‘)‘)3. S3ttpm. L3 (£2.5ll). A generous helping ol' testiy e jeer from Joe lleenan and two comedians in support.


Glasgow Phil Kay King 'l‘tit‘s Wait Wait lltit. 222a St Vincent Street. 22l 527‘). s3ttpm. LS.

teaturing liost (iiaeiiie llioiitas arid l)oniia lsraelian. who are ]t'iiti‘tl bi. lltl'.'.' guests [or a ptek ‘n‘ titl\ ot er tried}. magic. poetry and .tll’tlttllttl '..tl ty. Adam Bloom Angel l'ye. l’titit‘es Street (iatdens last. 22tllt231t. ".3ttt‘rit t-l.2..5ll. See \Yetl 272.

The Stand the Stand. 5 York l’laee. 555 22‘2. ‘tprii. L2 t UH. See \‘yed World Of Comedy Quizshow t tilde-d Saloon. 233 (iowgatte. 22b 21.5 l. ‘tpiit.

Ll to play. See llittt l-l.


Glasgow The Comedyshop@0ffshore

()ttshore. 3 5 (itbsoii Street. it""l-l ‘tlttt22tt. Spin. L5 rid t. See l ii 22. Beyond Compere Comedy Fest ttw

Stand. 33.3 \‘y'oodtarrds Road. its—It (.lttl (W55. S. 3ltpiii. Ur. See lliu 2S.

\enture into the surreal world ot l’hil Canvas Comedy Club ( are. a t y to Kay tor a night ot eccentric endeayours. \Yalls Street. .552 2lltl. “pin. 9.“ Al tr Beyond Compere Comedy Fest the hilarious gt tllttlS»< in itlt :iiiigei irrittnr

Stand. 333 \Voodlands Road. HSWI (tilt! (M55. H.3ttprn. Lb. line-up includes Frankie Boyle. Susan Morrison. Joon Broon and John (iordon.

Canvas Comedy Club (‘any as. 13' t o

Brian lliggiris. lliis e‘. L'l‘itlt2 Stlt‘t‘t itt coines trorn Ray (tauntortl, l’iiil.j. and the Brain and guest eotiipere Rayiriozid Mearns.

Walls Street. 55: Jim. wpm. es. Edinburgh

Scottish ex-pat Brian lliggins giy es an Free 81 Easy lhe Stand. ‘* Yr at. l’laee. energetic pert'ormance. reminiscing 55S "2‘2 trim l-ree S1"; lli'l 2s

about his paramedic days. with ('harlie The Six O'Clock Cabaret lin- Stazid. Ross and John little-john and Janey York l’laee. 55\ “2’22. oyrri. :5 is: t.

See lltti 2‘\.

Marcus Brigstocke Angel l j. l’rtnces Street (igtrder‘is l'ast. 22' H2 3“ 5.3ttprn. L125“. Bizarre sound ’.'Ifc.'.\. razor-sharp w it and titt‘Lcitl obseryations troiit Bristo'fs bespectacled burly comedian. ()lt‘e'. again. Drew Barr supports.

Scruffy Murphy's One Comedy Night Sertitty Murphy-1‘)Ftt(ieorge l\' Bridge. 225 lost Spitz. See l‘tl l5.



Free 8: Easy the Stand. 5 York Place. 555 "222. 1pm. l'ree. Lunchtime laughs tor the New Year as Paul (iraham and Stuart Murphy improy ise their way through two hours oi gags. And all this tor no pennies w hatsoey er.

The Six O'Clock Cabaret the Stand. .3 York l’lace. 55S "222. opm. L5 1L1). A yeritable selection box ot' comedy