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The Sub Club hasn’t had the best 2000, what with getting to grips with the mysterious world of insurance claims and quotes from builders, while tackling the tricky task of turning Planet Peach into a suitable Substitute. New Year’s Eve 2000, then, will mean more to the Sub Club team and regulars than most, a chance to wave goodbye to bad memories of a burnt out, waterlogged dancefloor and look forward to the fruits of refurbishment, finally underway as of this month. Of course, the best way to forget your cares is to assemble a cache of world class DJs, put them in a large room with a bunch of punters and turn out the lights. And, without meaning to belittle the complicated business of nightclub promotion, this is what the Sub have done.

Alongside legendary residents Harri and Domenic, and the club’s roster of Friday night DJs, are two of America’s finest. Representing thea currently Liber-chic San Francisco scene is Ra Soul, a mainstay of the now defunct Freshly Squeezed Records whose ’Soul Searching’ series for Large Music has achieved classic status. His opposite number Boo Williams, meanwhile, comes from the house heartland, Chicago.

’You know,’ says Williams, ’I was supposed to play the Sub Club around four years back some guy called us up, but we were booked. Since then, I’ve played in Sweden and France and Manchester in England, so, you know, I’ve been getting closer and closer to Glasgow over the last few years, but I’ve never quite made it.’ Williams has made his name many times over, thanks to a dedication to versatility that has seen him release tough techno hybrid tracks for Relief, silky smooth melodic disco through the likes of Cajual and, best of all, proper deep house on Guidance and Ovum.

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Legendary Sub Club resident Harri

’Man, I got so many identities going on now,’ Williams explains, ’when I started producing, we wanted to get ourselves a name for versatility, and the band said to me, “Boo, you gotta do some of that Derrick May techno stuff.” We were just doing that stuff to make money to build ourselves a studio, and when we built it I just had to do what I was really into, the deep stuff. But I kept up the other styles: you got Moonman for the dubby, deep disco stuff, Mandrake for the harder stuff, Wooly Sneakers for all that strings and keys type melodic disco; and when l DJ, you get all of that thrown together.’

’Oh, and one more thing: I gotta tell all the people there in Glasgow that I’m planning something real good, and I’m looking forward to rockin’ your world.’ (Jack Mottram)

Word Up

REGULAR READERS OF the Club news will have seen more than a few proposed dates for the reopening of the much-missed Sub Club, tragically turned into ash last year. We can now report that the builders have been in the venue since 4 December and are continuing apace with the 30 week refurbishment plan. If our maths is correct, that means the Sub should be back on it’s feet sometime in late June.

CALLING ALL ASPIRING DJs. If you fancy airing your wares to an enthusiastic, festive crowd then get your records together and get down to the The Angel Eye in Princes Street Gardens for the’New Talent' heats on Wednesday 20 December. All applicants must apply in advance to Kirsty on 0131220 0230 to get full details on the competition.

ON THE SUBJECT of free stuff, we’ve also got some very swanky records bags stuffed with two stylish T—shirts from entertainment chat site As sponsors of the highly anticipated Back To Basics night taking place at Alaska on Friday 15 December, Dobedo will be happy to furnish the first five List readers with the delectable goodies (valued at £60 a piece, no less!) who send their details to us marked ’Back To Basics Offer’ at the address given above.

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