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I Baracoa's Hogmanay Soiree a: Baraeoa. 5pm 3am. lree. llogrriart if. only. l.atino llogriiariay party lllt drinks promos and tree danee classes.

I Beats. Bass. Chill. (B.B.C.) at Rush. ‘tpm lam (1am on llogtttatlay ). l ree Weekly. A laid-haek titty of da"; lap hop and drum ty hass.

I Happy Q Year at (_)Bar W; in 1m.

l'ree. llogittartay Hiii}. l‘estt‘.;‘ cheer 2‘. (lit a ('arihheat) (w M.

I Human Be-In at ’l he lltltltall lieillt. ‘lpm lam. l'ree. Weekly (not llogmanay ). (irattd l ‘nilied ( Manga) delights with a weird and woiiderlul \L‘l'c'cllitll.

I Latino Sundays at l oer. it; til lattt. i3. Weekly. llead doyyt) Tot salsa. meiengue and l.atiii pop w itl: DJs. li‘. e musie and pereiission

I Tango Cherries at Baraeoa. Fpm l'ree. Weekly (not (’liristmas l',‘. e N llogmanay ). lango and salsa with DJ Joel and tree (lattee classes [it show you how. I Made In Iguana at lgiiaiia. ‘tpiii lam (3am during testiy e season). l‘ree. Weekly. Boh Cairns attd (iareth Sommery ille get l'estiy e at the (‘hristmas l'iye speeial and tin llogmanay it's an l‘lltagtooy e tuture diseo party.

I Oxygen at ()xygeii. 3 "pm. l'ree. Weekly. The essential Sunday eomedow n session hosted l)y the Coy ert Operators.

I 7th Night at lzl Barrio. .Spm larii. l’ree. Weekly. A new night leaturiiig smooth Rth gtooy'es. Arriy‘e early (5pm) to eapitalise on three happy eoektail hours. I Strange Beats at Baroque. Spin lam. l'iree. Weekly. A ltlttk and soul seleetion. I The Sunday Session at (trha Norte. (Spin lam. l'ree. Weekly. ()Id meets nu. on a ia/wt'unk-soul tip. with Ben and (iay.


I Atomic Baby at l.a Belle Angele. lllpmi 5am. L2H (plus hooking lee trom l'her Disko and the llogmanay Boy ()t’liee). llogmanay only. Seotlaiitls progressiy e house and trariee masters /.ammo, .‘yliehael ls'ilkie. Stuart Dunean and (‘olin ’l'eyeiidale hrayely lead the eiiarge into loot with this hairy heast ot a party. lo join them you‘ll need to he w ell- trained iii the art ot' daneirig and paeing the night away.

I Blitz at 'l‘he \enue (top floor). ltlpmrfiam. LS (LT). (‘hristmas liy e. .‘ylonthly. New lunky to hard house iiigltt with guests DJ Stray and Doe and residents.

I Burst at Studio Ll. ltlfwtlpm Sam. 13. (‘hristmas liy‘e. Fortnightly. Steay'e and Dodgy Daye get in on the aet ol making Sundays the new Saturdays with sortie spine-ehilling tranee and teehno.

I CC. Blooms at (it: Blooms. lt)..‘~()pm--.“am. (Bar troni Spin). l’ree. Weekly. 'l‘he hest tunes trom aeross the genres to shake your hooty to at this gay eluh.

I Club DKY at Studio 2-1. 1 1pm 3am. £1.50 helore midnight; LC alter. Weekly. A speeial goth night ( 1" Dee) at the eluh

w hieh deserihes its musie poliey as ‘alternatiy'e w you hring it. we‘ll play it‘. Warning: ‘nothing too aw lul‘.

I Colours at The Venue. lltpm—Sam. L25 (ayailahle at \irgin. l‘her Disko and l’opRokit). llogtttanay‘ only. A popular ehoiee tor the hig night seeing as superstar DJ Day id .‘ylorales w ill he joining lluggy'. (‘raig Smith. Yogi llaugliton and .‘ylikey' Stirton among many others. (iet your tiekets yy ell in ady'anee.

I Curios & Headspin at the Boiigo (‘luh lltpmviam. L ll). Hogmanay only. A one-olt Hogmanay extrayagan/a that hrings‘ together the astounding liy e talent from (‘urios with the decks-det'ying skills ol‘ the Headspin residents. Dan Zooo. Bill Spiee, Morse and llelt~ are youriammiiig liy'e musieians and (‘olin .‘ylillar. Stey'e Austin and Day a are your deek teehnieians playing hip hop. trip hop. tuiik. and soul. it's all got the tunk and the door eharge is one of the most reasoriahle in town.

I Eye Candy at Noa. tttprii-Sam. L15 (ayailahle trom t'her-Disko and Ripping).

B4 THELIST 74 Dec 2333—4 .3" 233‘.


In“ '1’} 'riit‘il (151'in

.‘tv rv "r ‘r ‘l trill.

L/letfo} (H '..t' l ' is‘ei‘re‘ rial ,t).l' DiC-

lie/grime peasant “ax/o

l HOt/W

llomanay only. A laney dress hall teaturing all your layourite liye (‘andy DJs and a liy e l’A trom ls'areii l’almer. Altogether a top ehoiee it you want to dress it y and get down.

I Jam oree at (‘tiih .‘ylereado.

ll)..‘~ltpm 3am. L5 (L4). (‘hristmas liy'e. .‘ylonthly. Hip hop. RtyB and ragga at this relatiy'ely' new night.

I Joy at Wilkie llouse. ll)..‘~(lpmv<.‘~am. Lit) (LS). (‘hristmas he only. Alter last month‘s ollieial larew ell to Wilkie. .‘ylaggie ty; Alan tonight say their final. lestiye tarew'ells to the name they‘y e made their hard house home tor sortie time. Dona despair heeause they‘ll he moy ing to ligo as trom h Jan tor a temporary period hel’ore starting their new resideney at ’l‘lie Venue in the late spring. I Jungle Magic: 2000 & Beyond at ille liquid Room. lllpm Sam. ill) plus hooking lee (ayailahle l'rom Ripping. l’opp. Virgin and 23rd l’reeinet). llogmanay only. Seotland‘s’ only drum tk hass llogmanay hash sees the legendary Bryan (iee (\' Reeordings) Usher in the New Year with support trom all the loeal stars on the seene: DJ Kid. The (ieneral. (i:.‘ylae. DJ in and MC l’eelman.

I Luver 2001 ’A Space Oddity' at Wilkie llouse. l)..‘~l)pm*5am. £20 in

ady anee trom ()iit ()l. The Blue; £25 on the door. llogmanay only. Peter James. 'l‘ommy' ls. (il’, Jared. Andy Jnr and Seott (i take their pleasure-loy'irig, hard house lollow'ing into the new year.

I The Mission at Studio 24. llpmJam. Lthe. llogntanay' only. Weleome letil at this astoundingly' popular haunt tor the alternate-ens ot the eapital. 'l'he humper hash t'eatures three rooms ol~ seasonal darkness: head upstairs l‘or goth and industrial goings-on. to the main floor l‘or roek. nu metal and guitar-hased sounds. and tip to the wee l'ront room l‘or some skate punk elassies.

I Mode Organic at The t‘itnis (‘liih

l lpni»-.‘~am. L2. ('hristmas liy e. .‘ylonthly. Swing to the sound ol‘ the hits.

I Nameless at the Attie. 10.30pm Sam (the). J; ll) (Ay'ailahle trom Virgin tk Ripping). llogmanay only. 'l‘w'o nights in a row ~ are they niad'.’ Diehard house, teehno and eleetroniea lrom lidinhurgh‘s most dedieated DJs - Brainstorm. Sandy Paris and Roh Dy lari at this exelusiy e llogmanay hash.

I Oxygen at ('luh Jay'a. lllpm—4am. £15. in ady'anee from ()131 to," SSH) and in person at (’luh Java and at ()xy'gen on lo Dee; £18 on the door. Hogmanay only. ()ne of the capital's most exeiting Hogmanay ey'ents sees y'ery' speeial guest (iril‘l‘ .‘ylanumission flying in from lhiza to play' the season‘s higgest progressiy'e to hard house tunes. Also featuring DJ support from Dow'ser, Alpha and Billy. some stunning deeor from the ()xygen crew" and more than a tew surprises.

I Pure at litre Ange: l'ye Il'fl "3:1: «art:

H v s v t n1 u .v 4y n. (He) 1.\ k....\ ye i‘.i.‘~. -\..c...:..t.

lifti...\t\ sly 'ity ty‘vhn \Y. .1 guinl

‘r‘.' tee.‘.:‘.o tans w ho nay e heer‘. yery good this year. Make sure you leay e piezity ot lager out tor them.

I Queer Sunday at ligo. t‘ipiri-‘~ar:i L. (Li ). 1" Dee only. A Danee Rey :ew tit The Year teaturiitg all your tayourite ehart hits at this outrageously giant and

deeadent party. See ltle tor details ot the Boyirig Day speeial.

I Sunday Supplement at (‘l'ah \te-reatio llpm Sam. :5 (L4). 1“ Dee \loiithly. lidinhurgh‘s hot tieket to ride the l'ls' garage pony w eieornes Jeremy Newall. tlze man w ho miyed .‘ylasters At Work‘s reeeiit lllth anniyersary (iD. l.oeal garage guru (‘raig Smith lends his helping hands.

I Tackno 2001 A Space Odyssey. at (‘luh .‘ylereado. WSHpm—w ell into the New Year. L2H ( in adyanee trom .‘ylereado on Sin 4224). llogtttattay, .‘ylonthly. the intrepid ’l‘rendy Wendy takes one small step tor a eheesey DJ hut one giant leap tor mankind w hen she throws open the doors to a Hogmanay party that is right otit ol' this world. Your ’l‘aekno litttl tieket also eomes with a tree street pass to the (‘ity ('entre. See Hogmanay llitlist.

I Taste at Wilkie llouse. llpiii 3am. D (to). Weekly (not ('hristmas liy e tk llogmanay). l‘isher tk l’riee are ittllied l‘iy speeial guests the Sharp Boys (1" Dee) arid this w ill he their last Sun date oi the lestiy'e period. ’l‘hey yy ill ltow ey er he hosting major parties on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. See .‘ylon tor lull details.

I Vegas at ligo. ll).3ltpm~5am (the). LlS (ay'ailahle trom Virgin. Ripping and on the door). llogmanay‘ only. l'ior those seeking a toueh ot elass to their llogmanay' eelehrations, the refined and eultured ehaps at \egas hay‘e organised this little hash. Awl'ully good wine. the soiree promises many DJing delights t'rom the residents l5rankie Sumatra. Dino Martini. Bugsy Seagull and Jose. garnhling aetion at the Stardust (‘asino and many. many magie moments.

Chart & Party

I The Christmas Party at The Ark. lllpm~5am. £5. ('hristmas he only. l-‘estiy'e lun and l'rolies. luelled hy the laet that all drinks are less than a quid all night. I Gaia Hogmanay Surprise at (iaia. lltpm—Sam. L'the. llogmanay only.

I Hogmanay at The Ark. tttprii—Sam. L5. A tun-tilled ehart lest to take you into ZlHll.

I Hogmanay at l’o Na Na. aninam. £15non-memhers;Jillimemherson ady'anee helore (‘hristmas liy'e). Big ‘ole party tor the hig ‘ole oeeasion.

I KlSS All The liquid Room. lt)..‘\l)pm—3am. l5ree. Weekly (not

Tackno 2001 A Space Odyssey The intrepid Trendy Wendy faces the final frontier of bad mu3ic at the interstellar excorsion of her Hogmanay party Club Mercado, Hogmanay

:7 g"‘.‘..1f‘..:\' -\:‘. aerossr ...e ‘i‘. 'd seie‘e‘llof‘. \‘T T' ‘s. S' ‘s afid “its tuties In t ‘( Ls'» ed B' y W ILush \y’ \o \t\ .... ..\ \evt‘ '. . l‘c‘i‘

I Mad Sundays at l'.‘:e .\t'.:e '1 iptti 3am L4 (L: w :1}: tiyer) Weekly (riot killiSli’lhts l'y e t\ llogrtiariay ). Cheek out ot the asylum at‘:d iitto the .- ttte tor at‘ ttlsatit‘ eyeiiittg ot ehart musze arid outrageoust elteap alcohol.

I Sin at lite -\rk Weekly (not tittrzstttias l ye) t'ltazt and party tunes. with.




I Christmas Day al giiaiia "pm Fart: l’ree. kililtslltias Day only. llep eat Jo .‘ylalik presents lhe Sounds of the t'aiihhean \ s. l‘he Super Sottttds of Soul‘. I Cocktail Night at Rush. Spin lam l'ree. Weekly. laid haek sounds riiassage your ears while potent hey erages‘.l.til\e your tastel‘uds

I New Year's Day at iguana l)prii 1air). line Jo .‘ylalik rey iew s the musieal delights ol the past year.

I Paella Night at H Barrio Spin lam. l‘ree. Weekly. llispariie night ot tieiy t'laiiieneo. rhythmie soy illatias and se\y rurnha with authentie liee paella seiyed to get you in the mood. \lore into lioiii eyetttsilrelltarrioeoatk.

I Salsa Romantica at Baiaeoa. hpm~lam. l'ree. Weekly. .\iitheittie l atiii heats with rueda and salsa dance elasses (£3.50) trom Sam.


I Blame It On A Monday at the l’eppermirit lounge. lttpm 3am. L3 (L3). Weekly (not (‘hristmas Day ty New Year‘s Day). l'nkle l'awa/. Dolphin Boy and DJ Sal? Sap play a random riot ol tunky. lromage-lree niusie and it you enioy y'oursell too much then you‘ll iiist hay e to ‘hlanie it on a Monday '.

I CC. Blooms at (It I Bti .oriis.

ll).3t)pm 3am (har lroiii (ipiii. lteensed until 5am oy er the lestiy e period ). l'ree. Weekly. l'pheat diseo at this eoitsistently' husy gay har.

I One Club at 'l‘rayerse. lLittpm 3am. US (LIZ). New Year's Day only. [he musie plus many talented DJs that iiielude .‘ylaggie ty; Alan Joy and Dolphin Boy. See l‘idinhurgh llogmany (iuide tor a sparkling insight.

I T e Profezzionals at Po Na Na.

llpiii 3am. l‘ree. Weekly (closed on Christmas Day). DJ Roddy and Jason mix tip .Stts, lilthy‘ disco and house.

I Taste at Wilkie llouse. llpm- Sam. LS (My). Christmas Day' ts New Year‘s Day. (iet the l’ersian rugs in lor these two seasonal dates lrom ladiiihiirglis garage and hard house heroes l’isher ts l’riee.

I Ultragroove Christmas at l.a Belle Angele. lttfiltpm 3am. till. (‘hristmas Day only. Speeial guest l.aurenee lliglies (Reliel 'l‘raxs) tries to ()lllottd the dodgy .soeks his Nan got liittt lor ('hristttias to residents (‘oliii Cook. (iareth Sommeiy ille and Mikey Stirton hel'ore playing a lush set (it deep grooy‘es. soiilltil y'oeals and speaker l'reaking duhs.

I Ultragroove New Year at l.a Belle Angele. ll)..‘~ttpma‘~am. ill). New Year‘s Day only. llarri (Suh ('luh) ushers in the New Year armed with some trippy diseo, pereussiy'e workouts and lunky teehno, plus support l’rom the dieliard residents on the day that many would rather torget. We salute you.

I Unfinished Business at the Attie. llprnfiani. )5. New Year's Day only. Beany. l'llX and (iary .‘ylae (eolleetiy'ely known as the Suhlime Blue Roorii hoy'S) hay‘e got some house and hreakheat elas'sies to entertain the lueky few who are still standing on the National Day of llangoy er.

i‘:t' I )

Pro-club I Boxing Day at iguana. ‘tpmJam. l‘iree. Atiua Bassino shakes his jauy ass.