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Activities And Fun

Christmas Card Workshop Sat 11» Sun 12 Dec. Sat 23 Sun 2-1 Dec. 11am lpin. i‘TL'L'.\illSc11111()i liansport. Kcly in Hall. 1 l’iiitiihoiisc Road. 252 22211. Ages H‘. c1 \ ,liiiic liilid lc ids this cicaliy c '.‘."1i;\iiiitillit'iL'aiL‘111111S1lti(illiSllTills ends using a range o1 materials and ‘sililiL‘ ingenious lii'c'.1\ \Mar old clothes. Santa's Grotto At The Tall Ship Sat

lo Sun 1" Dec. ii‘alil 5pm. £3.95 it_2.511 22‘”). lhc laii Ship .\1 (ilasgoy‘. llaiiiotii. 11111 Stoltcioss Road, 33911031. Mch Santa and rccciyc a ('hiistinas gi1t altoaid the tall ship (iiciiicc.

Christmas Party Sun 12 Dec. 1pm. l'i‘cc. Borders Books. 2S3 Buchanan S1i'cc1,222 221W. Santa coiiics carly heating gilts o1 all shapes and si/cs.

'l thc's also \yorksititps [1‘ make decorations and Christmas crackers. Family Fun .‘don 1S1)ec.o "Stipm ts .S lilplli. .‘.31 (1.3); one child tree with liillvpay ing adult. (icorge Square. 314 1441. Monday nights at (ilasgow On Ice are iesciycd tor 1ainiiics. so children and their paicnts can skate the tiight away. Winter Wonderland Sat 23 Dec.

2 4pm. L5. Art (iallery tk .Mtisctitil. Kcl\iiit11o\ c.;\i‘g_\ic Sticc1.2S2 20‘)”. Ages 3 ll. A w inter treat to occupy the long days hciore ('hi‘istmas. Actiyitics include yisual arts. iacc painting. dance, music. and best o1 all. lots o1 ice—cream. New Year Card Workshop \N'et 27—i5ri 2" Dec. 12.311 2.311pni. l'i‘ce. Museum ()t 'l‘i‘anspoit. lst-ly'iii Hall. 1 Hurnhouse Road. 2b.: 222“. Ages «Wei 3. ('rca1c your own stylish New Year cards using a range oi materials and some inspiration ii‘oin .ltilic liaii‘d. Wear old clothes.

The Riverside Spectacular Sun 31 l)cc.»1pin. l‘Iicc l‘til ticketed. (ilasgow' Science (t‘llliL‘. 51) l’aciiic Quay. 22‘) 112‘). l’amily orientated c\ c111 to commence (ilasgow is New Year cclcliiatioiis Sec (ilasgow 's llogmanay icatiii‘c.


Oliver! (1‘) Sat 1o 1)ec. 1pm: Chicken Run (1') Sat 23 Dec. 1pm; and Asterix And Obelix Take On Caesar (1’0) Sat 3111)cc. lpni. 2.251i'amily ticket L"). (ilasgow l’iim 'l‘hcatie. 12 Rose Street. 3.“: «\l2\. Scc l'ilm littlcx.

Blue Planet 11') daily 1pm ts 3pm; Dolphins 11') daily 2pm. 4pm. 5pm; and dotiltlc-ica1tiicslhti Sat opni ts; S,_‘~t|piii; Sun opin. L5 11.3.50); douhle ic.11111'c11cl\c1\ L” tUi.5111. IMAX 'l'heatie. (ilasgow Science Centre. 511 l’acilic Hwy. 421' 5111111. 'l'hcatic closed (‘hiistntas Day, lioxiiig Day and New \icai is Day.

Theatre & Dance

It's Christmas With The Happy Gang lhu l4rSun 1" Dec. l'hu 111.311am ck 1.3iipm; l-ii 111.311am: Sat ts Sun 1pm ck 4pm. £05“; £4.50 schools and groups; L21 tamily ticket. Sl?(‘(‘. l‘innieston ()uay.1|S211114114l|1t|1'l'hc llappy (iang get in the (‘hi'istmas spirit with lots oi t'estiye goings-on including presents. tinsel. and strange seasonal characters. lixpect all the usual songs. silliness and audience participation.

Santa's Magic Aeroplane 'l‘hu 1-1 is iii 15 Dec. 111.3ttam ts 2pm: Sat 2pm. (41(3). Scottish Mask ck i’uppct 'lihcalic('c1111c.Srillliaicaii‘cs.-\\cntlc. Relyindale. 33‘1o1S5. See photo caption.


Dick Whittington Christmas Pantomime l‘ntil Fri 15 Dee. U) (L250 L4 i. 'l‘hc 'i'all Ship At (ilasgow' llarhoiir. ltill Stohcross Road. 33‘) 11(i31. Join Dick on a journey as he seeks his fortune in London. with lots of music, colourful characters and corny jokes thrown in along the way.

The Singing Kettle Pirates At Christmas Sat 1(»~Sun 1'7 Dee. Sat 23~Sun 24 Dec. Wed 22v¥lihu 2S Dec. times yary. £24.“. Royal (‘oncert Hall. 2 Sauchichall Street. 2S" 5.51 l. Ahoy mc matich ('ome dressed as a pirate as the Kettle gang set sail on the (iood Ship Sing—a-long tor a swashbuckling musical quest. llclp track down the plundered treasure. explore a desert island and join in with all the iiew songs and adyentures. Santa's Magic Aeroplane Sat 1t»1)ee. l lam tk ipm. L31i2).’l'hcArchcs. .30 Midland Street. 221 411111. See photo caption.

Jack And The Beanstalk Sat 1o1)ee. 2pm. £4 (£3). Scottish Mask ck Puppet 'l‘heatre Centre. Silt) Balcarres Ayenue. Kelyindale. 33‘) (ilh5. ’l'he Day'id and (ioliath fairytale hrought to lite by Phillip Spellacy.

Happy Hogmanay Singalong Sun 31 Dec. 2pm. M50; tour tickets l'or £22. (‘ly‘de .-\tiditorium. l‘iinnieston ()uay. (Mil) H41) 4lltltl. Scc photo caption


Saturday Storytime Sat in Dec ck Sat 231)cc. 11am. l5ree. Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street, 222 2.2111). Ages 3—H. ('hristmas themed actiyities.

Activities And Fun

Pottery Decorating For Christmas 'l‘hu 14—Sat lo Dec. Mon 1SgSat23I)ec. ltiam-opm. £5 and from £5 for pottery items to decorate. Bridgewater l’ottery (itii'c. 28a l)tindas Street.55o‘)71\’l. ('reate a seasonal masterpiece tisiiig pottery pieces and limma Bridgew'ater's‘ range ot' decorating sponges.

Santa's Ice Cave Grotto Sat lo~Sun 1." Dec. Thu 21 —Sat 23 Dec. 1 lam 44pm. L250. Dynamic liarth. llolyrood Road. 5511 ,"Stiii. A magical ('hristmas experience where children can yis‘it Father Christmas in his icy grotto. Santa's Forest Grotto t'ntil Sun 24 Dec. ltiam—4pm. Lotto (BSD—£4811); tamily ticket LIV—£23.51). Iidinhurgh Zoo. (‘orstorphine Road. 334 9171. Meet Santa at his new grotto in lidinhurgh Zoo. with a gitt tor eyery child.

An Alternative To Christmas

Sho ping Family Afternoon Worfishops Sat in Dec. 2-75.311pm. £4 (£3). [iruitmarkct (iallery. 45 Market Street. 225 2333. Ady'ancc hooking required. Ages oyer 111.Ar1ist—lcd workshops which allow the whole family to make mary'cllotis mechanical lanterns away irom the huhhuh oi Princes Street. Children’s Activities Fri 15 Dec ck Fri 22 Dec. "pm. L31L2i: family ticketi‘i'. Royal ()hsery‘atory Visitor Centre. Blacktord llili, ()(iS S4115llands-on cshihits tor the ('hrimho holidays such as the latest ('1) roms about space.

Dance Classes L‘ntil Sun 31 Dec.

111 A1 1am. l5ree. Angel liye. Princes Street (iardens Iiast. 2211112311. Dance Base host daily dance classes for children with something new to learn eyery day. Dusty The Magician Sat 1o1)ec.

l lam Aiioon. l’ree. Angel liye. Princes Street (iardcns 1iast. 221111231). Prepare to he amazed as I)usty periorms eyery trick in the hook.

Starlab Sat 1t» ck Sun 1‘71)ec. 11am—4pm. ‘23 (L21; tantin ticket L2. Royal ()hsery‘atory Visitor Centre. lilackt‘ord llill. oos‘ S4115. Amazing hourly shows set in the inflatable planetarium.

HAPPY HOGMANAY SINGALONG Sun 31 Dec, 2pm. £5.51" i v £22. Clyde Auditorium, Finnieston Quay, 0870 040 auoo high note with the Happy Gang as they present their 1a» ' show in which they try to raise a million pounds to buy world a present from Billy Bighair’s toy shop. As ustiiil, it music, fun and games for all the family.

Make Museum Objects wed :11 l)ec~Mon 8 Jan (not Stiii 24 or Mon 25 Dec). times yary. l5rec. l)i.scoyery Centre. Museum ()1 Scotland. (‘hamhers Street. 247 41191). L'sing the materials irom the museum‘s arteiactory. create an antique or museum arteiact.

Chase Prehistoric Deer wed in l'Ti :2 Dec, 'l‘ue 2(>—i5ri 2‘) Dec. Mon lv-lhu 4 Jan. 2pm. Free. Discoyery Centre. Museum Of Scotland, (‘hamhers Street. 247 41190. Ages 7—12. Track dow n prehistoric deer with sound el'iccts. costumes. and you cart handle real materials l‘rom the stone age.

Dancing Dougie Thu 21 Dec. llatii~noon. l-rce. Angel l'._\c, Princes Strcc1(iardens liast. 2211112311. Children‘s ('hristmas party t'eaturing tun games and a chance 1;) Show oil thosc funky disco moyes.

Meet The Magical Or What? Sat 23—Sun 24 Dec. Sat 3114Sun 31 Dec. 2pm. Free. Discoycry ('entrc. Museum ()1’Scotland, Chambers Street. 24" 411%. Ages 4-H. 'l‘rayel hack in time in the centre‘s time—machine.

Tricky Ricky Sat 23—Sat 311 Dec. Ham—noon. l’ree. Angel liyc. Princes Street (iardens liast. 2211 1123(1. Magic. music and fun to start the ('hristinas hols. The Wee Ones' Party '1'1iu 2S Dec. 4PM]. Iidinhurgh ('ity ('hamhers. High Street. 557 30911. The first hahies oi this new millennium take centre stage tor the birthday party oi a lifetime. and each one receiy'es a special gitt.

lronKids Duathlon Mon 1 Jan. 11.311ain. llolyrood Park. 332 5o72. Ages S lo. Run (ytitlm, cycle for 2 miles and then sprint (mom to the tinishing line tor the chance to w in goodies and the admiration of all your mates at school.


The Little Vampire (1'1 l’ri 22 Dec a 1n 2‘) Dec. 2.311pm; Kidnapped (l'i Sat 23 Dec. 2.30pm: Asterix And Cleo (Hit and Asterix The Gaul il'i double-tail. Sun 24 Dec. 2pm: and The Snowman (C1 and Fantasia 2000 it'i double-hill. Sun 31 Dec. 2pm. L’4.5111L2.5Hi.'l‘he Lumiere. Royal Mtiseum. ('hamhers Street. 242 421”. See l‘ilm index.

Theatre & Dance

It's Christmas With The Happy Gang Mon lS—lue 1‘) Dec ill.311am; Sun 24 Dec. 1pm ck 4pm. £4.5H—i"; tour tor £22. L'shcr llall. l.othian Road. 22S 115.5. See (ilasgow.

Puppet Nativity n H Wain. :41} ‘1‘ (ifl'tilkfi-i‘i f- y]: us i) “(‘1 .1 K” kiiillslIY‘iis‘I av- \«lli’c'i‘. iii pp; laii'liiiluti


Snowballs And R’vl‘cay' 22 ,l in. i'l'.‘c'. 'siu 7. lligh Sticci. ‘i_"' coinpicic .‘.iii' toes and (hip 111:

Storytelling Storytelling Sessions /'i', l‘ntil Sun :11 l'm. ii Angel i l’.’i'.. 22111123", i)1ii'. s?

Cillhil’cllic.1i11'11‘_, w

L‘llit‘iialittP1:11I"r" Sc'ssiiiiis o‘ug.’ {hem IM. Gary James 81 Stone at. i 14 iiil.5l);t’.it: Magical s1ii1'.1"ii.11 ‘,Ii.’.

Musical Storyteller '1 1', Marriane isciiiiy deing wondeiiiii 1 dr- Storytelling \1 11 ?~ 1: liaiidciici ic ids itwiii Musical Storyteller Miiihoiiand 111111‘» 1:11'31

Christmas Stories From. .z

iii 22 Dec. S‘ ,:r scasidtii theme

Festive Stories Sm Stoiicstoitiiy i‘11111.i..3i.2


Activities And Fun The Christmas Experience 12 lJec~ \‘ycti 2’ St.i:.1ii

llan‘. ~,5i*iii L." \t :1: (cliil'c'. i :1:.'i isi, i 111555r»1.1~¥lf \L‘i 1... l.aii.iri.'.‘.;1iia j, :Iit .S 9' the New M113 'iini'arzzi -? Santa at Mill Farm s 1: ll'ani 5pm. 2.2.21 1:2’ \aiic} lict'.'..t'2;' liningstl 1.. up residence 11‘. i1. 11:" ‘.sliiisttiic."i‘

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