‘1‘.- ¢;{:.. .‘

SANTA’S MAGIC AEROPLANE Thu 14 & Fri 15 Dec, 10.30am 8r 2pm; Sat

2pm. £4 (£3). Scottish Mask & Pup‘p Avenue, Kelvindale, 339 6185; an

et Theatre Centre, 8—10 Balcarres Sat 16 Dec, 11am & 1pm. £3 (£2). The

Arches, 30 Midland Street, 221 4001. Santa whizzes through the air in his jet-propelled sled alongside his trusty, flu—afflicted reindeer in this seasonal production from the amazing Mr Bones Puppets.


Santa Cruises on the Union Canal

l IIIII Stiii 34 Dee. 1.5.5“. I'diithtirgh (anal t'entre. :5 Itaird Roa l. Ratho. 535 1 12H. ()ne hotir ertiise on the I nton eartal to lind Santas enehanted eastle. Santa Specials t'tttil Sun 31 lit-e. ltlfillarn. noon 6; l..‘~llpm. to. lio'ness tk Is'mneil Railway. Ito‘ness Station. t'nion Street. lio'riess, lll5llh .S‘ZZJW. \isit Santa onhoar'd a steam train. witlt all ehildren giy en a gitt during the trip. Santa Visits Calderglen Sat It» Sun 1" Dee. Ir 3pm. .IL I .5ll. ('alderglen ('otmtry' inat.snaantenietttiastKahnae.' (H.155 Zfioo-i-t. .‘yttisie. sw eets, pltotos and lots more are on otter when Santa t‘tttites to I'iast I\'ilhride.

Santa Comes to Palacerigg Sat

lo Stm la the. noon 4pm. I’ree. l’alaeerigg ( 'otmtry‘ I’ark. I’alaeerigg Road, t'umhernatild. IIIZRtt "letl4fi. .‘eret Santa and his reindeer while he

giy es out gilts and sings lestiy e songs. Crooked Jack’s Christmas Singalong Show Wed 2” Dee. 2pm. £5 (£3): lainily‘ tieket LII. Village 'I‘heatre. .‘y‘laxw ell I)riye. Iiast ls'ilhride. (H.155: 4Soo‘l. I’ri/es. intisie arid tint and games are the order ol tlte day Irorn t‘rooked .laek's t‘hristmas treat lor ehildren ot all ages.


The Nightmare Before Christmas tl’ti) Stm I" I)ee. :..5llpm. Ll.5tl. .\IaeRohert. t'iiiyersity ol Stirling. Stirling. lllfiSo 4ttlIItSl. See I‘tlttt IlltIL'\.


Dream Christmas Steps Beyond and Boyslife Sat 23 Dee. 5pm. L5 t UH. I’alkirk l‘own Ilall. \Vest liridge Street. taunt. H1334 5ttoSFtl. l’optastie trihtite to Steps. Boy/one and \Vestlite.

Theatre & Dance

Peter Pan 'l‘ltti l4—Sat lo I)ee. ttttfiain a l.3tlpm. L5. .‘ylaeRohert. t'niyersity ol‘ Stirling. Stirling, tllTSn 4olt|S 1. Ages 3+. \Vee Stories theatre and Shona Reppe I’tippets join l'orees in this speeial adaptation ot the hoy' w ho ney er grew tip. Rose And The Wishing Shell Sat loiWed Ill Dee. “eitlpm. L5 (£5.5ltt. I.oehgelly t'entre. Bank Street. I.oehgelly. H15": 4 I S14 1. .\ eornrntmity panto to get you into the Christmas spirit.

96 THELIST “lie; fiIf -1 fiI‘.

Aladdin On Ice 'l'tie 1*) Sat .73 Dee. lprn A: 7 it lprn. 3.5.5“ I 9. 1.5m. (‘entrtirn t‘entre. 1.75 .\y r Roatl. I’restwiek. I'll": hfiltttlll. (IISSIC pantomime perlorined

It's Christmas With The Happy Gang I‘ll 2.: Dee. 3pm tk 5pm. to t L5I; larnily' tiel-.et L7H. Rothes ll ills. Rothes Stitiare. (ilettrotlieS. lll5‘l: hl I III]. See (ilasgow. It's Christmas With The Happy Gang Sat :1 l)ee. llam tk 2.3tlprn. £5.5tl; lamily tieket till. .‘ylagnurn 'l‘heatre. Ilarhotirside. lry'irte. tlll‘l4 2,“.S3Sl. See (llasgow,

It's Christmas With The Happy Gang Wed 3" Dee 2..‘\II}1ITI.'IiIItI 3S l)ee llain tK ISIIpm.1.5.5IIIL5);lotirtieketslor till. I’alkirk ’I‘ow'n Ilall. \Vest Bridge Street. I‘alklrlK. (H.534 5llttS5lI. .See (ilasgow.

The Singing Kettle Pirates At Christmas 'l‘hu 4 Jan. I lam ts 3pm. W (LES); tarnily tieket {ZS .r\lhert Ilalls. I)tirnharton Road. Stirling. til "So 455544. See (ilasgow.

The International Purves Puppets Biggar l’tippet 'I‘heatre. Brotighton Road. IIISQ‘) thltfil. £5 (£4); tamily‘ tiekets‘ £23 tk L‘sh. Book in ady'anee as times are stihjeet to ehange. Retltietions for parties of live or more. Shows on otter over the next two weeks are:

Pips And Panda’s New Christmas Show! l’ri 15 Dee 12.45pm. Sat In Dee llam. \Ved Ztl l)ee 12.45pm. Hut 31 Dee lllfitlam. Hi 22 Dee llarn. Wed 2“ tk 'l'hti LS l)ee 2pm. the 2 Ian 3pm. When I’ips and I’anda I'ind one ol‘ Santa‘s toy' saeks they are surprised hy' the noises eoming lrorn inside.

Peter Pan Hi :2 Dee 2pm. Sat 3H Dee 2pm. Join in the adventures in Never Never Land with the tily ing Peter Pan arid \‘y’endy. John and little .‘yliehael. and not torgettirig the haddie pirates. led hy the y illainous ('aptain llook.

The Nutcracker Wed 3 Ian tk 'I‘hti 4 Jan 2pm. the elassie hallet ahout a rnagieian w ho ean make toys eorne to lite and takes ehildren on a journey into sweetie Iatttl.

For complete listings of all Christmas shows and pantomimes taking place in Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Central Belt, see Theatre listings page 66.



. :- t . Carnival Capers Isn't this just for kids? I’

Like what?

Anything else? "~

Is it expensive? ‘. : :t ' :1 ., ..

i "‘ j" N “X; r 1 r C; (S 1 \i \ C ii I 1 1 (‘7 K bWU “UK/IV

Bobby Roberts Super Circus \y'etl Jo Dee Stiii 14 Jan. LII! LIZ It" LS); tarnily tieket LES. Sl-(‘t ‘. l’mnieston ()tiay. IISHII tI-ltl 4llllll, Itohhy Roherts and his tarnotis eiretis roll haek into (ilasgow w itli their popular tarnily show.

Christmas And New Year Carnival 'I‘Itti ll Butt :4 Dee. 'l'tie It» 'l‘hti 4 Jan.

1 11pm; 'l‘hti :1 Dee o llpin; Stiit 24 Dee 1 “pm: Sun 31 Dee I “put. £3.5tl L15. SI-it‘t‘. l-ittitit-stoii ()tiay, tts“ti tl41l 4lllltl. it wouldn‘t he (‘hristinas without the annual earriiy'al and all the ltlll ot~ the tair meltidmg rides, side show s and amusements. See photo eaption.

Book Events

Peter May Thu 14 Dee. (L3H «Shillprrt. I-‘ree. ()ttakar's Bookstore. t’nit ti, littehanan (ialleries. Buehanan Street. 355 l5tlll. l’eter .‘ylay latinehes his noye! Hie Air/litre lt’ooni tllodder a Stotighton Lil-'U‘ll. set in Shanghai where I)eteetiy'e I.i tan is assigned to eateh the murderer ot eighteen disrnernhered women.

Margaret Thomson Davis Thu 14 Dee. ".5tlt‘ttt. I’ree. BUIKIL‘IS Books. :55 litiehanan Street. 222 "(Ill the author reads t‘rorn her new ttoyel Hie (iota/at (fir/y (Arrow L159”).

Sunday Muse With Agnes Owens Sun I“ Dee. 5pm. £3. Iron 'Iheatre. (t3 'I‘rongate. 55: 43h". ()weris reads troin her reeent novel [or The [an e ()f Iii/Ire (Bloomshtiry LINN) as well as y ariotis short stories. Waterstone's/GFT Film Quiz .‘ylon IS Dee. b.45prn. Ll. (ilasgow I~ilrn theatre.

I: Rose Street. 55: SIZS. It you are a

w hi// on /r 'y .-t ilit/iti’t'rlii/ life. .‘i

('lirryrnrtry ( 'trr'o/ and the Sort/id Utiliter then head tor the Waterstone's (il’l~ l‘lllll ()tti/ ('hristrnas Speetal and show ‘ern how it‘s done


Disabled Persons Housing Tue 1‘) Dee. lalprn. L55; tree to Castle-milk residents. Iermihtirrt (‘e-ritre. 'ltttllltISlt Road. (iitStlemlllk’.(3.1-iII5I3. (ilasgow (‘ity Council's head honeho ot (‘ornrntiiiity (are leads a talk hased on housing issues tor disahled people.


Celtic v Aberdeen Sat It» Dee. 5pm. till. (‘eltie I’ark. Is’errydale Street. I’arkhead. 55l Sti55. the usual I’arklieatl whipping hoys htieked the trend hy holding Martin ()Neill's men to a w ell—deser'. ed draw in Septemher. so a thrashing ean he eotirited otit here.

dour sttill ean he expeeted tr'orn two teams w ho hay e rnatnly tinder~aeltteyed this year.

Paisley Pirates Sat lo I)et‘. "pm. i.“ (L5). lagoon leisure ('entrz'. otl \Iill Street. I’aisley. SS" .lllllll. I’aisley tee hoekey‘ tearn pltmdti I‘ile tor some ehainpionship pomts.

Rangers v Hibernian S H 23 the 3pm. LIS t £13): ltl\elllle Llll. ll‘ltfl.’ Stadium. I'idrniston l)riye. ttSfiti otttt I‘M}. Ilihs will go to Ihrox with more eontidenee than usual alter their exeellent Iirst hall ol the season lttlt the home side w ill he hristlmg alter hemg slain hy' David Zitelli last time they met.

St Mirren v Celtic Sat 3.1 Dee. tptn. St .‘ytirren I’ails‘. loye Street. I’aisley. .Sstll 4ltltl. (‘eltie lans still point to that historie day" in lust) '.\ Iteii they visited loye Street and won 5 II to pip Hearts to the leagtie title. Saints supporters Jtl.‘ IttSt glad to he haek iii the top diy ision. Rangers v St Johnstone ’l tie e‘tt I)ee. 3pm. t l S t i; l 3) Vltly'elllle t. ltt. ll~rt Stadium. I'drniston I)riy e. llSfill till" I‘M}. Sandy (‘lark‘s team teitd to make me trieky‘ tor Rangers alter Iltllltl‘lllly-e" .'\dy'oeaat‘s millionaires in ()etolter. Paisley Pirates the In Dee. .Spin. if (L5). lagoon I,elStlle Centre. “It Mill Street. I’aisley'. h'h‘) JIIIIII. Iihe I’irates taee tip to their Seottish riyals lrom the Iiast. the Izdinhtirgh Capitals. ('heel». the start time helore you go in ease ol holiday ehanges.

Celtic v Motherwell Sat 3t) I)L'e. Ipm, LII). ('eltie I’ark. Is'errydale Street. I’arkhead. 55l So53. (iames hetweer: these two are rarely tItlll it .\ndj. (iorarn takes his plaee tit goal and laps up his role as the home tans panto '. illairt Kilmarnock v Rangers Sat 1tt IJI'e. 3pm. Ll!» tthti. Rtighy l’ark Rttghy Road. Kilrrtztrritte'k. 'tl5ti‘t 5L5IS4. I)iek Adyoeaat should ha‘. e his men well tired tip to ayenge their 3 ll tlt‘teat at the hands ot ls'tllie at lhrox.

Paisley Pirates Sun 31 Dee. tiprn. L” (L5). Lagoon Leisure (’entre. oil Mill Street, Paisley; .SH‘) 4llllll. I'tleis re": hockey team itrayel \\est to take on the Pirates.

Celtic v Kilmarnock Tue 2 Jan. 3pm. Ll‘). (’eltie I’arls. Kerrydale Street. I’arkhead. .551 S053. (flirt Killie go haeI-L to (ilasgow and return w itli another three pol-Hts.) It would he a rttassiy e hlow to the home teams championship ehanees were that to happen,

.‘ylotherwell. llltNS Ni??? (iritty.