; Barioja

food &


d i rectory EDINBURGH

19 Jeffrey Street

557 3622

Mingle With great food, excellent Wine

and terrific ambience and of course . .

; siéisiiéaééfiaaéis F Nicolson Square.

Cuba Norte 192 Morrison Street.

221 1430

Bienvenidos! Welcome to the authentic premier palador. Dance, Wine and

dine in Cuba Norte sunshine.

668 4404. .. Even more elephants and Scotland’s only source of true bagels nutritious, filling, non-fattening, inexpensive & utterly delicious!

The Elephant House 21 George IV Bridge. 220 5355.

Hundreds of elephants, the best cappuccmo in town. Great pizzas, original home of J K Rowling, and fully licensed!


88 Lothian Road. 229 5932. Relaxed, atmospheric café bar, sewing great value snacks, salads, specials and brilliant cappuccinos - 10am till late.


Isabel’s Cafe

83 Clerk Street.

662 4014.

Stone walled smoke-free basement oasis, servmg homemade veggie/vegan food - fresh, deliCious and cheap.


94 Hanover Street. H 225 2131.

Scotland’s original and best healthy eating experience. Salad table/restaurant, bistro/bar, deli/shop. Eat better, live better.

Mother’s Mexican Grill

Mexican Grill

St Leonard's Street. 662 0772 Delicious, authentic Mexican cooking in

a relaxed, rustic enVironment. Student

disc0unt. Parties welcome. Tues—Sun,

i 6—late.

10 Eyre Place &

Tapas Olé


4A Forest Road. 556 2754/557 5101

30 different tapas 10 of fish,10 of veggie,10 of meat. Live music, parties


Wok Bar

'0!* [Al

26-30 Potterow 0131 667 8594 Freshly cooked, combining flavours of

; the Far East, including the tastiest

dishes from Thailand, Japan, China ; and MalaySia and the best range of , Asian beers.


10 Mitchell Lane 572 1448 Contemporary food, wide range of


vegetarian dishes. Live jazz Sundays

afternoons. DJs and drinks promotions.


50 Hope Street. 248 4466

Best of latin cuisine. Half price fajitas and burritos Mon-Sat, 5-7pm.

Mao Café Bar M

84 Brunswick Street

Merchant City. 564 516.9”: * BAR Simple, quick and healthy Far Eastern cuisine. Eating out made easy.

Maclachlans Brew Bar

57 West Register Street 332 0595. Quality out of the ordinary with beer brewed on the premises, 100% organic food and live music.

Pancho Villas

26 Bell Street,

Merchant City. 552 7737

Mexican born owner of Pancho Villas Mayra Nunez hopes to bring some of the real Mexico to Scotland. Buen provecho.

On Sunday afiernoon our ckefi prepare a superb and innovative menu. Relax and enjoy a wonderful three-course lunch and

a glass of fizz.

Excellent value at £10 per person.

12 Ashton Lane

Tel 0141-334 5007

108 THE US! 5 Jan—18 Jan 2001

i Spit or swallow

Health drinks

Now, we've probably gone for it at New Year, many of us may be hung up and hanging out to dry. Or perhaps that resolution you made about drinking less has surfaced again. Whatever it may be, you might be turning to designer soft drinks for comfort. They have changed immeasurably in recent years, often replacing the need for alcohol free or 'de-alcoholised’ Wines. But are they any good7 Broadly, they seem to be. Catering for the ultra health consciOus, they tend to be sugar free and laced With mysterious herbs and Vitamins.



Purdey's This is a herbal fruit drink with supplementary vitamins, although no more than you might get from a bowl of cornflakes. However, it does contain some herbs which, if you believe the hype, contain aphrodisiac and pain relieving qualities with added Ginseng. It tastes quite citrussy with a sweet edge, and a strange secondary flavour of cough medicine. Very pleasant all the same. I’m sure it's the elixir of choice among the soft drink cognoscenti.

Red Bull We couldn‘t let this one go by. It really needs no introduction. Not so much a health drink, as one that purports to propel you into the fast lane, and taste of something quite unimaginable. The healthiest factor this drink can claim is that of the effect of Taurine ‘normalising the electrical activity in the heart muscle’. Suspect. Consult your doctor. Rarely seen without a large vodka. All this soft drink talk has got me thinking about alcohol again.

(Gordon Haggarty)

Aqua Libra This is one of the stalwarts of the genre. ’Balanced water' has been With us for years Pushed as a health drink, it’s a blend of spring water and frUit leCe With an infu5ion of herbs. It’s quite alkaline, and so is recommended to settle an aCldlC stomach. There's a light effervescence, With overpowering aromas of mel0n With a touch of paSSion frUit, but With a refreshing finish Without the mineral feel that you might expect.

Amé This comes in a few 'flavours', this one being the 'white' verSion. Again, typically a fruit drink/spring water concoction with exotic herbal extracts. Presentation is the all here, looking not unlike a decent bottle of wine, with a high Trendy Factor on board. Again, with a light spritz and delicate flavours of apricots with a hint of jasmine. This is a long way from turning up to a party With a bottle of Irn Bru.