Best football forward Re: Letters (issue 403) Davrd Ellrs reckons that because Rangers and Celttc dwarf everyone else In we and populanty It's OK for the medra to bang on about nothrng else.

Well, let's try the same reasonrng In a few other areas Pop musrc let's have blanket coverage for the Spice Glrls And no one else Fllms In future, please could The List only wnte about rnovres wrth Tom Hanks In And polrtlcs' ask the people of the ex-Yugoslavra what they thrnk of thelr continual TV coverage of Slobodan Mrlosevrc when he was In power Dead chuffed, I’ll bet

Vartety, as they say, Is the sptce of Me,

Graham Watts Via e-mai/

Enough already

Re: Letters (issue 403)

Sorry, I read The List because It’s one of the few sanctuarres from the mrndless obsession wrth sport »— football In partICular —- that crops up everywhere else In the media Please, please, please TGJGCI all letters you recelve on the subject.

Tracy G.

vra e-mai/

Poll apart

Re: Readers' Poll Results (issue 403) Wasn't there a good frlm called Bil/y El/iot on recently?

Katie Patrick

via e-mai/

Sweet poll music Re: Readers’ Poll Results (issue 403)

I can't belteve the bad taste your readers showed In the end of year poll. It's not farr to complarn because I drdn’t get round to votrng myself, but what’s wrth the Madonna thrng? I know she's only IUSl got marned In Scotland and we're all supposed to love the very arr that she farts, but do you really mean to say that Musrc was the second best album of the year 2000? And drd only two bands come up wrth better songs than the tedious twaddle that IS ’Musrc’ the srngle? I think not.

Has no one heard Doves out there?


3. .‘ , ‘."‘_:;,)I l: KateI-ludson

Write to:

React, The List, 14 Hi h Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE or React, The List, McLe Ian Galleries, 270 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow GZ 3EH or e-mail react@list.co.uk

Or anal Scream or |dlewrld or Queens Of The Stoneage? And before yOu wnte me off as a sad undue kld, It's blindlngly obvrous that All Saints released two crackrng contenders for song of the year In 'Pure Shores' and 'Black Coffee', erther of whrch beat Coldplay hands down. I suggest The List runs a competrtron to grve away free radros to all your readers.

Oh, and happy New Year. Dick Dastardly Caird Drive G/asgow

Coaches in training Re: Rip off on the buses (issue 403)

Scottrsh Crtylrnk's decrsron to charge a late-night Supplement IS shocklng. It’s great that The List drew attentron to thus scandal but you could have grven them more strck. Granted, theIr reductron of the supplement from £5 to £2 was a step In the nght drrectton (only under pressure, mind), but what's so good about payrng £2 extra when you've already shelled out for a £5 return?

When I Irved out In the SlICkS as a teenager It was always the problem of transport that stopped me gettrng out to events In the CIIy. What we need IS a better publrc transport

Goldie Hawn's daughter is Almost Famous

Stanley Kubrick

' The photos he took before he hit the big screen

Celtic Connections

More stories from the UK's biggest Celtic-music festival

Plus New Year health special: get into shape the natural way

- "

Infrastructure cheaper and more of It to keep late-nrght Irvrng a viable optron In our bug cItIes.

Kirsty Halliday

Kirs/and Street




Re: Free Drambuie offer (issue 403) Is ’complrmentary' Drambure a drunk that prarses you for your good taste In clothes or could It be that you were handrng out complementary Drambure last Issue? Sorry to be pedantrc, but I hardly ever see that word spelt correctly and It does my nut In.

J. Robertson

via e-mai/

Creature discomforts Re: letters (passim)

If I’d have known my e-marl making fun of the woman wntrng a book about farnes would provoke such a tedrous senes of letters from your ptxre and elf readershrp, I'd never have bothered. Please apologise, but I really wasn’t to blame.

Shirley McKay

via e-mail

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