We saw you

Name Kate Occupation Student What did you think?

Is Merchant Cliy actually a Cliy7 It’s dead wee, I'm not cold at all. It's better than gomg to a club, I thunk. I don't go to places I can't spell.


PR lady

Whoops, my bottle of Blue Nun's finished! Drd yoo see 'Bohemran Rhapsody'? Freddie Mercury rs alrvel Hallelulahl



Everybody’s havrng a great tlme desprte the bad \‘w’PaIiWr Teenage Fanclub were great but the Freddie MerCury bloke looked more Irke Manuel


Games expert

I’m hanmg a great tune lhe Fannses are a top Grasoov. band 701 a top Glasgov. lloornana,‘ l'xe lost my pals but l'ue found some new. ones

from Faw/ty Towers

Name Occupation What did you think?


Natalie Stevenson

Thus lS my first trme In the castle, the atmosphere here IS great. I usually waste my money In a nightclub.

Sarah Trail

Liquid Room PR

I love Moby. Thrs IS a great tourist boost for the city,

Stewart Dagless DJ/Producer

Spot On, The faster stuff he did worked much better, I didn’t like hrs slow stuff.

Kevin Preston


Out of thrs world Moby was the god of 2000 and you can't beat Hogrnanay Wliil hrm, I've seen hum three trmes ihlS year and although thrs was ace, he was better at Glastonbury

Eariy January... L 200] .’...The very name 04‘ the gear remuates with fuCWIJt/c pmmé:e.’... A new year: ,’

in contendparary can/curt...

No more slobbu'na m Front 04? the TV Forn/B.’ I'M going to get cut and (humane mysels

MO More Junk {cod TIM! year I’ll explore the buveom'nj fvtaw‘ant Icene 0‘ Scotland} great cities...

l’“ have «he Balinese Seared Salmon Ciabatta followed by the Hay & (horizo Roulade.

countgside the mind and scui...

...And I’ll venture out into the great Scott-{3h Tone up the body-n Revitalize

112 THE LIST 5—18 Jan 2001

«35%).. re”

Stupid tlme of gear to start due new year , anywag.

r t, 1. garden in ourmquiz . them: 7060 Alana TO. 1 -‘ Couch Potato? ’4.

("/9 '5 ' .~ . .. t .

(0min, up next, car i m, (gun a} celcbncy chef: t redo}. the colour scheme of an amma/ hosprtal

f U . VII-7r !