'l've been to ( lul) nrghts here, I've exhrhrted \.‘~.rork here and I've been “wowed \.'.«'rth theatre here. The gr:pprng thrng rs the spate, the hurldrng Just demands a lot from an artrst, you have sur’h a unrgue settrng to (.Oll’sldOl that rnsprres so many new Ideas, and the audrenr e for work here :s always so (lrverse There are so many tlzmgs I love ahoat the plate the fatt that thrs unrnlml)rtal)le spate has been made usable and lrrendly, and the way :I (alls to mrnd a \‘xonderful hrve of attrvrty, lrke a maze of people workrng a\.'~.»"ay makrng art Personally, the Art hes has given me opportunrtres that I would never have had any\.'~.rhere else, \r'xxhetlxer rt’s the may Vault Is a mrx of estahlrs‘ned, well known people and new artrsts, or the la<t that \‘xhen | \.“.r()rked with a theatre (ompany, they put on a produritron here when we’d only done two small shows hefore '

18 THE LIST 5—19 Jar‘ 2001

THE CLUBBERS. Madeleine MacDonald and

Poppy O'Shaughnessy Poppy: 'We tend to tome to Pressure and the Sunday So< rai, and Wrth most ('lUbS you get the feelrng that there's one group or (glrgue, but here there’s no sense of that, the people here are as dryerse as the music they play’ Madeleine: ‘There’s nowhere like the Art hes Where else (an you come that's thrs brg, with so many rooms that strll has an ama/rng atmosphere and puts on really great nrghts7 Even hasrt thrngs like the way the sound doesn’t blur betxueen the different arrhes are Important And the burldmg rtself rs so (lrfferent, the brickwork Is Just beautrt'ul and feelrng Irke you're underground Just lends rt tle otherworldly atmosphere, so when you're through the doors you know your nrght out has started