a host of superstar Dls, rnc ludrng Derrick Carter and Andrew Weatherall In March, the Arches wrll be further boosted by an addrtronal room for club nrghts but before that Mas lays clarm to berng the largest club space rn Glasgow when It frnalrses the second stage of development, crankrng rts current 420 capacrty to an rmpressrve 1200 (Feb)

On the East Coast, the long antrcrpated Honeycomb opens on the former srte of the Vaults (24 Febl wrth the frrst of rts new nrghts, a collaboratron between Honeycomb

stopprng the Stand rn both Glasgow. and Edrnburgh where forthcomrng grgs rnclude Simon Munnery (Sun 14 Janr and Adam Bloom «21 Janr, a Valentrne's Specral rn Edrnburgh r14 Febr, a Women's Day speCral r8 Marr and two comedy showcases to see the latest 'n SCOlliSll talent 'Eclmburgh, l2 Mar and Glasgow, 18 Man


You can catch the X Factor Dance Company on tour, performrng Deceptron (24 Feb 31 Mar) a duet by the Scottrsh choreographer Alan Grerg Elsewhere, there'll be Scottish Ballet’s

Aladdin 16-17 Feb, Theatre Royal, Glasgow‘, Northern Ballet's Jekyll and Hyde <3 7 Apr, Theatre Royal, Glasgow, 26 30 Jun, Edrnburgh Festrval Theatre), and Scottish Dance Theatre \vrll be out on tour Wlilt rts recently seen programme


550 years old, and strll a mere barrn rn Scotland's unr stakes' Nevertheless, Glasgow University's 550th Anniversary erl be celebrated rn style wrth a year-long programme of events rncludrng concerts, drnners, debates, a torchlrght procession and even a boat



race a(:a»nst lctrr‘btrrgh Unrwrsrty

More brarnrness ;". National Science Week to 2‘; i.la' rn Glasgov. and ldrrttnrrgl‘. crrganrserr

‘, a wires of (“.Pllls

to prornote the unclerstantlrng of

st renc e, engnreerrng and tec hnc‘rlocry Glasgov. ll'r:'\.ersrty has a se'res or events already organrsed at the (‘rrclxtort C arnpus And less than tour years after tornrng to power, the

Labour government rs ca‘lrng a

General Election (Mar one year earlre'r than necessary But then, wrth a

tactrcal weapon like Wrilrarn Hague,

who wouldn't be guretly conlrdent 1’ >

Entertarnments and the Colours team called It Wrth the debut featurrng a two-hour set from Roger Sanchez, audrences can expect to see some of the world's brggest names here over the comrng months The Honeycomb's owner Warren Deighan Jorns forces wrth local DJ/promoter Yogi Haughton to open a new pre-club prorect called Speed rn the West End ll Mar) and thrs should be complemented by a thorough restructurrng of credrble club nrghts at nearby club venue, Noa.

As for clubbrng hrghlrghts, Edrnburgh sees Nottrngham Superclub Renaissance start rts new resrdency at the aforernentroned Noa wrth specral guest Danny Howellsth Febl and rn Glasgow, new nrght Vapour gets off to a swrngrng start (2 Feb) wrth the talent from Hard Hands, Pressure Drop, Jon Carter and James Lavelle


On the West Coast, a new organrsatron called Laughing Carrot wrll be brrngrng a professronal sheen to the world of Scottrsh comedy, burldrng on the work of Ann Cummrngs at Blackfrrars Comedy Club to develop a comedy management operatron Meanwhrle, there’s no


quality to the work.

Strumpet/Vacuuming Completely Nude In Paradise Jim Cartwright and Danny Boyle get it together on the box

In a year that will be dominated by second or third series, old favourites in new guises and imported comedies and dramas, it is gratifying to note that rare talent from non-telly fields can still find avenues onto the box. 'Jim Cartwright and Danny Boyle are a match made in film heaven,’ gushed BBCZ controller Jane Root on announcing the pair's plan to work on two special TV

Cartwright's writing for the stage - Road, Two has earned him a reputation as a stoically spiritual documenter of the working- class streets in England's north west (though The League Of Gentlemen recently had a go at Jim Can't Write in their own stage show) while the film adaptation of his The Rise And Fall Of Little Voice starring Jane Horrocks brought his name to a more mainstream audience. Boyle, meanwhile, has never strayed too far from a cultish middle ground, directing 905 British faves Shallow Grave and Trainspotting, though some reckon he misfired with Life Less Ordinary and The Beach.

The benefits of this fascinating collaboration will be realised when Strumpet and Vacuuming Nude In Paradise are aired in March and April, respectively. While the films will have the stamps of Cartwright and Boyle all over them, the Dogmatic cinematography of Anthony Dod Mantle (Festen, Julien Donkey-Boy) and central performances from Christopher Eccleston and Timothy Spall should add on extra layers of



As for thektales themselves, Strumpet sees a stray dog-loving poet (Eccleston) teaming up with a homeless guitarist (newcomer Jenna G) to find musical fame and fortune under London’s bright lights. Vacuuming Completely Nude In Paradise has Spall’s determined salesman trying to fend off his own demons and the attentions of a meek trainee. (Brian Donaldson)

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