This guarter tor/v ', pretty strong, sta't/rg .‘.-tl f'e RSCs The Doc Mesa 0‘ Lia/fr Tse 16 SM 20 Jri' Sa’fiN-(T Culiu'O'S produrtor of David Greig's casanoua r'rrrrd Feb should stir interest at G’asgov.‘.'s Tron Over at Edinburgh's l'd‘.’('.">0, there", the Eu'opea': premiere of The Trestle/1! Pope lsicr' (reel? 420 25 Feb arid 9 181.1ar, Alllf’TKcll‘ dramatist Naomi Wallace's reflection upon ;ove across the class (i".’ld(', running in rep mth a .’(“,’l'.rcil of Heritage, Nicola McCartney's Traverse hit of 1998 For cruder pleasures there's Irvine Welsh's Fi/th at Glasgow’s Citr/errs' r6 24 Feb Be‘ore he returns '.'.'lili a net's-style Coinrriunrc ado, clrrec tor Gerry Mulgrew is ceineritrng his relationship with. Glasgow's Soiinds of Progress in A Wee Bit Of How Do You Do ltOuring 28 Feb 24 Mar", starring Forbes Masson and Gerda Stevenson Also touring will be Benc htours ‘-.‘.’!ill John Harvey’s How Many /“/1r/es To Baby/on? 123 Mar» 14 Aprr about the final hours of a cult, TAG with Michele Celeste's Stroina 16 Feb 24 Mar; about the struggle of the homeless,

and Prime Productions with an adaptation of Lewis Grassic Gibbon’s Sunset Song (8 Feb~5 lvlay‘r

For the theatrically adventurOus, Glasgow’s Arc hes is the place to be for the National Review Of Live Art r1246 Febl, the first of two festivals run by Nikki lvlilic'an this year

In March, treats include Rent at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre, and 7:84's production of Marching On by Ulster dramatist Gary Mitchell Theatre Cryptic will be launching Journeys And Memories i ll 17 Mar1 at the Tron, a theatrical staging of Contemporary music performed by New York string quartet Kuotet Actor/director Alison Peebles \\lll launch. her new company Vamp Productions with a revival of Burning Bright, John Steinbeck's neglected drama of male infertility at Glasgow's Tramway i 1 41-24 Marl

Fans of Scotland's wave of playwritrng talent should get along to Glasgow's RSAMD fOr Iain Reggie's new version of Marivaux's Doub/e Inconstance retitled Love Freaks r22 Marl, David Harrower’s version of the Pirandello classic Six Characters In Search Of An Author 123 Man and David Greig’s version of Alfred Jarry’s Ubu 124 Marl

24 THE lIST 5—18 Jan 2001


In the nevva refurbished exhibition space at the Arches in Glasgow Lomo is a city-wide prOJect in assoc ration with the Lomographrc society of Vienna In three exhibitions in Apr, Jul and Oct, Glasgow Will be doCurnented through the lens of a Russian Lorno

Newcomer to the gallery circuit, doggerfisher, a new contemporary commercial art space, opens its doors in Apr/May with the works of rip-and- cornrng artists Jonathan Owen and

Alex Pollard and the Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, launches its programme of exhibitions for the Round Room in Apr With confirmed artists Richard Smith (Jun/lull, Jacqueline Donachie (Sepi and Paul Keir lNov) showrng new work

In his first show in Scotland since 1984, the renowned sculptor Richard Deacon lApr~Junl who won the Turner Prize back in 1987 Will be transforming Dundee Contemporary Arts' large gallery, with a sculptural work created from bent wood International duo Grennan 8r Sperandio have created a digitally animated film together with input from 16-25-year olds in Glasgow, which goes on show at Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art (6 Apr-v17 Jun) along wrth retrospective works Lucy McKenzie and Paulina Olowska show new paintings at lnverleith House, Edinburgh 114 Apr~27 May).

The surrealist artist, exhibition organiser, collector and writer Roland Penrose (19 May—9 Sep) is the Dean Gallery’s Festival exhibition Penrose was friends with a number of surrealists including Ernst, lvlrro and Picasso and was responsible for the

n 1830 And across 0 e mat:

is er" bite" o‘ photog'apns h. PenrOses W, Lee Miller 19 Ma“. Q Sen Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist ‘1 May ltinr creates Glasgow's Trains. Glasgow- fased artist David Sherry who takes up residence in the f)'(}j(’<i Roc).m

‘.'.("K 'li'

av along 1.1"}:

Abstract artist Howard Hodgkin who desc rrbes h:rnself as a painte' of feelings rather than ideas, shows its most recent printmaking at the i'iglebi, Gallery in Edinburgh to Jun 21 lull From abstract to c las'sical, Rembrandt's Women at the National Gallery of Scotland 8 Jun 2 Sep: is the first e" exhibition to be devoted to the Dutchman's portrayal of the female r" his art And fc)llo\.'.ing on from the success of last year, whrc h sat'. Glasgow-born artist Roderic k Buchanan winning the first ever award, Beck's Futures 2 tours from london's ICA to Edinburgh's Fr'uitrnarket Gallery i9 Jun 28 Juli before travelling to Nev. York and Newcastle later in the year


Male neurosis has been a big-seller in recent years and North LOndon neighbours Nick Hornby and Tony Parsons throw up new additions to the Sub-genre in May while the long- awaited sequel to Saturday Night, Sunday Morning arrives With Alan Sillitoe's Birthday (Aprl

Two of America's legendary crime- writing talents make waves with discovered stories from Dashiell Hammett (Apr) and a new nOir thriller from James Ellroy ‘JUW

Unlikely debut of the year probably comes from French sex symbol and actress Sophie Marceau with The Gir/ Who Lies (May), while most-hyped first novelist may well be Highlander Ruaridh Nicoll who has taken time out from being a foreign correspondent wrth The Guardian to write White Male Heart (Jun) Other Scots vorces rnclucle Muriel Gray ll‘xlayr, Luke Sutherland gum and James Kelman rlun and you can expect units to shift in the names of Clive Barker, Martin Amis and Colin Bateman in April, Sebastian Faulks in May, and Booker-nominated bus driver Magnus Mills in June

a'fl :fate': 3: ta is " ‘.' 1' H- foundation Slam \f . a'f r 11'

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t? ‘, 'Vy‘y\:‘. ‘\ 'Itki' ..' ,“',.‘~"|\,:r\ y\..;‘o~"’\:

10th birthday celebrations t.r- r : :‘ i- r

' tif‘, rr‘r .c-T ""eil, Huff) '.r-"_.c'

Teattn "<1 ti‘retu: Jeff Mllls

'l;>'.'.args "wt e’ "'t- t r

gru-sarmwk‘» i: na", r

c't.t)lt "g 1W", t‘e re e: ' :1 "i

“we Sub Club


In (alasgc>\.‘., the Stand val! be celebrating the first year ot 11s [He ,t"‘t

'U‘c/i/l) l,

in the c 't\,' '. shows 13

2th a spec ia' series o‘

1‘5 Apr to n‘ailt flue


Robert NOrth, Sc'ottrsl: sallet's ar";strc dir‘ec tor Will be larurc hurt; his “chi; littel'ptetatrcxi of Carmen '[—(l,r‘.{)r,'(;" Festival T'teatre, 4 12 lilay, lineat'e Royal, 291nlay 2 Apr whirl shot; if set you in good stead for the week of activities in Glasgow and [(lt'thr'gl. during National Dance Week if) 21 Junr Also at about flis tune, the Edinburgh Festiva' T'reatre's Dance Turns ‘.'.’lll "eturr‘ ‘0' its ‘ourth seaso", ll‘iSi‘fl‘rOr17(‘ll(llf‘:(}ill(‘(t((l(lrf1l(‘(lNDT2


The opening of the Glasgow Science Centre lApr/Mayi follows thr- Openrng of the ll/1AX theatre at Pacific Quay in October 2000 Located on the site of the Garden Festival and directly opposite the 'Arrriadillo', the Glasgow Scence Centre cost £75 million The sc ience mall houses Europe's first publicly accessible virtual reality facility and a planetarium, while the Glasgow Tower vrexmrtg platforiri V/lll afford excellent Views of the city

Celebrating the end of a bleak winter, Beltane “30 Apri on