Edinburgh's Caltori Hil| Is a re- eriartrrient of the pagan festival that i'(‘ll(", l‘ieayily on colour, fire and energy Expect around 10,000 spectators getting into the techno drurnrriing rhythms and hedonistic display

The Water of Leith Millennium Project is due for cornpietrori in luriay after more than two years, with a l‘.'.'(‘l'.’(‘-.’ll|l(‘ i.‘.iall~.‘.‘ay frorn Balerno to l_(‘llll later, the forth and Clyde and Union canals ‘.'.’lll be restored to their former glory panen the Millennium Link opens llllll) It'll be fully navrgahle, hut the most exc iting aspect pr'oriiises to he an engineering deyire to transport boats and people XSrr: from the height of the Union canal down to the Forth and Clyde canal

Glasgow plays host to Glasgow Toon 2001 l23 28 Mayi, Britain's first international festival of cartoon art In George Sguare, a three-section arnphrthc—ratre \‘VIll house a cartoon cineriia, an interactive cartoon expei'ienc e and an exhibition of traditional cartoon material

Isabel Wright

Bright young playwriting hope enters busy year

With a sensational start to her writing career in 1998 with Speedrun, and a well-received follow-up in Waiting Room, Isabel Wright, who'll be 24 this month, looks set for a big future in Scottish theatre. Her plays, characterised by the problematical relationship between mother and daughter-in- law while a war rages outside the family home in Waiting Room, seem to question the role of women in society through taboos of the body and mind in situations of social

upheaval or stress.

With two new projects on the go at Boilerhouse, and one at Nicola McCartney's company LookOut, much is anticipated from this young writer. The LookOut project, which will run through April in tandem with Rob Fraser's Skunk Hour, is called Tongues, and will explore the effect of a girl’s childhood on her subsequent life. 'There's a lot about the nature/nurture debate in the play, but it’s also just about how people survive in life,’ says Wright. 'The young women in the play are given an ideal of femininity to live up to, but there are problems with this, they get called fat, or labelled a slag by the society that gives them the ideal.’

Blooded, the Boilerhouse project currently slated for October, puts five teenage girls in a cage inside a warehouse, and explores the various initiation ceremonies of the young adult female. ’The idea of the title of the show is about initiation into blood sports,’ says Wright. 'I liked the violence of the word, and its ambiguity, the sense of female ritual and initiation. It’s also tied into the idea of female aggression.’

This project will run simultaneously with Initiate, an educational project, which will play to female

FESTIVALS FOllO‘Iy’iliQ B'ues 2000, the Capital Blues Festival <5 6 May: hopes to consolidate its 'eputatron as _ cc t ands biggest annual blues bash at Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange It :1 he great r'rtonth fOr fans of all things rootsy, given that Glasgot'gs international festr/ai of Antenc ana, Big Big Country (23 May 2 Jar: t‘ipprow~ , wrll explore the USA’s vast range of rnusrcal styles from the blues to country 8r western

Don't feel you have to he a (lulfl to Visit the Scottish International Children’s Festival '28 inlay 3 Jun. Any fan of guality theatre \.'.Ill appreciate the annual Edinburgh event whrc li this year features more international shows than ever before, including eight new productions il'()lll Denmark, Italy, USA and Germany

At Glasgow's sixth West End Festival (9 23 Juni, it looks likely there'll be a concert of siriger/sorigwriters at the Cottier Theatre, the popular Shakespeare in the Botanic Gardens might be Pericles, and there'll also he a tie-in Willi the

Wright's - Waiting Room v

audiences and refer to some of the characters of Blooded. (Steve Cramer)

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On the r lassical front, Scottish coriiposer Sally Beamish has the .'.'or|d preiiiiere of her latest piece for cello at the Queen's Hall i2i Apri \.‘.’lill(‘ the r’.iaster Rec ital Series at the Royal Concert Hall contir‘.ues .‘.’lll‘. Julian Lloyd Webberappearirig v19 Aprl arid the international Series, also at the Concert Hall has Felicity Lott, Anne Murray and Graham Johnson '20 Apii and Sr ottish Opera’s Anne Evans singing Wagner 24 May»

Festival ac tron includes Capital Blues Festival is 6 lslayr and Big Big Country '23 May 2 Jun approx.

Two cureosrties to lool: forx'rard to are at Glasgox'rrs Tramway z'xhere Fusion Ensemble i26 Mays perform coriterriporary and trad:t:orial Japanese iriusic, while a New Media ‘24 May,- concert features three leading European exponents in new experirruental rnusic cornhinrng sound and irriage

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