Through rn the East, the 2001 Bank Of Scotland Edinburgh Jazz And Blues Festival (27 Jul 5 Aug prO‘.'rsrona|r :s the tradrtronal start to Edrnburgh's festival month and spans every facet of Jazz musrc‘

Many art.sts and events have beer: confirmed already for the Edinburgh International Festival r 12 Aug 1 Sepr rncludrng Srr Charles lulac kerras, Andras Schrff, the Russrarr Natronal Orchestra, Quatuor Mosargues, Scott:sh Opera's 'Dre Walkure', the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Burgtheater' Vrenna

It'll be a zvhrle before we can expect to hear much detarl abOuI the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 6 27 Augr, though there's a plan to brrng the Frrnge to Portobello and Dynamic Earth wr'l be On the look-out for a programmer to replace Scottish lnternatrorxal, whrch brt off more than rt could chew at last year’s event. Edinburgh’s Garden Party has suffered a srrnrlar fate, but wrth any luck the Spregeltent wrll return to Pnnces Street Gardens or thereabOuts krckrng off wrth a Jazz season (27 Jul-2 Sepl. Now rn rts 55th year the Edinburgh

'1'. t , gs.

Robbie Williams

Our cover star gets a Park life

Forget your Old Firm frenzy, the noisiest stadium crowds this year won't witness a single kick of a ball. Instead, they will be jumping aboard the Robbie Williams roadshow as it rolls into

Scotland’s national football ground.

After his runner/jettison from boy band superheroes Take That in 1995, Williams hit the ground running and has rarely stopped to breathe, much less look back, churning out numerous albums to stupendous sales success, if not

universal critical acclaim.

It has taken only a few years for Robbie Williams' Take That past to be laid to rest. Sure, the teen adulation is still there, but he has as substantial a following among the over-21 females now as anywhere. When the announcement of his two Hampden Park shows was made, a national frenzy ensued and tickets sold out in record time; not since Oasis' landing on the shores of Loch Lomond in 1996 have we seen such a home-grown musical phenomenon.

Williams has developed into the new century’s first full blown pop icon. Arguably a shoddy successor to Mercury, Presley or Sinatra as some may have claimed, he inexplicably straddles both serious songwriter credibility - he and writing partner Guy Chambers won an Ivor Novello Award this year

and bubblegum pop fiber-stardom.

He is more the millennial Tom Jones, a pretty boy whose big voice and saucy antics are everything. This year will undoubtedly see him conquer new territories, including the one place so few UK contemporary artists really succeed in the US while reaffirming his status as the man in the hearts, on the walls and

International Film Festival 72 26 Aug) wll feature a retrospectue of Werner Heft/(lg, backed up r). the usual eclectrc pr‘ograrnrnrng, :"c “rri'r‘c; the focus on Brrtrsh crnema and lvllllOflMll, sr'lo‘.'.’casrng the o‘ oor‘ promo talent

All eyes be en Cather " Loclerbre, : c _. The Scots/nan as she :o'r"“ar‘::--e'u - Edinburgh Book Festival ‘r ‘= 2 X for the frrst time She "‘ter‘ds '1; na- e the Festlxai ereH "tole of a frzrm ’r;r publrc debate Snell be as'l rrtc; writers ll‘l‘.(i(;lll(‘ the f::t:r'e, lam‘r‘r a scrence-t’rctror‘. strand, as ‘.‘~.£‘ll as (r extremes of exploratron, drama r: greater emphasrs on nitric; as as r‘eadlng Expect expert trades on everything from the ‘rrtdre of geeefrc s to how to be a good parent Names may well rnclude Jostein Gaarder, o" Son/re s World fame, and the return to Scotiarzr: of the Booker-v.:nnrng Peter Carey

the forner

For a welcome alter'natrve to so much Edinburgh actrvrty, Glasgow Green l25~ 26 Augl rs expected hacl for a second trme

in the stadiums of his devotees across the nation. (Marcia Robbers)

28 THE llST 5-18 Jan 2001

This century's Tom Jones


lr: Jar. Jon Favreau and

Vince Vaughn 'r'-‘.é"(:"‘ .sa.::,

U L‘.. (Vi/17H“) [‘(7‘.t"‘s .‘u’W‘I slot

Ll tx‘flt‘

rimmed “1* the not? 'afher are Fauna; d-d :2 agrnrt 'r "‘se.‘ 7‘ a HR e": ep'sozle of The Sor'aPos Hone 02w Tom, Marty Scorseses l‘cit ‘-. “reward ttzaerr. (7' “rams starrwr; Leonardo DiCaprio

Scrtrttrsh fwr ':'<:"lgr‘.ts that court: .'.eli sta't appea' "r: h, t“e 'nrcldle of t-ple BAFM Nex. Talent a‘.'.ard' summer One Life Stand, lula‘j.’ Hires ll‘rorr‘ras :o.‘. budget digital feature shot In C: asczot'. Ian Hart, Kelly Macdonald and the late great Ian Bannen l.'.lll star :r‘. Peter Capaldi s offbeat story of a star—strut l. gangsters rnoll Coco/m", Ma, aka Srrnpl, S/natra And ll‘ls year s llt“.'. Scottrsh talent rnrght well he the ranter-drrec tor team of Jack Lothian and Saul Metzstein, who make their feature debut wth a tale of Late r\'/ght Shcrrwr/rg Raprdly r'rsrnd rnternatronal star Dougray Scott takes top hrllrrtc) alongsrde Kate Winslet In the \.‘.'artrme

the year rnc 'ude rr“.

ttttlt‘l‘lt‘tik1'itlTlt'l'IOl Eng/ha Fanallt, Lynne Ramsay follows Her Outstandrnu debut, Rattan "vet, \xrtl‘ ".er adaptation of Alan \“.arner s noxel Uorrern Cal/ar Rantsas starts shooth rn lehruarv so It s uncertarri \‘.hether \‘.e7l see her

sec 1"‘(1' 2!“ DON‘T i'lt‘ t‘llt’l 0' 300‘.


T in the Park l 7 8 Jul enjoys :ts erghth sear ll‘. Barado whale Glasgow Green 2‘5 2b Aug' returns for a set ond outwit’: after rts 2000 debut Indoors, but no less hrac mg, the Glasgow Jazz Festival ml 8 Julr and the Edinburgh Jazz And Blues Festival J? Jul 8 Auo‘ \‘Jlll both undoubtedh, hung a host of :nternatronally renowned names to the (rises

The orrrtrrla! Welsh \"allev's heart tlzroo Tom Jones r ontznues to caprtalrse on hrs renarssance With a shoe. at Edrnhurgh Castle «20 Juli ihe Junror Drspnn Torn JOIlt’S-lll~\.‘.’<llilll(l, Robbie Williams gets 'enr gorng at Hampden Park rn Glasgow r3 ‘1 Aug‘

Scottish Opera has been rnvestrng much of rts trrne and effort Into the

second of Its four-part eprc. Richard Wagner opera The ang Cyc/e Part Two ’Dre Walkure' (Aug) er| premiere as part of the Edrnburgh International Festival (12 Aug- 1 Sepl

Edinburgh Festival trme has seen an upturn rn gualrty pop musrc rnusclrng rn on the classrcal, cornedy and theatre crowds ac tron wrth Planet Pop JAug) contrnurng to brrng a variety of cutting-edge acts from around the world We \Nlll almost certainly see the return of T on the Fringe (Aug), T rn the Park's Irttle Edrnburgh brother too.


Golf domrnates the sportrng drary over the summer months, and the Loch Lomond Invitational tees off Our major events l12~l 5 Jul, Loch Lomond Golf Club), before the Scottish PGA Championship (23 Aug—26 Aug, Gleneagles), while Scotland trres to get over losrng out on hostrng the Ryder Cup (28—30 Sep, The Belfry) and hopes Europe's golfers can out-class the yanks.

On the rnternatronal scene, hockey's frnest get together for the Men's World Cup Qualifier (17—18 Jul, Peffermrll, Edrnburgh), the best scruash