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Jim" l W" Bells 50”“ (“NW Peril“, fie 5o fire: :7. ‘i' e 'ea ~l"t)t" Et1,~'“i“ti.'tii‘,:l‘t‘itlt'Vti'Tsti'Kll"it‘ J "1. ‘/J 't’.. "r‘ My I. 'I‘ t‘ .

and tht Scotland footbair .( arn ha.c a x _ , MalCOIm MCLafen Lu Ni \ cuasuox'. s 3.20, most tutiirig-eirue tlxyii J 'rir'r,“ r ii I i‘ - ~iri .“'V‘ . . ii( r, s ‘I t I. ‘. \, y\ ~i i,’t/«\- \r i\. ..'.r \l’ .‘cl {3\~‘\-‘il\’ {\‘I‘r': r‘1(\"s\) (3"(1 Ivsl‘; {\thlkws‘l' blayirg adarnst Croatia at home it Sep, 3) . , (a “a (I: Dan Fantes F'aw Reuie's. O‘ lite »\'t are '0' r. Tones

“\ lt ' Jack ' t \i c 2 \t (1%" 5 ..\\l.'\\"’c‘l\i\ ’3' K” UN)” 3' xi cikltili\ ‘7‘

" r o “,4 g A Mir/w“ “(4‘ rur‘i iv . . ' ' Harripdcn Parki and ira.rl to ill( _ ii, ,1. Mi. . (it to a.) Naoml to i‘t‘ ren‘xentea as New Territories (oritirient to take on last years World Wolf's de (La: Qit , a P st ter‘tur‘, 2; 0‘: 1; NM Mum) mm, d? Cup dark horses Belgitirti r5 Sept 7="" “"1 l‘lt"’l"»<t"«i l'arntaay the Art hes, the Tron and

The Ladbroke Ayr Gold Cup (22 Sep, Ayr Racecoursei is another highlight of the Scottish horseraring

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Pressure No. a e tr be a «l t it (1' ‘l (l t'

calendar and Sriooker's finest turn out Odober/November/December “ppm” .m, ,H‘ wwwhflg .W ‘, Jimmy, dirt"(}\lt’lt> than estat)‘:sl‘ie(2 artists for mp Regal Scott'Sh maSters ' 18 '23 {.ijtwii‘uj Hymn.” 3.3,.” Higptnfiiwt lit. ‘f li."(ll.'l(l is Ull‘ii’lll‘t‘li, Glasgay do 80‘), r‘/i()ii‘,(,’r\_!./(‘ii (eh/K. C(‘Hilb; UUUL H”; (“M1, Cox dig“ Nth i “All (i;)().\)(i(' d1 tint \‘(3YY}‘) ‘r'te‘ 'l r‘ re e' i. r“ ‘sro’l ‘ir‘ri's lt‘t (‘e‘t i'll‘rt‘ WWW-"M ll‘ (“l’rtlhtldirml Mill The V‘JHHK)’ It“) 'I'UrHP-r PM,“ 1',“ 1(‘NJQ ~11. i(i\ ) . it ii _ ((llxl I}; ) i ' t '1 "r ( I, .1 ,t(, ‘: ' .,‘ ' ,zt'u Y i 9 3])? t\ ) Paranoid obsessives appear to be ripe “Ulpmi Rachel Whiteread -. my. 0: “h ' N” > “"‘l (‘ Wm” “‘H' U“ i“ H mm“ m A!" " 'm" m‘ l)\i NJI‘ ."H .' \V - T‘tl) “Y“; i/V\ '\r (n this {unpof yedf “Nth (“Id/(flan Bunnnu) lpidlflg HQV.“ ()W (bum. i. “1‘ [Itfl?l\}(:\l")r.zllil. (J O(1d.t(i [Jim il(iiltli()u\t,lll(l tltritlt \tili.f)rii,\h ( ( L ) x )i )H l 1 ° , f r ti t r ) i i iourrio Jon Ronson iiiyiting iis to enter GdHMV 05 [, 10m,” NI g-(m‘hlmh ,b MaSh. Jungle Maglc am Ultragroove b“ V (“M tilt (WW "0' ( W “‘«t .7 . IL ti ‘(\' U M. .,\I ) s , y y t s v_ >v \ hrs World Of Conspiracy '(_l‘arinel 11) OH 8 DH, vampw M i, .W . L, MN,” .ia. :2' but a re.-. WWW ll r‘l‘llt < l t “ls “W W” “‘«lls'r‘h - .t ' "' ' i " ’l “' ' proiert little Prnl Pit tuies the will") RObert L'ndsay h‘“ k“ “‘10 "‘0 for her (asts, both in plaster and other d l p i t t tt tl tl I ) y, H -‘ eweo Hit it or a protei \'.i ‘. ie (VH5 0f b'q mm” 55 “1 Hal/Am’l BBIC 1' riiaterials, \‘uhrc h are taken tron: lite rnost ext iting event of the seasoi‘ (m (,H ,, wow” “i M), m Upgk I H” ) i i‘ i t ‘l i I (hi hi. ‘1 ) ‘i r / 1 l ‘i ‘md Dom Jo'y k“ m ‘m H‘mm' 00K” 9 everyday obier ts \.',i|i be the opening ot a perriiarient 0V” m (Oilmtm, would” With a . 7 and a programme of theatre, music The Fme Art Of photography It, on home for Edinburgh s Dancebase ‘ll , , , second series of Trigger Happy TV . i ’m‘i mmm‘“ "1 m" 1")" '} I'd 'C i i show at the National Portrait Gallery in the Ciht‘istrrarlcet lhe centre xvr.l be the And I i f i x t a res issiirer or< anrseis o (E t(;ttlt€_ it J()lt|l((l()y(t1(,i:j()'l‘|il( to Edmbmqh (19 OH 13 M” 2002) 501 first ot its kind to provrde purpose—built Edinbur h; H0 mana] i i t r l i in ; «W I (‘ 0 0 WI ac ee ( ( o n up I” [hp 8( Quiet) [\J(]tt()”(]| l<i( Iltil ‘8 cilld ‘Nlll (OllSISl (): i()Lll g g y

Glasgow's Hogmanay will ensure a


From Left: Jostein Gaarder, Tom Jones, Scottish Opera, Trigger Happy TV, Christopher Brookmyre. Carl Cox and John Cusack

Thompson,s lonqfiwmmd (Ouaboqmon Photography Collection contains over Friar studios, pint; of whic h Will also “)8th “W m, fmmiy (Wm‘) (“M as coppers in Street/Ire (BBC 1 r, while 2S’QOO,Dh()I()W(mm mummm the x (i U {Ullle ( t 1mm rnusrc al highlights Jen and J0 onm again Om Sm m be work or Robert Arliiriisriri and Eve The oificial opening ol the Space Abso'utdy Fabmous (B’BC 1 \’ Arnold And Glasgows CCA reopens in iQ(ri Win mm” DUN“, (wimp, (, 0“ All?" m“l0r “With/“lopmp”l W'm {‘1 75'“ 700W“ “llllll'lmllmw lii Disney's anrrnated adventure for

six art spaces, a restaurant, bar, office theatre ‘.".'it|( h Will be used for college Ortotm- Ar/antir, The [out fin/irre, a Among the expected highlights of the Sim“ (“‘d "" ("INK “‘"lk‘lll'd! “(‘1' “W “WI, wrmmrt't‘r Vimk <Wl WWW} Michael J. Fox-voirerl Indiana Jones— Edinbtirgh Festival Frmqp W.” be the the opening exhibition has been productions In addition to the t'lexrble typo (ixpimm (1.5“)me rm, tamed mum of the folk from last years fML curated by lranc is Mr Kee auditorium, there Will be three dance submerged my Mom ,Wmdimm m star sell-out, The Donkey Show in an 5mm“ Monsters Inc, With the tec hies that 80s karaoke hit version of The Comedy QUIIQ why in, has,” mm “WNW” And expect a vrsit from the ever brought you Toy Story 2 rrialring sure Of Errors, another New York hit show “no mp very bump“ of the km lmqum popular Rambert Dance Company at that things go bump in the night by the marvellous title The Man In The may ix» ,, mystery hm hm mompm IS the Edinburgh Festival Theatre NOW,an wot) Amt)“. {diam Giman Flying Law“ Chair and 3 led“ 0f surely set to come as Christopher Armstrong <1 rtt/e Worrierii and Cate Japanese dame: phi/3W“ theatre: Brookmyre publishes his latest black S, ,Y , r v +3 . W , ) W, Blanchett team up for the first time music and gay revue as part of the comedy With a long title, A Big Boy [)rd .'l)i(,flkitt]l(?\s.“7|f M'S‘mm who?“ 8”" since 1997's Oscar/1nd Lucinda for Japan Experience at the Garage, It And Ran Away (Oct) Other big Scots "HI X, “'m'hm. L m a cams (ports L novelist Sebastian Faulkes' World War where the Riot Group WI” also be due to make welt ome returns that "a" in Feime ‘NOVvbmmqmélm DO U: i” ‘9 ll Frenr h R(“)I‘si(ilt( e drama Charlotte playing. Scottish contributions Will month are Alan Warner and Janice W90“; 10 he"? WWW“) f“: 5‘00qu Gray lvlr-winwhile, High Frc/e/it/ star include the return of Boilerhouse’s Galloway Emory flogm'mKidflffimis John Cusack sticks with the trials of Superb Red, susped (“Iturels Bill Clinton's favourite writer swrigs (i 0,21%“): ii)i‘q()rifliliiw:r(f,siii:ijidiwl‘ifflffly 'Omdnw ‘” SWP’WUWV Cc’Sanovs’ and Theatl’e cryptic's into action as Walter Mosley I f,(|,Z€‘t‘f{,§‘}‘,j{ X-Meri's Hugh Jackman lVl/OiVQHHCJ JOU’WYS A’ld M9'770F’GS» introduces us to Fearless Jones 10(1‘ El(i.,m:m,lus N I), N arid 10"" TfaVO'ta Play 3.0V 3”“

Elsewhere, John Clifford has written while the stages big biographer John ‘SCAjiiiané ' | (H (‘ computer hacker in Summit/sh Brit 3” as'Yet untitled one-man show Lahr turns his thoughts to Kenneth W U 7‘ i thug Vinnie Jones also gets a look in, dbOUl Chalk“ D'CkenS (dale {DC for Tynan’s diaries rOctr in the film directed by Gone /n 60 P'tIOOCle FE‘St'Va' Theatre, arid if .15 t).q-39iimq mm Ktmsterg you're Glasgow's annual festival of world Seconds' Dominic Sena Vinnre's co- Ralndog's Young Blood wrll stage UN, after, grab a plow of mm by 0mm music, Big Big World (22 Oct Wed 31 star in that film, Nicolas Cage, based On the United Nations charter Marian Keyes ‘NOV, or “mm/and Oct approxi, continues to grow, while undertakes some World War II 0” the “thS 0’ Young people at author, Robert Harris iOcti The the Scottish International (odebreaking \‘vlih Navajo Indians in 6'6590W'S G'Imoreh'” G l 2 (Sept autoblography Winch W.“ have a Storytelling Festival r26 Oct ~41 Now John Woo's Wrridta/kers

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