musical sculpture on the side of the M8, have moved north to create a new piece called Modern Nature. Commissioned by Art In Partnership, the sculpture by Matthew Dalziel and Louise Scullion has been erected in the Tyrebagger forest four miles outside Aberdeen. It consists of six aluminium poles, each topped by a solar panel. The panels provide the electricity to an amplifier and speakers which broadcast the call of the male capercaillie, a bird not seen in the area for fifteen years.

Call of nature . NE The makers of The Horn, that Tellytubby-like

Spaced enters cyberspace

Stylish, sleek and sophisticated adjectives that may well apply to the modern design of the ’Spaced’ pod recently installed at Edinburgh’s La Belle Angele, but probably not to the digital image of you taken by said machine, accompanied by a message like ’l’m Out Of My Box' and sent to the reCipient of your chOice. Yes, for the paltry fee of £2 you can capture the memory of that great night out and recapture it at a later date at the spaced photo gallery (wwwspacedcouk).

Ewen Bremner gets provocative

Bremner's Donkey-Boy arrives

At last! Jul/an Donkey-Boy (aka Ewen Bremner) arrives in Scottish Cinemas, hobbling rather than galloping, mind. But don’t let that put you off; Harmony Korine's Dogme-style film about schizophrenia in the family is a genuinely provocative piece of arthouse cinema that deserves to be seen even if it did open in London way back in September 2000

TUESDAY 9 Quake III Arena This long-awaited internet multi-player game finally arrives, and it's a corker The Slmple appeal of this first person shoot ‘em upper from i0 is that there’s no bothersome mlSSIOflS to fulfil, Just opponents to kill, kill, kill! See rewew, page 104. Dreamcast. WEDNESDAY 10 In A Land Of Plenty This year's Our Friends In The North is a sprawling, gripping, evocative look at four decades in the lives, loves and deaths of the Freeman clan, Stars Helen McCrory, Robert Pugh and an impresswe array of kid actors, See preView, page > 102. BBC2.

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SUNDAY 7 Polish State Opera This lZO-strong opera troupe gives Puccmi’s tragic tale La

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FRIDAY 5 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Jane Austen meets Bruce Lee in Ang Lee’s breathtaking martial arts period drama. Makes bohémel Its own Speoal traglc

everyth'ng “9m Enter The Dragon treatment. Festival Theatre, to The Matrix look like an episode of Edinburgh.

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and rugs. Keep an eye out for a new page 95' Fabefl '

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Thu 11 5.18 Jan 2001 THE LIST 3