EXPERIMENTAL/POP Future Pilot AKA Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea (Geographic)

'Future Pilot AKA: Discuss.’ Thankfully Sushil K. Dade, aka Future Pilot AKA, is more than happy to discuss what's been happening in his life prior to the release of his next long-player Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea. He even offers me the philosophical dilemma above as a possible headflne.

But Dade's ideas of music are more spiritual than philosophical, having had an upbringing where religion and music were intertwined. ’When I was growing up I often went to informal gatherings called kirtans, where we'd sing devotional chants. Ultimately music is my worship and my prayer. I'm a devotee. And the way I preach is simply by getting on with people. In fact it's in every breath, every action I take.’

A sense of community has informed Dade’s way of writing music to this very day. ’I think that without my many collaborations, Future Pilot AKA wouldn’t have existed. It's really the heart of the project. One of the joys of being a musician for me is playing with other people because different people always have a different

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From the driving seat to plane sailing

Dade's friends, family, even pupils of his own driving school, and a fascinating sprawl of styles and religions, from the hypnotic Hindu lullaby of ’0m Namah Shivaya' sung by Stuart Murdoch, to the Red Indian 'whirlpool' of 'Wichi Tai To’. 'It draws you deeper and deeper into its centre,’ Dade explains. ’So it's a very communal song, but also because just about everyone I got into the studio played on it. It's played by the city of Glasgow.‘

A born and bred Glaswegian, Dade admits the city was the focus for the album, recorded in three days at Teenage Fanclub’s Disco Citizen studio. 'This album was more concentrated in terms of place and time compared to my previous records. The fact that we only had three days added a sense of spontaneity which really informs the whole thing.’

The result is a more organic, live sound, and although there are no definite plans for a tour, 'the Pilot's Flying Circus should take off soon.’ In more ways than one, it seems: in a natural progression from his job as a driving instructor, Dade will soon take to the skies. ’Part of my contract involves taking flying lessons from Cumbernauld airport. At this rate I could become the first Punjabi on the moon!’

Future Pilot AKA: soon to be invading the airspace of

twist on things.’

The new album is an extension of this idea. Eclectic to say the least, Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea features a host of

CLASSICAL Lindsa String Quartet Beet oven Cycle

Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh, Tue 16 & Wed 17 Jan.

Rising to the Beethoven challenge

52 THE LIST 5 Jan—l8 Jan 2001

living room, venue and Glasgow alike. (Jan F Zeschky)


Often, it's only through featured festival programming that there is opportunity to hear complete cycles of collections of work by one composer, Stimulating though that may be, the sheer concentration required can at times be overwhelming. So, the New Town Concert Society’s idea of bringing the Lindsay String Quartet to perform all eighteen (including two different versions of Op 730) Beethoven String Quartets over six concerts spanning the first three months of the year, is a brilliant one, Performers, venue the Queen’s Hall and music Will combine to present an experience which wrll undOubtedly prove to be one of the musical highlights of 2001 already.

It is argued that Beethoven’s string quartets are the finest ever written for this combination two Violins, Viola and cello of instruments. Each one is indiVidual, original and expressive in a way that is truly remarkable. The late quartets in particular are unsurpassed masterpieces, not only due, in the case of the A minor Op 732 Quartet, to the strict health care of Beethoven’s doctor. Instead of his usual diet of Wine and

12 Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea is out Mon 29 Jan on

coffee, he had to make do with barley broth and soft-boned eggs when serious illness interrupted this quartets composnion

According to Dr Barry Cooper, Beethoven expert and colleague of the Lindsay Quartet at Manchester University, where they have been firmly established for many years, ’To perform a complete cycle of all these quartets is a daunting challenge for any group Of players. The Lindsays, however, have risen to this challenge on many occasions, and their interpretations rival the best in the world.’ In recent years, their performances of the Beethoven quartets have been as far spread as San Francisco, Madrid, Tokyo, Sydney and Paris Thinking ab0ut what makes the Lindsays really special, COOper says, ‘They emphasise communication above all else. communication \Vllh you, the listener, to whom they try to communicate some of the profoundest and most original ideas of one of the greatest composers in history} (Carol Main) II The second and third concerts in the series run on Wed 7 & Thu 8 and Wed 27 <9 Thu 22 Mar

Surface noise

All the Iovin’, shovin’ and bun-in- the-oven antics from the wonderful world of music

{)LsFrTL mac or arm rm s precti‘anc', the ‘t. c;;.a"_e‘. '7a.e tiee" confirmed as l‘, a. nu ti‘ei ail-cc "ling li\e clates iii Ma, The. p a, ( hire Auditorium, Glasgov. on to Ma. and the Playhouse, Edinburgh on 13 May

APOLOGIES TO THOSE who turned up for LSK’s live shows to find they were cancelled. This was due to technical troubles and the dates will hopefully be rescheduled for later in the year.

fUN LOVlN' (.thHNALS have announced a sec oriri niglit a'. Glasgox‘fis Bcill()‘.'.'.il‘(l on b l.‘.iic h after the first one sold out in Their new album loco is due' :i release on i? H‘lflllitl‘y with a ride of the same name out on 2“ January

ORBITAL RELEASE A new single 'Funny Break’ on 19 February. An as yet untitled album is also due in the spring.

OFFBE—Al SCOTLAND IS a nee. developed website set up to help promote nev. ll‘.’i‘ music It can ne accessed on own: offbeat co iii


Bryan Adams, Playhouse, Luinhiiigh, 19/20 lan, King Adora, King Tut’s, Glasgow, 26 Jan, Venue, Lclinniugli, 29 Jan, Raging Speedhorn, (atlioiise, Glasgow, 29 Jan, Soulwax, Garage, Glasgow, 12 Feb, Barenaked Ladies, Corn Exchange, Ldivihiiigli, 5 Mai, Bal‘i'owland, Glasgow, 7 Mar, Feeder, Liquid Rooin, Fclinbuigh, ll Mai, Van Morrison, Usher Hall, Edinburgh, 15 Mar, All Saints, Clyde Auditorium, GIngOV‘J, lO May, Playhouse, Edinburgh, 13 May, Bon Jovi, Harnpden Park, Glasgow, 8 Jun

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All Saints' Shaznay Lewis