Winter Wonderland Fri S—Sun 7 Jan, Fri 6: Sat mam—10pm; Sun l()am—8pm. £4—£5 (£3—£4); family ticket £15. Princes Street Gardens East, 473 3800. Winter festival featuring Britain’s largest open air ice rink which can accommodate up to 300 budding Torvill and Deans at one time. Every day should be different with special themed events, seasonal entertainment, professional displays and even the odd hockey match thrown in too. There‘s also a cafe, a toboggan ride and a craft fair.


Record 8: CD Fair Sat 6 Jan, Illam—4pm. £1./\ssembly Rooms, 54 George Street. 220 4349. Ilunt for a bargain at this record and CD fair.


A Ceylon Teaplanter’s Teaset Tue 9 Jan, lpm. £3 (£1.50); children under 18 free. Royal Museum, 2 Chambers Street, 247 4219. David Forsyth gives a short talk.

Alternatives To Custody Wed 10 Jan, 10.30am. £1. Open Door, 420 Morningside Road, 447 9757. The Morningside Justice and Peace Group host a talk by T. Drummond Hunter. North West Heritage (Edinburgh Villages) Question Time Wed 10 Jan, 7.30pm. Holy Cross Episcopal Church Hall, Ouality Street, Davidson’s Mains, 336 5831.A panel of experts on the villages of Blackhall and Davidson Mains to Pilton and Granton will be assembled to answer questions on the history of the area.

LeninzThe Lost Leader Thu 11 Jan, 6.30pm. £3 (£2). Royal Museum, 2 Chambers Street, 247 4219. Robert Service of St Antony's College, Oxford, leads a talk on the Russian leader.

Debt In Scotland Sun 14 Jan, 10.30am. £1. Open Door, 420 Morningside Road, 447 9757. Scottish Churches Parliamentary Officer Rev Dr Graham Blount discusses the problem of debt. Sowerby's Whale - Insight From Stranded Animals Tue 16 Jan, lpm. £3 (£1.50); children under 18 free. Royal Museum, 2 Chambers Street, 247 4219. Jerry Herman talks about these magnificent mammals.

Edinburgh’s Green Heritage Wed 17 Jan, 12.30pm. Free. Iluntly House, 142 Canongate, 5294143. A lunchtime lecture from lain Park, Senior Parks Development Officer of the City of Edinburgh Council.

Ethical Investment Wed 17 Jan, 10.30am. £1. Open Door, 420 Morningside Road, 447 9757. A talk given by Julian Parrot of the Ethical Investment Co-operative, followed by questions and a discussion.


Musselburgh Races Fri 12 Jan, £7—£l2 (£4). Musselburgh Racecourse, Linkfield Road, Musselburgh, 665 2859. Family race day with children's entertainment.

Edinburgh Rocks Sat 13 Jan, 7.30pm. £7 (£5). Meadowbank Stadium, 139 London Road, 661 5351. The Rocks continue their championship campaign against Chester Jets.

Edinburgh Capitals Sun 14 Jan, 6pm. Murrayfield Ice Rink, Riverdale Crescent, 313 2977. £8 (£4). The Capitals face off against Basingstoke Bison. .

Other Events

Popular Observing Fri 5 Jan & Fri 12 Jan, 7.30pm. £1. Royal Observatory Visitor Centre, Blackford Hill, 668 8405. View Saturn with its rings and Jupiter and its moons from one of the telescopes of the Royal Observatory.

84 THE LIST SJan—18lan 2001

Battle Cry From The Colonies Fri 5 Jan, Thu 11—Fri 12Jan, Thu 18 Jan, 10am—4pm. £7 (£2-£5). Edinburgh Castle, 225 9846. Alba Adventure Company present this historical re- enactment which centres on a young Scot who left for the New Colonies in America, but finds himself transported back to prison in Edinburgh Castle after siding with the rebels.

Explaining Architecture: An Introduction To The European Built Environment Tue 9 Jan & Tue 16 Jan, 6.30—8pm. £27 (£20). Royal Museum, 2 Chambers Street, 247 4219. A nine-week study course based on architecture illustrated by pieces in the museum and examples throughout Scotland.

Modern Times: The Culture Of The Industrial Age Wed 10 Jan & Wed 17 Jan, 2.30-4.30pm. £27 (£20) for 9 sessions. Royal Museum, 2 Chambers Street, 247 4219. A series of illustrated talks and discussions on the importance of the industrial period in the present world of modernity.

Son Et Lumiere At Cramond Sat 13 Jan, Wed l7—Sun 21 Jan, 7.30pm. £9 (£5). Cramond Kirk, The Manse, Cramond Glebe Road, Sir Magnus Magnusson narrates the story of the history of Cramond village over the last two millennia in a dramatic display of sound and light. For tickets send an SAE specifying the date and number of tickets required to the Cramond Kirk Office at the above address, or e-mail

The Great Trav Trivia Quiz Mon 15 Jan, 8pm. Free. Traverse Bar Cafe, Traverse Theatre, 10 Cambridge Street, 228 5383. The winners of this general knowledge quiz get free booze and other great prizes. Assemble a team of eight of your most trivia-minded mates and be prepared to battle it out.


Caledonian Brewery

42 Slateford Road, 623 8066. Tours are Mon—Fri 11am, 12.30pm & 2.30pm. The award-winning Caledonian Brewery, still going strong after 100 years, will let you into the secrets behind the crafting of their fine ales. The tour takes you through the brewing process, from crushing the malt to brewing in the open coppers, culminating in a free beer of your choice in the sample cellar.

Edinburgh Castle

Castlehill, 225 9846. Daily 9.30am—5pm. £7 (£2—£5). Although much of the castle’s medieval character was lost when it was converted into barracks in the 19th century, continuing excavations aim to redress this. Other attractions include James lV’s famous cannon, Mons Meg, the One O’Clock Gun with its own exhibition, lots of military silverware and, of course, The Stone Of Destiny.

Edinburgh Zoo

Corstorphine Road, 334 9171. Daily 9am-4.30pm. £6.80 (£3.80—£4.80); family ticket £l9—£23.50. Widely accepted as one of the finest zoos in Britain, there’s plenty here to while away an afternoon, or even a whole day if you take your time. The penguin parade at 2.15pm is a must and the newly-built African plains afford a fantastic view of the city.

Midlothian Ski Centre

Biggar Road, Hillend, 445 4433. Mon£at 9.30am-9pm; Sun 9.30am-7pm. £6 for a one-hour session (under 185 £4). Europe’s longest artificial ski slope is the perfect place to learn or hone skiing and snowboarding skills. Mountain bikers can take the chairlift before enjoying the new 600 metre downhill mountain bike trail.

ON YOUR DOORSTEP Everything you ever wanted to know about the PALACE OF HOLYROOD HOUSE

Scotland isn’t famed for being particularly well disposed towards royalty, and this relationship looked set

to become even more tenuous following devolution. However, there is an opulent

reminder of Scotland's regal heritage

lurking behind the cranes and construction of the strategically placed new Scottish


The Palace of Holyrood House is the Queen's official residence in Scotland and she drops in at least once every year, usually at the end of June when the Palace plays host to a lavish garden party and several thousand guests. Outwith this time, the Palace is looked after by the Duke of Hamilton and browsed around by curious tourists and locals, eager to catch a glimpse of this little piece of royalty in the

heart of Edinburgh.

As might be expected, the Palace is an impressive building; its mix of architectural styles and grand forecourt reflect its history and powerful state symbolism. The same can be said of the interior which boasts historical relics from as far back as the 16th century alongside more modern pieces to enhance the

historical and luxurious ambience.

Having a peek around our present Queen's quarters does hold some interest, but it is the rich history of Kings and Queens of old which is the main attraction, and in particular, Scotland‘s most famous monarch: Mary, Queen of Scots.

During her reign, Mary made the Palace her residence from 1561 to her abdication in 1567, and much of her chambers have been restored in keeping with their historical significance. The oak-panelled ceiling, feminine Flemish cabinet and stone fireplace of the Bed Chamber have been preserved since the 16th century. The small Supper Room adjoining the Bed Chamber is said to be the place where her secretary, David Rizzio, was murdered by Mary's husband Lord Darnley; the macabre scene is made all the more real by blood stains on the floorboards of her Outer Chamber. Incidentally, in a sequence of events to rival any self-respecting soap opera, Lord Darnley was then thought to have been murdered by the Earl of Bothwell, who became Mary’s second husband just three

months later.

The tour around the first floor and Mary's Chambers on the second floor takes around 45 minutes, and in that time you will be privy to a whirlwind history of the royals, but this isn't quite enough time to absorb such a wealth of information, nor more importantly have a good nosey around the most important royal

building in Scotland. (Maureen Ellis) Fun factor 3/5

Informative 4/5 Value for money 2/5

How do you get there? Situated at the foot of the Royal Mile, it’s within easy

walking distance of the city centre

How much does it cost? £6 (£3—f4.50); family ticket £13.50

When is it open? 9.30am—4.45pm

I The Palace Of Holyrood House, Royal Mile, 556 7096.

Museum Of Scotland

Chambers Street, 247 4219. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun noon—5pm; Tue 10am—8pm. £3 (£1.50); children under 18 free. Devoted solely to the history and heritage of Scotland, the building contains five thematically-arranged exhibitions, moving from pre-history, through the Industrial Revolution, to the present day.

Palace Of Holyroodhouse

Royal Mile, 556 1096. Daily 9.30am—4.30pm. £5.50 (£2.70—£4); family ticket £13.50. Starting life as a 13th century abbey, the palace has evolved into a sumptuous regal residence crammed full of paintings and artefacts dating back primarily to the 17th century. See On Your Doorstep.

Royal Museum

2 Chambers Street, 247 4219. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun noon—5pm; Tue 10am—8pm. £3 (£1.50); children under 18 free. A 19th century museum housing international collections of natural history, geology, science, technology and the decorative arts, plus two permanent exhibitions: Art & Industry and The Ivy Wu Gallery.

Royal Yacht Britannia Ocean Drive, Leith, 555 5566.

Mon—Fri 10.30am—3.30pm; Sat & Sun 9.30am—4.30pm. £7.50 (£3.75—£5.75); family ticket £20. The former royal yacht has opened its doors to members of the public after a £25 million refit. The on-shore visitor centre contains historical information on the boat and its furnishings while, on the yacht itself, members of the public can have a good nosey round the Royals’ former quarters.

The People’s Story

Canongate Tolbooth, 163 Canongate, 529 4057. Mon—Sat lOam-Spm. Free. Situated in the Canongate Tolbooth, the sights, sounds and even smells of Edinburgh folk from the 18th century onwards are faithfully reproduced.


Autumn Skies Until Wed 31 Jan, Mon—Fri 4—10pm; Sat & Sun 12.30—4pm. £1 (50p). Mills Observatory, Balgay Park, Dundee, 01382 435846. Take advantage of the long winter nights and view planets in our solar system through a classic Victorian refractin telescope.

The Royal Road The Incas Wed 10 Jan, 7.30pm. £5. Carnegie Hall, East Port, Dunfermline, 01383 314127. John Pilkington gives an illustrated talk on the Incas.