O I saw you fragrant 50- something monsieur in tight beige pantallons at le cinema a Dimanche. You were looking for 'une liaison pornderaphique', more like 'trop belle pour toi!‘ malheureusement.’ Box No U/404/l.

O I saw you looking like a gimp Jim the art drone. God you are so old. Box No U/404/2.

V I saw you at the League of Gentlemen show on Wed 6 Dec. You: shortish mousey brown hair, slim and handsome. Could you be my cyberman? Box No U/404/3.

O I saw you in the Tunnel . .. sitting on the pyramid, looked as though you were enjoying yourself, if you fancy a dance . . . get in touch. The girl in the pink xxx. Box No U/404/4.

O I saw you Angel and you'll probably kill me now. I love you lots and lots especially your gorgeous arse (I'm so dead, I know). All my love, Audrey xxx. Box No U/404/5.

O I saw you Pandy, sorry for being such a loud, unhappy, cruel, idiot. I love you. Box No U/404/6.

O I saw you and I'm more than a match for Buffy. I'll put you down in a flash, you won't know what hit you. Bite me Angel. Box No U/404/7.

O I saw you Colebs, you broke my foot and I posted it anyway. Happy Christmas darling, I love you with a passion. R xxx Box No U/404/8.

O I saw you this morning and every morning. I love waking up beside you. Da charaid aon anam, Sean. Forever love, Ruth x. Box No U/404/9.

O I saw you Kav of Bearsden with your girlfriend. She's REAL hot, wherever did you get her from? Happy Xmas. H. Box No U/404/10.

O I saw you in the KOP wearing an Everton strip slugging Laphroaig from the bottle - are you out of hospital yet? (Ya bastard ye said you'd keep it 'til Christmas!) Box No U/404/11.

O I saw you on BBC postcard, I hear you every Thursday, hear and meet me Sat night Life! Corinthians. I want your buttocks love it! Box No U/404/ 12.

V I saw you Hugh singing Sheena Easton, still working nine to five. 1 say the songs, you sing them. Box No U/404/13.

O I saw you Wendy E, Tron 14/12/2000 you didn't look a day older than 33. Hope you had a good one. Ivy. Box No U/404/14.

v I saw you Foxy at the

Western Baths. You sure look good in a swimming cozzy. Box

, No U/404/15. U I saw you gorgeous, tall,

mustard fleece, brown hair, jeans, timberland shoes at 9am mass St Aloysius 17/12/00. Me: praying you'd be my man. Box No U/404/ 16.

O I saw you Craig: tall, blond, gorgeous in Polo, '0', my dreams. Me: not as tall, blond or gorgeous - but a better dancer. I said 'hello' as your eyes were popping out. Box No U/404/17. O I saw you Andy in the Rock. You looked like Spud from Trainspotting. Can I stroke your ginger sideburns sometime soon? Box No U/404/18.

O I saw you sitting there, hot chocolate in hand, your ginger beard glinting in the sunlight. Upset to learn that the old man was your boyfriend! Love, us x. Box No U/404/19.

O I saw you in Tinderbox. You the Goddess with peroxide hair. You cleared my table and rocked my world. Me, the skinny bird from Sadies. Fancy going for a drink or to bed? Box No U/404/20.

O I saw you Ross with your four chicks. Oh how I envy you. Box No U/404/21.

V I saw you I love you very much. Believe me! We will sort everything out. I promise. But please stop wearing my bra & knickers. Lots of love Baby-face xxx. Box No U/404/22.

O I saw you for about four months and I've never been so in love. What went wrong Claire if it could all be so simple. Come back 'cause I miss you so much. Box No U/404/23.

v I saw you Claire and as painful as this thing has been I just can't be with no one else. See no one loves you more than me and no one ever will. Box No U/404/24.

O I saw you BB for the first time in w/l. Years later in NTB. I knew the first time! Now I know more than ever. And every day gets better. DB. Box No U/404/25.

v I saw you Natalie, at Goodfoot @ The Riverside. We talked of the pixie in white socks and the treasures of motown. Let’s get together and dance all night. Box No U/404/26.

O I saw you in Iceland, Byres Road. I think you saw me, you Julian Sands look-alike. Me long hair and scruffy leather jacket. Fancy meeting over the frozen foods! Box No U/404/27. O I saw you gorgeous, slim blonde, eyeing up the other girls in the bookshop. You were lovelier than any of them. I have a very large tent and womanly hips. Do you like camping? Box No U/404/28.

O I saw you 10/12 Byres Rd. Me: collecting money. You: shoulder length brown hair, black jacket, Christmas shopping. We talked briefly. I thought you were gorgeous. Wish I'd said so. Box No U/404/29.

O I saw you blonde babe in the Granary in Shawlands. You were with a Canadian girl, I think your name is Suzi Q. I'll be in there a lot over Xmas hope to see you again. Box No U/404/30.

O I saw you with your dyed blonde hair, glasses and portly demeanour. You asked me if I masturbated. Why don't you smell my busy fingers. I'll bean sceneing you! Box No U/404/3l.

O I saw you cute Yorkshire boy, in the backshop at Oxfam Fairtrade, 14/12/00. You left early and broke my heart . . . Please say hello next time. XX Box No U/404/32.

O I saw you beautiful black girl in Bradford & Bingley, Byres Road, 19 Dec. You were fed up queueing and we chatted for a while. I can't believe I didn’t ask you out. Fancy a coffee? Box No U/404/33.

. I saw you Bob, cuddly, chunky barman in Hardies Wine Bar. Love your tango coloured hair. Call me anytime. Let’s do lunch. Box No U/403/33.

v I saw you Claire, food technologist at Alaska, Fri 1 Dec. 1 was the Phil Mitchell lookalike in orange, and you were lovely. Let’s meet. Box No U/403/34.

. I saw you SMG girl, Edwards (Fri 24 Nov). Irish guy whose ‘friends’ dragged him away. Really fancied you. Buy you a pint? Box No U/403/35. O I saw you ‘Perfect Timing Perfect Body’, 16 Jan. You stole my kisses but you’d already stolen my heart. Don’t stop sex on legs! You wear me out Dolly! You ma girl! De Niro x. Box No U/403/36.

. I saw you Boo, in your birthday suit. Love you always, Peach x. Box No U/403/37.

O I saw you Ian B. For one of the first times in 5 years on the train from Queen Street to Milngavie. We had such interesting conversations that I’d like to continue them. We even almost had a chippie! Feel like a coffee some time? Speak soon - S.P. Box No U/403/38.

O I saw you Bruno every day in art class in school. You’re the one with ‘the hair’. I really like you but haven’t got the guts to tell you! If you like me, will you ask me to the dance?? Love Julia B. Box No U/403/39.

Q I saw you several times in Polo Lounge. most recently on Fri 1 Dec. Me at end of bar with friend, you stood right beside us with a Hollywood actor. You have the sexiest eyes and the cutest smile. We made eye contact, then you vanished. Speak next time? We may find hidden treasure! Box No U/403/40.

O I saw you Swedish girl, looking like a star @ Art School. I am the foxy dancer but I am not tall. Tap me on the shoulder next time. Box No U/403/41.

O I saw you tattooed feet,

Safeways, Byres Rd, Wed 6 Dec.

You: long leather jacket and grey bag. Me: bearded and dark, a couple of places behind in the queue. I thought you were extraordinary. Please get in touch. Box No U/403/42.

O I saw you at Vegas on Sat 2 Dec. Madelaine. I stopped your hiccups and you wrote MADONNA IS GOD. Thanks for the lecture, you gorgeous, beautiful woman. Don't walk away this time, let's discuss 305 films some more. Been on my mind since. I know. . . I'm a sad F‘”!! Box No U/403/43.

v I saw you in O'Neill's on Sauchiehall St on 01/12/00, you with sexy bleached hair and cute fluffy chin. Me too shy to speak to you again. Though how about Borders Cafe 5pm 15/12? Box No U/403/44.

O I saw you Gemma, Costa @ Waterstone's. You are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. Your smile makes the winter go away. Keep smiling, keep it sweet, I'll be around. The latte man. Box No U/403/4S.

Q I saw you Mick J at Nice 'n' Sleazy 5/11 at your gig. You rock my world and I'd show you my camel's toe any day xx Box No U/403/46.

. We saw you Mr Beige @ the cinema almost every Sunday night with your tasteful beige slacks & matching cord jacket. Stop perving on the ladies, we know what you're up to. Box No U/403/47.

O I saw you on Thu 23 Nov, you - Shona M was the most sexy and attractive woman in Glasgow, no in fact Scotland, not just Borders. Please re-unite me with your horn dog. Box No U/403/48.

O I saw you last in Southway, we were supposed to have breakfast but you ran off early. Please call, I love you, L. Box No U/403/49.

O I saw you in Borders, dark haired, gorgeous, you can blow my bubbles anytime. Box No U/403/50.


O I saw you artiste extraordinaire with the cheesemonger supreme, Fruitmarket 24 Nov. London first, then the world! Box No U/403/51.

O I saw you Jenny M lookin' fairly merry, come speak to me in Oblomov, u mad Chicky!!! Box No U/403/52.

9 I saw you Scotty Dogg livin' La Vida Loca, please be my William Fogg, you skanky wee joko!!! Box No U/403/53.

O I saw you Franco my Latino lover behind the bar in Oblomov, with your sexy wit, I am such a twit, give me a second chance. Box No U/403/54.

V I saw you Keri, Oblomov Merchant City looking pretty, will you be my sherry, will you share my little ferry? Box No U/403/55.

O I saw you Jenny, you mad Western Isle chick, share some vodka in mad Oblomov. Box No U/403/56.

Q I saw you Martin, lovin’ you is easy 'cause you're beautiful, always Rae!!! Box No U/403/57. O I saw you chefs at Arta, fancy some skate on a plate?! Proud of you both. Box No U/403/58.

O I saw you ((5) The Tron-wee Dervy. I'll love you forever. Roger. Box No U/403/59.

O I saw you Amy and Clare in the Underground Gallery. Excellent chat. The lads from Down Under wanna get jiggy with it. Box No U/403/60.

. I saw you Fraser on Sauchiehall St 14/11/00 will you be my bad guy? You can get Nice 'n' Sleazy with me anytime! I'll be on the floor at the Boutique. Box No U/403/6l. O I saw you Craig D but you just weren't any fun! Better luck next time. Call me Darling! Box No U/403/62.

O I saw you Sarah in Cottiers. Guitar and piano fingers. We nearly had a jam, maybe we could still make sweet music together, John. Box No U/403/63. 0 I saw you Bar Brel 29/11/00. You, 808 girl, me, wanting to open an account! Meet to discuss over a beer?? Box No U/403/64.

O I saw you Gary cruisin' in your Mitsubishi optimo style. Naejoy! Box No U/403/6S.

O I saw you in the Cul de Sac leading an army of ferrets to the attic. What were you going to do with them? Box No U/403/66. . I saw you the cute guy with the hair who works in Waterstone’s Sauchiehall St on Sats. The copy of ‘In The Realm Of The Senses’ was not for me. Honest. Fancy a drink with this 29 y.o. man. Box No U/403/67.

. I saw you You work in Fish van behind Co-op now Tesco. Bought fish from you 11 Nov with pal he eat raw fish, remember me now. I miss you? Hook me up. Box No U/403/68.

5-18 Jan 2001 TIIE LIST 93