O I saw you Veg + $2 Hotty getting kicked at 185. Steely and Jaffs kicked your ass. Box No U/404/34.

O I saw you as I was leaving Frankenstein’s bar in Edinburgh around 10pm on 8/12. You stopped, touched my brow, and gazed into my eyes. I was lost for words. Were you troubled at how ill-fitting my Santa hat was, orjust spacey? Box No U/404/35.

O I saw you beautiful redhead waitress, at the Balmoral Hotel Xmas Dinner on 8 Dec. I'd love to see you out of uniform some time . . . Box No U/404/36.

O I saw you at the Gay Women's Group on Thursday in Nexus, siren with long dark hair. Will you be at the next one at Dolls? Box No U/404/37.

O I saw you reading Isabelle Allende in Waterstone’s West End Princes Street, 9/12, 4pm. In the till queue downstairs then upstairs at adjacent coffee tables. You long light hair, brown fleecy jacket, denim skirt, sisal shoulder bag. Me black leather jacket and jeans, horn rimmed glasses. I couldn’t work out how to talk. Really hope you will reply Box No U/404/38.

O I saw you in Tapas Ole on the evening of 8/12 and was impressed by your skill with the lucky-dip rubber toy. Were you the only one who managed to leave marks on the wall? How I wish it were me! Box No U/404/39.

O I saw you Italian Stallion, pale, bald on top. Modern India, Monday lunchtime with your mates, looking hot. I served you pakora, you gave me a smile. Lets get hot and spicy together. Box No U/404/40.

O I saw you (Q Why Not? Club, Sat 16 Dec. You, blonde, living in Leith, working in human resources Scottish Power Glasgow. Me? Your chauffeur from Espionage. Box No U//404/41.

O I saw you Bunny and my world set alight soul fire, and I sure don’t want no water! Love you so much. Your corporate wanker! Box No U/404/42.

O I saw you staring at my nipple plates. Do you want to borrow my sequinned jock strap too? Box No U/404/43.

O I saw you Ben with your flashing sword. Come and lance me anyday. Box No U/404/44. O I saw you swinging your tassels at the Trav bar. You almost took my eye out. Box No U/404/45.

O I saw you bi-centenial American pie. Can I sing you songs of praises? Box No U/404/46.

O I saw you Ben, taking too long to make your scrabbling move. xoox. Box No U/404/47. O I saw you Benji Benji Obabenji, making the world swing to your tune. Keep singing, my friend. Box No U/404/48.

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By post box: Fill in the free postcards available from the following venues', blue, City Cafe, Eh1, Filmhouse, lguana, Traverse, The Venue, Stills Gallery (Edinburgh), or The Garage, Blackfriars, Brel, Cul de Sac, GFT, Borders Cafe, Tinderbox, The Tron (Glasgow).

By phone: Call 0131 558 1191 from 10am—5pm

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The List I Saw You

At the McLellan Galleries 270 Sauchiehall St Glasgow 62 3EH

No payment is required as I SAW YOU lineage adverts are a free service to readers. Deadline for the next issue is 12 noon on THURSDAY 11 January 2001. Only one I Saw You per person per issue will be published.

94 THE LIST 5—18 Jan 2001

O I saw you Egyptian princess, at the gingerbread man counter in Sainsbury’s. Would you buy me one?? Box No U/404/49.

O I saw you Jenny. Sarah and Linda giving it laldy in Iguana. Naughty nurses seek ER hunk for mouth to mouth! xxx Box No U/404/50.

O I saw you 61 Iguana. One Magazine launch. CJ you are my world. Me too tired. sorry. Love Stee xx. Box No U/404/51.

O I saw you strutting your stuff on the ice rink, with your unique style. Fancy knitting me a scarf to keep me warm? Box No U/404/52.

O I saw you spying on me from afar. I’ll put on my festive show for your eyes only! Look for the saucy santa’s helper costume! Box No U/404/S3.

O I saw you you short haired minx you, with your rosie cheeks and glowing face. I almost fainted right there on the ice. Box No U/404/54.

O I saw you pixie girl barmaid in the Trav, 15 Dec. Me drunk staff, you bruschetto! Box No U/404/55.

O I saw you Saturday night Mount Royal Hotel. Not quite the pretend porn video but the back-up career at Forth FM seems to be working out. Go Marsha, Planet Pop loves you! Box No U/404/56.

O I saw you in Waterstone’s West End branch on 20/12/00 in the basement. You with the glasses and the red shin and me with the pink dress and beautiful green eyes. Let’s have a Starbucks coffee. Box No U/404/57.

O I saw you Bambino, grappling with faith and literature and telephone stalkers and bedtime stories and cottage cheese, and I smiled. xoox Box No U/404/58.

O I saw you techie bennie, rocking the navy blue world, taking it all by storm and being my wicked flatmate for four years. Box No U/404/59.

O I saw you Ben, with that new twinkle in your eye. Let’s trundle about on bikes some day. Box No U/404/60.

O I saw you macrobiotic drummer. Me, big hair, long vodka in Wire gig. You and I could bang away together? Box No U/404/61.

O I saw you 11/3ft tall beside Michael Jackson’s bed. Come for a sunny afternoon humbaw in July. Love specky. Box No U/404/62.

O I saw you serial killer @ Arab Strap at the Liquid Room, moaning about being dingied and fat bass players. You have liver spots, you diddler! Box No U/404/63.

O I saw you sexy Zephyrs bass player. Come and play my four

strings. You are a total ride! xxx Box No u/404/o4. ! O I saw you shaven head, behind the bar in Human Be-In. You can shake my maracas any day. See you soon David. Box

No U/404/65.

O I saw you Espionage. Thu 31 Nov. I loved the speech therapy

and am so sad you didn't call.

Take a chance. I promise it will be worth it. Pete. Box No [1,403, I.

O I saw you at Planet Out’s birthday party on Mon 27 Nov.

You black top, dark hair. Me

light jumper and jeans. Was too shy but I do like you. Get in touch. Box No U/403/2. O I saw you rabbit, badger. l princess wartie hog, cutie van rootie, harley of my heart, pasta fairy, skirt etc. The names may i have changed but the feelings i stayed the same. Love always ( Camel-ass. Box No U/4(l3/3.

O I saw you Vegas. 25 Nov, Paul? From I‘Iaymarket? Wannabe physio? Love the Jamie Oliver haircut and thanks for the dance. Want some more career advice over a beer? Box No U/403,’4. O I saw you desperately looking for a story in Student. Try Hype instead. Box No U/403/5. O I saw you Ryan and we have the Pet Link. I am your Rumble Tumble Elephant. Hug. Box No U/403/6.

O I saw you binge drinking in the Potterrow. It was messy but the kids enjoyed it! Box No U/403/7.

O I heard you . . . a sweet ring pong across the floor . . . you eggy doo-dah'd my world . . . tight trousers, tacky women’s clothing picked fresh from the clothes line . . . screaming CUSTARD in my ear. . . ahhhh . . .'. Box No U/403/8.

O I saw you David and from there on it was Love, been with you ever since see you soon. Love you always ‘G‘ Box No U/403/9.

O I saw you Jamie (the hairdresser) ((5 Wilkie House on Sat 2/12/00. I am the Australian bird who took you to a party in Leith, drank all of your alcohol and then fell asleep (really classy I know). I'm really sorry I would like to get in contact with you or meet up . . . at least to apologise. Box No U/403/10. O I saw you at Espionage 2 Dec grinning with your T-shirt 'flashing' at me, I'd like to get under your kilt. Box No U/403/11. O I saw you in Blue Moon Thu 30/11. You funky hat, dark top, light troos. Me purple top, grey troos, dark hair & specs. We looked many times. Fancy a

closer look? I do. Box No U/403/ 12.

O I saw you on the delayed

0740 flight from Edinburgh to Ileathrow, Fri 1 Dec. You slept

fora while. then we chatted for ages. I was too embarrassed to ask for your number so early in

t the morning! I'd really like to

meet again -— want to go for lunch someday? Box No U/403/I3. O I saw you red-trouser girl, Cafe Royal, then Fiddle 2000 ceilidh in Assembly Rooms, 25/11/00. Big smiles from you, big regrets from me shy guy in flowery shirt. Why didn't I ask you to dance? No idea now, could only have been my two left feet holding me back! Hope to catch you (quite literally!) in George Street on 30 Dec . . . or perhaps before? Box No U/403/14.

O I saw you with the fantastic red shoes at EH1 and spoke to you at (briefly) Luvely. Fancy taking a trip down the yellow brick road or is it really the case that there's no place like home? Box No U/403/15.

O I saw you working in Pizza Express, North Bridge. You with the red hair and the eyes to die for. Me? I'm just plain cool and I can’t stop buying takeaways from you. We connect. Please call me or I will turn into a Pizza! Box No U/403/16.

O I saw you at the Fall. Spikey haired, Ed Uni animation blokey called Steve with polaroid. You took my photo. You were pretty cool. Get in touch from purple haired girlie. x Box No U/403/17.


O I saw you baby bear today and every day. I love you. I love waking up, cuddled up with you. Merry Christmas. DB. Box No U/404/66.

O I saw you on night bus to Dunfcrmline 15/12/00 (the one with the dope smoking santa). You got off in Rosyth ‘chin chin whassup’. You said: well, for starters I was. Box No U/404/67.

O I saw you darling M, admiring the dentilated cornices whilst I admired something else! An ‘I Saw You’ message, a meeting to follow, and KABOOM! The love affair of my life! You have made me so happy; I treasure our first year together and all the ones that are to follow. You’re amazing. With all my love, your adoring Scottish leopard . . . grr! Box No U/404/68.

O I saw you baby, and ‘now these days are gone’ and you’re finished ‘making your mind up’ you’ve ‘total eclipsed my heart’. Merry Christmas. Always yours DB. Box No U/404/69.