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Let us know what you think about the places in Glasgow & Edinburgh you’ve eaten in recently on the form below

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Food, Ambiance & Décor, Service and Value for money. Please also tel: us whether you had lunch iLi or dinner <ng. The marks should be awarded as fo'fows:

OK. 4. Below Average :3. Disappointing Very Disabbcinting Abysmal, avoo at all costs

Edinburgh/Glasgow Edinburgh/Glasgow

Edinburgh/Glasgow Edinburgh/Glasgow Edinburgh/Glasgow

January, 2001

8 :11... ; oeuvres; : ' 3 f out 0’- 10 '

Great atmosphere. unusual menu. The staff were well tight!

Any other comments about the Eating and Drinking scene in Glasgow and Edinburgh or about last year’s guide?

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Prize Draw

All feedbaCK replies will be entered into a final prize draw in March 2001 to win a dinner for two at a restaurant of your Choice in Edinburgn Or Glasgow (max value Ei 00;. There will be 12 runners-cab prizes of a £1 5 Oddbins voucher each.


This FeeooacK survey reties on the honest/ and impartiality of readers. To ensure the reSults are as reliable as bosSibte the following rules aocly:

-> Restaurant staff are not eligible to enter sccres cr comments about their own premises.

—> Readers should not report mOre than once about the same premises unless they consider there has been Significant change.

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