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Name Karen Alison Jim Ghislaine

Occupation Teacher Management Accountant SUI/dings Officer Nurse

What did you think? It was excellent. There was a It was great. Everybody got '1 W85 50 fUWW- The place It was a good laugh and lot of audience particlpation. involved. l did all the singing, was In Uproar. '1 was llke a there were lots of giggles We Jomed in all the songs. although I dld have a few Dantomlme On film. There Yes, I sang When the The majority of people before I went out. were abOUI 300 Films Germans appeared we all dressed up _ there were a |ot onstage. I felt undressed went 'boo' It was like a party of nuns. atmosphere

Name Matthew Green Ewan Mackie Katie Thompson Alastair Imrie

Occupation Student Trainee Solicitor Trainee Solicitor Recruitment Consu/tant

What did you think? I thought it was superb the It was very good indeed. The I thought it was very good I thought it would have been action scenes were brilliant. I specral effects were very but I maybe thought it was better if there had been no saw The Matrix as well sol amazing and there was just a quite humorous where it flying; the flying let it down. was expecting big things and good combination of shouldn't have been. lt jUSI wasn't real enOugh or lwasn’t disappointed. everything. convrncmg enough

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Them: jomeelning Ah 39'!“ I need to take Ouck.’..Too violent/u Hmm... This is bar/n3 l’m Still not sure... Missing in My life... up at Marec'a( art I need Peace..,Soh'tude.,, Too ~shallow I need Somehow, {his is too modefn.. lneed to Find «sense Balance wig Yin ~ 0 , “Making WW“ expioms .. Too wueemm i need to of well- being Yang energ'g \' {3* ‘0 my inner self and something centuries old...


Fv’om the far East... FLOATATioN TANK . .. ., CENTRE

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good but: it': too some sort 'expect a . bloody painful]... -‘ YOu Must be new at “. peOplc ofttrt fail

Special pemn to be ' Spending so much ' money on outrelf...

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MW (um 56“ Cenme Titanium: M45949: Clinic

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