Sting like a bee - without the pain

Everyone likes to fantasise. And for every imaginary Graeme Obree on a downhill cycle sprint or a pretend Linford Christie on a record time run there is a Muhammad Ali or Bruce Lee shuffling in the shadows.

Don't be put off by the name, however. Boxercise is based on the programme of exercises carried out by a boxer or kickboxer so fear not, you're never going to get a biff round the head or a sly uppercut from anyone.

Essentially a more specific style of circuit training to up-tempo music with punching and kicking moves integrated, Boxercise has the collective spirit of an aerobics class but the physicality of a good gym workout.

With skipping, shadow boxing and, in some cases, kicking as part of the routines, there’s opportunity to take out some aggression while harming no one. But be sure, this isn't all pumped- up testosterone-filled lunks preening and posing. A mixed crowd of males and females of varying abilities and experiences are allowed to work at their own pace as exercise is done for time period not by frequency. The opportunities for embarrassment are few.

You can do the whole Prince Naseem routine if you wish, but just save the leopard-print fringed shorts for the bedroom mirror. (Mark Robertson)

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