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:0 Everybody do the dmosaur The TV series that combined hi-tech animation, palaeontology and the docu-soap has now spawned an exhibition. Glasgow's Hunterian Museum is hoping that Walking With Dinosaurs, which claims to be the most successful science programme ever produced, will prove to be one of its own most successful draws. On display from

x Saturday 27 January—Sunday 29 April will be models from the series, genuine dinosaur remains, a reconstruction of a Scottish dinosaur and a dim dig’ in action. See art listings for details.

Grooverider, the Godfather of drum & bass will be playing at the mammoth fifth birthday celebrations of leading club night Manga this fortnight (La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, Friday 26 January). Famed for his chunky basslines and deadly dark style, the DJ, although subject to the whims of fashion in clothing (Grooverider is a renowned fashion hound with a particular penchant for flamboyant label Moschino), has never changed his hardcore style in DJing. This, in addition to his Friday sessions on Radio One and renowned sets at London’s Metalheadz, has earned the South London DJ maximum respect.

7 Don't do that do had a break from the SUNDAY 21 NME Tour In The ChiSinau National Ballet off ' ' ' ' Moldova performs its verSion 0 this. Fifteen da 5 of nge last Year 10 recent years, this V F I unmissable m,ng recharge his comedic event has been the Tchaikov>kys ClaSSlC ballet,dwritten lay batteries and it's perfect launch pad the composer in 1891 am a DEMO done him the for some acts of fevered self-doubt. Little did e

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THURSDAY 18 The West Wing The power of good. (Coldplay, Les mllhons a century on, P/ayhouse, show which whacked Tony Soprano Polished, Rythmes Digitales) Edinburgh

at the Emmys comes to British confident and while Signalling the TUESDAY 23 Ridiculusmus The screens. Funny, frenetic fun in the brilliantly offensive. deathknell for others

Northern Ireland-based surrealist duo revwe their Total Theatre Award- wmning Yes, Yes, Yes. The years they spent researching the show in the psychiatric hospitals of the world have been well worth it. Tron, Glasgow.

Oval Office with Martin Sheen as the Stand, G/asgow. President. Channel 4.

FRIDAY 19 Requiem For A Dream Darren Pi Aronofsky’s brilliant adaptation of Hubert Selby Jr’s novel

(Shack, Campag Velocet). JJ72, Amen, Star Sailor and Alfie await yOur verdict. See

about the nature of addiction is hard pgv'gmgage WEDNESDAY 24 Dark Angel Titanic ‘0 SWaHOdeUI tough to '9307re- 29299 G/asgow’ director James Cameron makes his DFGVJEW an TGVleWI Pages 5“ ~ ' small-SCreen debut With this meetin GFT G/asgow,‘ Cameo, Edinburgh. MONDAY 22 g

The of X-Men and The Fugitive. See

SATURDAY 20 Adam Bloom One of "We, preView, page 100. Sky One.

the country's most under-rated comics

2 THE lIST 18 Jan—l Feb 2001 Requiem For A Dream, Fri 19