of (‘anada The works were commissioned lor the famous ('anadian Pacific trains by members of the Royal ('anadian Acatletny.

PAISLEY MUSEUM 8t ART GALLERIES High Street. 889 3 l 5 l. Tue—Sat

l0am- 5pm; Sun 2 5pm. Free.

New Acquaintances And Old Friends L'ntil Fri 13 Apr. A new display introducing recent acquisitions or recently restored works. The show includes donated works from the ('harles Saatchi collection and floral paintings by Mary Artnour

(I902 2000).

Monumental Miniatures For The Millennium t'ntil Sim 28 Jan. Artists were asked to produce ‘big ideas‘ in a small format. based on the figure 2000. The result is a range of works including painting. drawing. literature. music and video.


Glasgow Green. 554 0223. Mon Thu 62: Sat l0atn -5pm; Fri & Sttn llain 5pm. Building Blocks Of Life Thu 25

Jan Sun I l .‘vlar. A display of works created by women with breast cancer.


Kings lnch Road. 886 l0l3. Mon Sat l()am~6pm; Stm l lam 5pm.

Bringing Home The Bacon 100 Years In The Lives Of Scottish Merchant Seamen t’ntil Sun 4 Feb. An exhibition looking at the experiences of Scotland's merchant seamen over the last century.


2 ('astle Street. 553 2557. Mon Thu 8; Sat l0am 5pm; Fri 6'; Sun I lam 5pm. Free.

Man Walks Among Us t'ntil Sun 22 Apr. To mark the millennium. Kenny Hunter's specially commissioned life si/e sculpture of Jesus goes on display. lltmter won the Jesus 2000 (‘ommission from a shortlist of leading artists.


I00 Sttibcross Road. 339 063 l. Daily l0am 5pm. £3.50 (£2.95): accompanied children free.

Five Thousand Days At Sea An exhibition on board the only (’lydebuilt sailing ship still alloat in the l'K. documenting her adventures on the high seas between lS97 and l9l9.

Story ln The Stones (Pumphouse Main Gallery). An exhibition looking at the impact of the industrial ages on Glasgow harbottr.

Morse And More (Pumphouse Lower Gallery). A hands-on exhibition. aimed at children. looking at the world of communication. You cart operate a state- of-the-art optical telegraph ttsed in the Napoleonic wars. try out the live-needle telegraph and crank up World War ll lield telephones.



19 Brandon Terrace. 556 l I75. Wed it Fri—Sun noon—6pm; Thu noon—9pm. Functional Art Exhibition LTntil Sat 3| .‘vlar. Rentart's new gallery for lidinburgh‘s .\'ew Town opens its door with a tnixed exhibition of modern art by Scottish and international artists. with many of the works available for rent and for sale.


4 Howe Street. 220 5335. Mon—Fri 8.30am-5.30pm; Sat 10am—6pm.

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil Wed 28 Feb. Paintings by Jeanie Morrison Low. Fiona .‘ylackechnie and Jacqueline Pestell.


29b l)undas Street. 467 3937. Tue—Fri

l lam~7pmz Sat l lam-~2pm.

A Hard Day's Knight Mon 2‘) Jan-Fri 9 Feb. Original art. reproductions. iconic images and literature from medieval times. commemorating the days of heraldry. chivalry and gallantry.


6 l)undas Street. 557 4050. Mon—Fri l0am- 6pm; Sat l lam-2pm.

Mixed Show Thu 1- Thu 15 Feb. A selection of Scottiin paintings.

21 Years Of Bourne Fine Art Mon 19 Feb --Sat 3 Mar. To celebrate the gallery's 21st birthday. a loan exhibition featuring some of the best paintings shown over the years including works by- .‘vlcC‘tilloch. Bough and (‘adell


l0 Royal Terrace. 556 l0l0. Mon—Fri l0am~6pmz Sat by appointment.

Mixed Exhibition tintil Wed 28 Feb. Paintings from stock including works by George Houston. ll). Fergtisson. Maclauehlan Milne and PW. Adam.


38 Home Street. 228 4141.

Between Reality And Dreams L'ntil Tue 6 Feb. Works on paper by Bruce Martin.


77 (‘lerk Street. 622 7236. Mon-Sat noon—lam: Sun 12.30pm—lam.

Mixed Exhibition A changing exhibition of gothic art including sculpture. drawing. photography and paintings by local artists.


Fine Art Library. (icorge lV Bridge. 225 5584. Mon—Thu l0am—8pm; Fri l0am—7pm; Sat 9am~ 1 pm.

Lucy Wimbledon L'ntil Wed 31 Jan. A

collection of drawings.


2 Market Street. 529 3993. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm. Free.

Anne Frank: A History For Today Until Tue 6 Feb. Anne Frank‘s diary has been read by millions of people the world over. This exhibition. created to coincide with

the lirst L'K HolocaUst Memorial Day on Sat 27 Jan. looks at Anne Frank's life and the rise of fascism as the reality of the Holocaust is brought tip to date. See review.

One Island, Many Faiths Until Sat 24 Feb. Rachel .‘vlorton explores the variety of religious expression in Britain today. Tidemark Sat 20 Jan—Sat l7 Mar. Drawn from the city's permanent collection. a look at how Scottish artists have been influenced by the sea featuring works by William .‘yrtcTaggart. the Scottish Colourists. Joan Eardley and John Bellany.

Observation And Expression Sat 27 Jan—Sat 17 Mar. ()ver 50 works drawn from the Royal Bank of Scotland Group Art Collection demonstrating how artists have depicted images of people and place from the l8th century to the present day. Featured artists include Joshua Reynolds. SJ. Peploe. David Hockney. Joan liardley and Callum lnnes.


22—28 (‘ockburn Street. 220 I260. Wed—Sat l lam—6pm; Sun l—5pm. Jesus Died For Gucci Sat 20 Jan—Sat 24 Feb. In his lirst solo show. Edinburgh- based artist Peter McGoldrick shows a new series of paintings inspired by the world of fashion advertising. v.delay.entain Sat 20 Jan—Sat 24 Feb. New sculpture. prints. drawings and paintings by Glasgow School ofArt graduate Michael Wilkinson.

Janice McNab Sat 20 Jan—Sat 24 Feb. In the gallery's Project Room. Janice McNab shows a selection of new work created during a SAC residency in Amsterdam.

COLOURS GALLERY (Formerly Gallery 41 ). 4t Dttndas Street. 557 4569. Mon—Fri l0.30am—-5.30pm; Sat l0.30am—5pm. Caroline Bailey, Jacqui Orr, Marion Drummond and Peter Nardini Until Sat 10 Feb. Recent paintings.


Belford Road. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun noon—5pm. On Sat 20. Sun 2!. Fri 26. Sat 27 & Sun 28 Jan. the gallery will remain open until 7pm. Cafe.

The Scottish Colourists 1900—1930 L'ntil Sun 28 Jan. £3.50 (£3). A major survey of the work of Cadell. Fergusson. Hunter and Peploe. collectively known as the Scottish Colourists. The exhibition. curated by Philip Long. was first shown at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. attracting 80.000 visitors. The most admired of Scottish artists. but often overlooked by art historians. all four were greatly influenced by France. and exposure to post-lmpressionistn and the early Fauve works of Matisse not only shaped their style but saturated their paintings with tremendous colour. A free audio guide narrated by Tom Conti accompanies the exhibition.

Your last Chance to see the

( . . . ' . . . .0r1gmal, lyrzcal, glorious

Exhibition open until 18 .lantiary' 200!

Dean Gallery. Bell'ord Road. l'itlinlmrgh

listings ART


27 Queensferry Street. 220 4150. Mon—Sat 9.30am 5.30pm; Sun noon—4pm.

Recent Acquisitions .-\ eltaltglng display of the gallery 's recent purchases.

EDINBURGH COLLEGE OF ART Latiriston Place. 22l 6000. Mon r'l'hu l0am—8pm; Fri l0am 5pm; Sat 10am—2pm.

Sculpture Exhibition t'ntil ’l‘hu l.s' Jan (Library Corridor). Habitat. Morgan‘s Spiced (itild and the Point Hotel sponsor an exhibition of site—specilic. multimedia works by third year sculpture students at lidinburgh ('ollege (ll-:\l‘t.

School Of Drawing And Painting Student Exhibition t'ntil Sat 27 Jan. A selection of work by students from the School of Drawing tk Painting.


18a Dundas Street. 557 5227. Mon Fri 1 lam-5pm; Sat 10am lpm,

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil \v'ed 2.x Feb, A mixed show of work by gallery artists.


23 t'nion Street. 557 2479. Tue Sat l0am—6pm.

New Publications t'nttl Fri 26 .lan. Edinburgh Printmakers' latest new

prints go on show in the gallery space. Featured artists include John Bellany‘. (‘alum (‘olvin. .\loy na Flannigan. Keith Thompson. lilspeth Lamb and Donald Urquhart. Small Prints l'ntil Fri 26 Jan. Prints on a small scale by members of litlinburgh Printmakers. Lennox Dunbar Sat 27 Jan Sat 10 Mar. An exhibition of two and three dimensional prints that utilise digital technology.

Valentine Prints Sat 27 Jan Sat in

Mar. An exhibition of prints specially created for Valentine's Day.

FILMHOUSE CAFE BAR 88 Lothian Road. 229 5932. Sun 'l'hu 10am—l l.30pm; Fri & Sat l0am—l2.30am.

Zoo L'ntil Sat 3 Feb. Paintings by Al. Young.


35 William Street. 225 2l96. Tue Fri

l lam-~5pm; Sat 1 lam 2pm.

Mixed Exhibition l'ntil Wed 3| Jan. A mixed show ()I. Scottish landscapes including works by Andrew Walker. Rebecca Collins. limerson Hayes and many others.


2 Warrender Park Road. 667 5 I52. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm.

Scottish Craft Exhibition A wide variety of crafts and applied arts by up- and-coming craftmakers and designers working in Scotland.

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Due to overwhelming success the gallery hours have been extended For the last two \\'L‘(‘ls’(‘ll(lS to 7pm on January 23. 1|. :6. .17 and 18.

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