Deirdre Edwards t’ntil Wed 31 Jan. New landscape paintings in watercolour by Deirdre I'.dwai'ds.


5 Barony Street. 478 7440. Tue Sat 10am 6pm.

Contemporary Scottish Art And Design A gallery and shop featuring a selection of hand-woy en and embroidered rugs and textiles by 'I'tirkoiiian. l’lbek. Belticlii and Aimay tribes. plus a changing programme of contemporary Scottish art arid design.


53 Rtilcllllc 'I‘ei'race. (i(i7 l‘)(i(i. Mon 0am 5pm1'l'tie Fri 0am (iplll'. Sat Warn 5 itii.

Sale Ex ibition l'ntil Wed 31 Jan. A

sale of paintings. pictures and framing.


23 ('ockbtlrn Street. ()2: (i200. Tue Sill |0am 5 mi.

The Arc ibald Campbell and Harley WS Photography Prize t'ntil Sat 27 Jan. An exhibition bringing together the work of Scottish artists shortlisted for the Archibald (‘aiiipbell and Harley WS Photography Pri/e. with the oyerall winning entry going to (irahani Fagen. A collaboration between the Scottish Arts (‘ouiiciL .-\rchiba|d ('ampbell and Ilarley WS and Stills. a cash pri/e of {5.000 will be award annually in er the next three years to a Scottish-based photographer. ()ther finalists are Patil (ii‘ay. Ilana Ilalperin. Alison Hay es. Torsten Latischmaiin. 'I‘atiana Maria Ltiiid. Alexander ck Stisan Maris and Scott Myles.

Helen Talbot t'ntil Sat 27 Jan l('afe ()dile at Stillsi. Kitsch portrait paintings by recent lidinbtirgh School of Art (iradtiate. Ileleii Talbot.

Wendy Ewald: Secret Games Collaborative Works With Children 1969—1999 Tue 30 Jan -Sat 17 Mar. The only I'K showing of the first retrospectiye exhibition of work by American photographer Wendy liwald. Working with children for nearly 30 years. Iiwald allow s her subjects to take the photographs. Featured in the show is a new Video installation entitled .llc'morrc'y l’rom The I’m! ('c'ltlurit's iii which young people wrote brief narratiyes iii the three different Voices of Jewish children. Na/i sympathi/ers and witnesses. See preyiew.


30 Dinidas Street. 550 (i360. Mon Fri llam (iplll; Sat l0.30am 4pm.

John Lowrie Morrison Sat 20 Jan Sat l0 Feb. West coast landscape paintings.


'I’rayerse Theatre. It) (‘ambridge Street. 228 5383. Mon Wed 10.30am-midnight; Thu Sat I0.3()am- lam; Stiii

4 im midnight.

Photography Exhibition t'ntil Sun 18 Feb. Ten young photographers currently working in Iidinburgh show new work ranging iii botli style and method.


This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Edinburgh City Life, page 80.


28 ('harlotte Square. Iidinburgh. 243 0365. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm: Stiii noon—5pm. Free. Not only the Ilead Office for the National Trust for Scotland. 28 (‘harlotte Square also houses a permanent collection of 20th century Scottish paintings featuring work by Peploe. Hunter and (‘adelL Displayed in a domestic setting. the works are complemented by a collection of Regency furniture.

MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD 42 High Street. 52‘) 4l42. Mon—Sat |0am~5pm. Free.

Snowballs And Runny Noses t‘nul Sat 27 Jan. This exhibition recreates a child's \ iew of ('hristmas. complete with woolly Jumpers. fro/en toes and ('hristmas stockings.


New hayen Harbour. 55f 4lo5. Mon Stiii noon 5 mt. Year Oi The Volunteer Wed 31

Jan Mon 3| Dec. The l'nited Nations‘ Year of the Volunteer is celebrated in this exhibition which looks at the tradition of \oltmteering.


Royal Mile. 55b ll)‘)(i. Daily

9.30am 4.30pm. £5.501L‘270 £41; family ticket £13.50.

Views Of Germany: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert t'ntil Sat 31 Mar. Sixty w atercolotirs selected from the collection til \Vindsor ('aslle. illustrating the royal \ isits to (ieriiiaiiy.


53 High Street. Queensferry. 33f 5545. Mon. Thu. Fri ck Sat 10am lpiii ck

2.l5 5pm; Stiii tiooii 5pm. Free.

Food For Thought A look at children's diet and eating habits in er the past 150 years.


2 (‘hambers Street. 247 421‘). Mon Sat lllam 5pm lTue 8pm); Sun noon 5pm. £3 (H.501: under l8s free. A l‘)th century museum housing international collections of natural history. geology. science. technology and the decoi‘ali\'e arts. pltis two permanent exhibitions: Ar! ck" IIic/uxlry and T/It’ li'y llir (ici/lc'ry. Millennium Clock A chance to \‘iL‘W Rtissian mechanical sculptor Iiduard I5L‘t'st1tl.sk_\".s millennium clock. a kinetic sculpture measuring nine metres high. The Jackie Stewart Formula t'ntil Sun 3(1Sep. Jackie Stewart ()Bli and the National Museums of Scotland haye

joined forces for the first time to create

this unique recreation of the 199‘) Stewart Ford Pit (iarage. A iiitist for all (irand Prix fans.

Heaven And Hell And Other Worlds Of The Dead l'iitil Stiii l l Feb. Discoyer beliefs and customs from around the world iii an exhibition of the afterlife. Iixhibits include a Mercedes-Benz coffin. shamans’ masks. Iigy‘ptian graye goods. Mexican festiye skeletons atid much

Black And White - Ageing In Cultural Diversity L'ntil Sun 2| Jati. Age (‘oncern Scotland's photography project was deyeloped to recognise that images of older people in Scotland iiitist reflect the cultural diyersity of our society. Photographers Anthony Bayliss. Jon-Paul Dayis. Mick Lange and Annie Park spent months with the older people taking snapshots of their daily liy'es.

From Lahore To Lesmahagow: The Story Of A Sikh Laird l'iitil Sun l8 Feb. The National Museums has commissioned Sikh artists and twin sisters Rabindra and Anirit Kaur Singh to create six miniature paintings which chart the life of Baron Sirdar Iqbal Singh. Baron Singh liyes iii a Scottish castle. owns a Scottish island. created his own Sinin tartan and is responsible for the poetry of Robert Burns being translated into Punjabi.

Fired With Colour Sat 27 Jan——Stm 23) Apr. An exhibition highlighting past and present British enameling. Included in the display are a Variety of pieces ranging from jewellery and yases to display panels and animated figures. An enamel blaque by Alexander Fisher on loan from a priyate collection and not seen in public since I899 and more contemporary pieces by Lisa Rae Hanson and (ieorgina Follett feature in the show.


Lady Stair's House. Lady Stair's Close. 52‘) 4901. Mon—Sat l0ani—5pm. Free. Inheritance: A Borders Landscape L'ntil Sat 3| Mar. Photographs of border life by Gordon Hunter. with poetry by Don Ledinghani.

DUNCAN OF JORDANSTONE COLLEGE liniyersity of Dundee. l5 Perth Road. (H382 345330. Moti— Fri

0.30am ~ 8.30pm; Sat ck Stiti

9.30am 4.30pm.

Poul Henningsen and Simon Starling l'ntil Sat 1' Feb «(‘ooper (iallery I. A major. new body of work by Simon Starling lit by a series of modernist. hanging lamps designed by Potil Henningsen. The exhibition proy ides an insight in the approaches. methods. aesthetics and positions within their respectiye art and design contexts. Mid-Term I'iitil Sat 3 Feb tI.ow er F0) er (iallery I. As a prequel to this year‘s degree show s. a range of work by students from the final year of drawing and painting.

Beaming Down On Botany Sat 20 Jan-Sat 17 Feb 1Lamb (iallery 1. An exhibition celebrating the use of the Scanning Iilectroii Microscope tSIiMi which reyeals the intricate structures of the plants.


l5: Nethergate. (II 582 606220. ’I‘ueNVed. Sat ck Stiii 10,30ani 530me Thu & Fri l0.3()aiii--8pm. Free. Roderick Buchanan - Players t'ntil Stiii 4 Feb. The (ilasgow -born artist Roderick Buchanan and recent w inner of the Beck's Futures award. has his first major solo exhibition. Bringing together a substantial collection of work featuring audio. \ ideo. photography and sculpture. the show offers yiew'ers a unique itisiglit into one of Scotland's finest contemporary artists.

Diana Greenwood t'ntil Sun 1 1 Mar. Silyer jewellery and tableware.

The Tea Ceremony Tue 23 Jan 7 Sun 1 I Mar. An exhibition of accessories of the British tea ceremony including milk jtigs. creaiiiers. sugar bowls. tea caddies and spoons. featuring work by ('hris Keenan. Pruden and Smith Sily'ersniitlis. A c& J Young atid Vicky Kershaw.


2.5 26 Mid Wyiid Industrial Iistate.

()l 382 225982. Thu-Sun LDPIII.

Then There Is No Mountain Then There Is I'titil Stiti 4 Feb. Patil (‘arter and Kate (iray curate this group show of mixed media works which explore systems of belief. Featured artists include the curators. Alan (‘urralL Rob Hunter. (‘had Mc(‘ail. Joanne Tatham atid Tom ()‘Sulliyaii and Jessica \"titil'sttllget'.


Albert Square. ()l 382 432084. Mon Sat 10am ~5piii; Sun I230 -4pni; Thu

l()am— 7pm.

Brangwyn's Gift t'ntil Sun I I Mar. Paintings. prints and drawings by Frank Brangwyn 1867—1956. The show features over I30 works including oils. etchings. lithographed World War I posters and life drawings.

McIntosh Patrick Remembered t'niil Stiii l I Mar. A celebration of the work of Dundee-born landscape painter James McIntosh Patrick l I907—I‘J‘J81. Included in the display are three new acquisitions featuring an early oil The ll'c'ui‘i'ng Slic'cl. ()ch (ilumis I'ctt‘lory'. I929.


Dundee (‘otitemporary Arts. 152 Nethergate. ()1382 348060. Tue (Q Wed l0.30am—5.30pni; Thu ac Fri

l().30ani» 8pm: Sat ck Sun l2.3()—5.3()pni. Pavel Buchler t'iitil Sat 3 Feb (Centre For Artist Books). A retrospectiye of (’Iech-born Payel Buchler's artist publications. Well-known in Scotland as an artist. teacher. curator and publisher. the exhibition features early works on loati from the Mtiseuni of Applied Arts in Prague. recent publications and a new publication co-published by Morning Star and \'R(‘ Publishing.

Timothy Emlyn Jones - Elements Of Drawing L'ntil Fri 26 Jan 1(‘entrespacei. (‘harcoal drawings by the deputy director at Glasgow School of Art.




3 Shore Road. lll 535 SMITHS. Mon Fri 10am 5pm; Sat llam 5pm.

Oil And Water l'ntil Tue 2~ Mar.

Paintings by my ited artists.

East Lothian


Stcntoii. (H.308 850250. Daily noon 5pm (closed TIItl I.

By Invitation t‘ntil Wed 31 Jan. Paintings by my itecl artists including Mairi Aitkeii. Anthony .-\rmstrong. Anthony (i. ('awthornc. John Low rte and Jennifer Pettigrew.

St Andrews


93 North Street. (II 334 474(il0. Mon Sat 10am—5pm: Stiii 2—5pm.

Fragments of Europe t'nt'il Sun 4 Mar. Rurally —based artists from Italy. I-‘rance and Scotland hayc contributed to this collaboratiye show featuring work in a range of mediums including painting. tapestry. draw in: and resin.

Christina McBride t'nt'il Sun 4 Mar. New work for the gallery pltis documentation of prey iotis ptiblic art projects.

Paper Clay Plus t'ntil Sat 10 Feb. ()xer twenty national and international ceraiiiicists show new work.


lecture & events


Gallery Talk Sat 20 Jan. 2pm. Free. (iallery Of Modern Art. Fernando Arias‘ work is under discussion.

Altichiero's Renaissance Wed 24 Jan. 5.30pm. Free. Hunterian Art (iallery. Dr Johll Richards giy‘es t1 talk.

G31 Open Discussion Thu 25 Jan. 3.50- 5pm. Free. Market. \Vilh plans to make the (i3! Open an annual eyeiit. the public are united to take part in this open discussion.

Exhibition Talk Stiii 28 Jan. 2pm. Free. (iallery ()f Modern Art. A talk on the exhibition of work by ('olombian artist Fernando Arias. currently on show iii the gallery.


A Visitor's Choice Mon 22 Jan. 12.45pm. Free. National (iallcry of Modern Art. A talk by Andrew Patri/io from lidinburgh (‘ollege of Art.

From The Vaults - A Curator's Choice Tue 23 Jan. lpiii. Free. Royal Mtisetim. Adam Smith talks about the ‘Sopwith one and a Iialf Sti‘ttttc‘i". the project to btiild a World War I aeroplane.

Robert Burns Wed 24 Jan. 12.45pm. Free. National Portrait Gallery. Writer Patil Scott giy es a talk.

Artist Talk Fri 26 Jan. (i 7pm. ('ollectiye (iallery. Free. Artists Peter Mc(io|drick. Michael Wilkinson and Janice McNab discuss the ideas behind their work currently on show in the gallery. Constellations Mon 2‘) Jan. 12.45pm. Free. The Dean (iallery'. ('cmiic'l/ulion by Joan Miro is discussed by Ann Simpson. From The Vaults A Curator's Choice Tue 30 Jan. lpiii. Free. Royal Mtisetini. Iili/e Rowan talks about the MNS Library. Aspects Of The Self Portrait Wed 31 Jati. 12.45pm. Free. National Portrait (iallery. ('oliii Bailey gives a talk on the self portrait.


Gallery Talks Tue 23 Jan. 2- -3piii. Duncan of Jordanstone ('ollege ((‘ooper (iallery). Simon Starling and Rob 'I‘ufnell are in conyersation about the works iii the exhibition and the issues surrounding them.

Gallery Talks Sat 27 Jan. 2pm. Free. Dundee (‘onteiiiporary Arts. DCA curator Katrina Brown disctisses the Roderick Buchanan retrospective currently on show in the gallery.

18 Jan—1 Feb 2001 THE “ST 77