r \ r you.

sately, promoting greater contidence


Then our Beginner '5 Course in vocal technique is just for From CARMEN to KARAOKE. we can help y0tr improve y0ur vocal range and power


Also available. Intermediate. advanced and one-to-one turtron. to prolesswnat and exam standard. remedial v0rce work, help wrth vocal strain problems. contrdence orntdrng Classes tor children III Srngrrrg. drama.

CALL 01698 348983/748983 FOR BROCHURE

EMAIL eteanor@mazzae treeservecouk

‘1 "\O 1C 00p!“ (Irrrp'rwtyrrz; Tuesday wrth Joel Rams 3’ 8 ClG-‘Jjbopnr :t'rrproversi


(I 00-10 00pm tlrrrpr0vutu;

To advertise in the Courses &

Tuition section.

Please call our Advertising Department on


I Tai Chi lor rel.r\.rtrorr. hegtrr- nets course corrrrncncrng \chrresda} ii .lanuar‘}. h‘prn .rt Morirrrrgsrde ('httst ('lrutclr. llols (‘ornet l‘or lurtlrer rrrlot- Iltalrrrtt. or to enrol. I’leasc phone lllfil .I V ‘)l I i or tl7‘)‘)t) SNI‘DI trrrohr

DRAWING ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BRAIN. Weekend course \\lllt .lenn_\

.‘s‘nrrth (B .»\ rhorrs rrr lidrnhur‘glr. It) and llth l‘eh. .-\l| \wlconre. pattrctrlarls beginners.

'l‘el/l'ax (013] l 554 l‘)‘)‘) or jennytr"ctrIlageJ'

I Guitar lessons! All xix-Its classrcal. spanrslr. rock. l'olk.

_t.r//. Ittnk. hlues. Acoustic/elec-

ttrc/hass guitar .-\Il ahrlttres and ages Reasonable rates. lst t\\'o lessons hall price (‘ontact .-\ndre\\ on 0708‘) -Itltl I04

I Learning German can he lttlt lc\cls oi .rttd toprcs

'Iatlor-nrade sessions tor all (It) -L'|5 l‘er hour. (‘ontact lea to dis- c‘ths, 56‘) tl‘)4.\' ttl crttatl Vtolalctrl”conrpuser\ecorn

I Meditation and Bodymind 'l'lreraps “til'hslttlps \srth liddre arrd I)el\l\re Shapiro. .-\uthors - 8k) 'I‘\ ('hannel Health presen- lt‘l\ Sal I‘L‘I‘ I -‘ Slc‘ps It) Stress-tree l.r\rng Sun leh 4. Your Bod) Speaks Your .\Itnd. It). \tl-Spin erdles Court. izdrrrhurgh, US per da_\ - Lott l‘er neckend 'I'rclcets ltonr ('t_\stal (‘lear - 52 ('ockltrtr'n St. rrt ‘~I 23o isss

I Learn massage Sr\ netting Clil\\ starts Wed 7th l-ehrrtar)‘ S— lllpttt .-\t tltc‘ (ilttsgtm Sterner School L59 + L35. l'tir dclatls and horrkrng phone Ian Holland tllJl ‘s‘xJ Shitty

10 WEEK PILATES COURSES {TS/£05 or rndrx rdual l’tlates \L‘\\|tlll\ £30 per hour. Also 8 neck |)esrcashar Yoga course starts Tues 24 ()ct. 7-830an

{SH/£40. .-\\|lll'L‘ mind and bod).

l’ltone Ill4l 33‘) 4747.

An IIIII'ULILICIOI')’ lesson or work-

Ari classes cost £4 r’artners pros/idea

ANCIENT THAI YOGA MASSAGE A pl‘t)lL‘sstttllLIl course ox er erglrt lull tlil)‘s ts heing plarrtred tn the early Spring for this r‘aprdl}

HI 0 l ' '7 f

r ’: 1

4., ../fJ.J..!J

_ Learn salsa&Merengue wrth top Latino dance instructors

Monday wrtrr .jr‘nel Rt);.‘rf. 7' CO I“, Iiiurrr (flu-tyrurc-rzyt :Ji‘Jj Ucipm (ISUGIH'HF'S),

Tuesday wrth Orlando ts i’aota SJ U'J-‘Cl 003m (Begrr‘rncrsr Wednesday wrth Orlando & Paola / 45') 8 ~15er (Beginners) <t ()0 1‘7) ISptrr r’Intominimum/\er:mcmlr

Thursday wrth Elinor-r lx‘uyirs R 00-“ ()Cnnt gflngiriruva)

Friday with Elrece' Reyes 8:01)“):00pm (Beginners) 9:00 t()~()t)pm tIntomediate/Advanced) Saturday With 1 Imam Raye-s r3 {)0 0 00pm (Beginners)

Sunday wcc‘K-cnd \NOHtSIYOI) to learn oven HYO'C fancy footwork wrth Orlandc 5. l'raola 0 30-8 COom (Ar: levels:

or sass or ;1:st : ass £3 with th 5 Ad ‘1 ‘egu‘ners welcome‘ Dance classes lollowmt by Salsa Club nights on Wodncsdays, Thursdays. Fridays and Saturdays.

104 West Port, Edinbur h, Tel: 0131 229 8805



growing technique. It \\tll take place near iidinhur'gh h} a lead-

ing US. practitioner. If interested call 0172] 725 363.


Iel: rrt3t Jolt tlh'h'S or 07‘) m7 IS'ix

shop to enable sort to decide R, SUI.” MN. m. KMNM.‘ whether to take sour interest l'ur'tlrer‘. 'l'el Isobel Anderson

llt;:::t:t.':s .::rd \.l\.r:rc..l ll‘..t;‘.. I'.rtl) \tehts

In I,e Roe 'l Ir'tlcl‘r In." \.rl\.r III. \l.t!‘.\ III; .\ “t x: I .l“\:

“(Ill llu t Irilrl \mnal - IIJlkr \IJIJIIIINI .‘llll


- Modem I'Ne desses - Learn to dance \‘rxe easy way . ° Learn r0 dance to any music, Jive, Lat/n, Charts, ere... - Come a\or\e or w'fi‘n tmetxds \no need to br'mg a partner\. ° Comp/ere beginner's we/come every week of a// nigh r5.


GLASGOW: Mondays: The Rrverside Club, Fox St. Wednesdays: Glasgow Uni. Union,

32 University Avenue, West end. Tuesdays and Thursdays:

St Stephens hall, St Stephens St (bottom of Howe St), Stockbridge. Wednesdays: Craig Tay Hotel,

101 Broughty Ferry Road.

Thursdays: The Loft @ O'Donaghues, 16 Justice Mill Lane, Aberdeen.

For Oil classes doors open at 7 15 Beginners class at 7 30pm Admission is E5 00 (E4 00) Membership is £100 payable on first night Classes and par- ties run throughout the year including Summer and ban'r. holidays




SPECIAL OFFER: lst NIGHT £3.00 WITH THIS AD. (incl. FREE membership)


- EDINBURGH Marco's, 55 Grove Street, last Saturday of the month 8 00pm til 1 000m

- GLASGOW: Parter Burgh Halls, second Satur- day of the month 8 00pm til 12 150m


- REGULAR week-end workshops for all levels, including complete beginners Spend a day learn- ing the basics of Ceroc No partner regurred Workshops cvgrrable throughom Scotland, phone or email for details

Tel: 01324-613 209 - E-mail:


I The Dance House New pro- gramme ol' activities starts |5th .larruar'} Ztltll. Ballet. Belly Dancing. (‘ontenrporars Dance. l-lertrertco Salsa. l-unk. I’op .l.r//. Srngrng. Stretch 'n Strengthen. I'ar ('hr. Tap. Yoga, 'I‘el. OH] 334 ()7 Hr lot more tnlornratton.

Iintail:darrce_hotrse(n hotnrarlcorn

\tehsite: \s'wts' I SERIOUS ABOUT SALSA??? (ilasgrm has .r hrarrd tre\\ \;ll\.l class startrng tn the \e\\ Year S.-\I.S.-\ I'l'iiN'l‘I: (u Shuttles. 3| \Vatetloo Street. l-Ner} Saturda} lr'ortr 13th ol .Iantrar). \srtlr I'KA qualrlied teachers

(‘iordon I'os & Sandra

l)onoghue. Begrnner's lprrr. £3. Irnprmers 3. ISprn. £3.50.

Intermediates ‘s ‘stlprn. {4 |)o more than (IIIL' Ll.l\\ .rrrti s.r\c nronesl No need to hrrng a partner. tact Sandra ()777‘) (>75 833/ ()l4l 554 5824 or



ORUMMER AND GUITARIST SEEK OTHERS FOR BAND Izdtnhurgh hased thass. Less. electronics. hr'ass. \ocals \shatex'er‘).

Ye._s‘ 'l'ortorse. (irandaddy. .\'l(‘5 NJ I‘tcd I)lil\l. \ t‘ltrl‘ “I I-un l.o\rrr ('rrtrrrrrals. (‘ontact Mark 079474 02280.

I Female singer desperately seeks Visionary Ioners to create tan}: soullul. ernotrorral rnusrc. You trrust he arnhitrous. protes- \ltllttll and \‘c‘l'}' experienced. Inlluences' lirykah Badu. .let‘t Buckle). Btork. (‘all (ll-ll SS7 6384.

I Funky House DJ'S required tor gigs Ill (ilttsgms and lidrnhurgh. Call 07946 3| 77 4|.

I Seeking musicians to embellish srnger/songwriter‘s unusual. atmospheric ballads and pop songs \sttlt a View to pert'orrning and recording. Piano. strings. brass. dr‘utns. httss...l’lctl.\c tel. .Ioel (Il3l ()5: I877.

More tttliot‘rtrattott'.’ cott-


small llat move specralists movrng boxes. bags and a bed 7


tnendly dependable stress-tree

0131 229 8361

endol'rese srtta...tra!-m:\e :.‘

D" 155'. Silijrr' {ti-i713: .c an

BOOK-KEEPING SERVICES Accounts. payroll. VAT Returns. Sage Training. Full or partial accounting services for small httsittcsscs and Voluntary

Sector/Arts I’t trtccls. .-\ssrst.rnce

\\ rtlr tundrng .rpplrcatrorrs and start-up plarts. Contact: Nada Hudson Tel: 013] 466 0136 n.hudson@virginatet


—t‘,L—ASC—_0w" For more than .- just skiing! sir cuia

SKI IRII’S lit ).\IIC .-\.\'l‘: -\BR():\|). |Ill.|.\\'.>\l.l\'l.\(i \"t )("|z\l. .'\(~ IIVIIIICS Meets lst .rttd iid 'l‘lrur'sdass rut c\er\ rnonth rn [he Bun Accord. \rnth Street. intuit r (‘Irarrrrg (Russ .\I‘lII r|l|\\.lltI\

ll'l unit. lulu/mi.“ ....i

tllJI rm «MS/nut In“) 57m.

i mail: |_'I.|\fl|l“\ki\ luIrtr' sktpln-i A unit

LJHIII [Lu/HUS \‘ :th/(ASI'I L‘iu‘L/

fITnESS CEnTRE openingIS January Prices start at

£22 per mttr 0141 339 0065

or just call in. we're at

30 flgndland Rd, Glasgow.


\‘VAN'I‘ 'I‘() COM E SKIING THIS VVIN'I‘I'IR'.’ join us Iiurrjrir:

ltolrd.t_\s to top European resorts ' \wekertds at the Scottish ski areas PLUS the best trt skiing. hoarding. \|\r|1l\ r\' \rILr.rl r'\.‘tt:s .tll ‘..‘.rl 'IIilIl l' Haul In [ind mil More"

We meet c'\c‘l) l'rresda) Itttttt Uprn at The Raehurn House Hotel. Stockhr‘rdgc - all \seletnne

l’hone III II 33” III!

\\ n wcdinliurghskiclubarrgark


wanted for friendly. weekly or

hr-weekly game at Meadowhank

Centre With 25 year old intermediath player.

()wn transport required. Rackets

available. Tel: Carl 07752 885 423.

I8 Jan-t Feb 2001 THE UST 85