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St Mary’s Street is just off the Royal Mile Scoosh. Han Pict. The Russian Shop. Bonnie Blue, Lemongrass. Wm Williamson, Antiques etc, Kleen Cleaners.0rtegas The Edinburgh History Shop, Oliver Stone Hairdressing, Forest Fire

12 INCH RECORDS REQUIRED llouse/leclinii/"l‘iant e lop Prices Paid Phone Richaid on (II-II 420 6703

I Piano, black, upright, o\er- strung. good condition. buyer collect. £300 ono, 'l‘el. l)l3l 653 3547 (evenings).


I Three bright smart llals. GCH. iiiil'urnished. Bank street and l.owne street. suit one. two or three people. £430. £475. £585.0l-1I 33-1 5882

I Hyndland Studio flat Bedsittnig i'ooiii. well equipped kitchen. shower room. share ol laundry iooni. Suit protession- als. (i(‘ll. (‘fl‘ and all bills (except telephone) included. £3“) pcm lil~ll 576 I659 or ()IJI 956 2830

I Paisley, self contained llat in detached \ illa. Lounge. doti- ble bt‘tlrotilll. ltllctl islIClIL‘ll (Iridge/l'iee/ei. niici‘o. etc) shower room. laundry. oll' street parking ('Iose MS. Walled gar- den, £300 pcm (Inc. (1T) til-ll 956 2‘430/(Il77l) 340 276

I Charing Cross area-New ly renovated. sell-contained garden Hat with security entiaiice. to let. l‘tilly l'urnished with lounge/dining iv two bediooiiis. Fully equipped kitchen. bath- room iv entrance hall. £|J0plw +bills.'l‘e|0|~1l22l H54

I New York style apartment off Sauchiehall St. 2 rooms to let. l)eliiiitely worth a look. (“all 0777l 7-16 755/0Hl 332 0589 I West End Hat. 2 bedrooms. lovely large lounge. l‘ully litted kitchen. bathroom w ith shower. OCH. peacel'ul and comenrent location. Parking ayailable. Would suit professionals. .-\\ ail alter 25 Feb. £525 pcm + dep + t‘el's. Please call 0l3l 337 9| l.3 or ()7990 53292 l.

I Fully furnished one tiedrooiii flat in city. (‘i(‘H. double glar- ing. all mod cons. \ei'y quiet close. Rent £320 pcm ono. Call 079-17 008 6-10.

I Charing Cross Newly reno- vated. biight. centrally located one bedroom (lat. I-‘ully lur- nished a\ai|ab|e early January. £425 pcm (incl (YT) + dep + bills contact 07790 34-1970.

86 THE lIST 18 Jan—l tel) 2001


I Bright, warm, quiet

1 Tollcross flat in rear ol‘ building.


suit couple. All mod cons. con- siderate landlord. Entry immedi-

opposite Cameo cinema. Would

ate. Phone ()l3l 229 836l. g I West End flat 2 bedrooms.

lovely large lounge. fully fitted kitchen. bathroom with shower. (iC‘H peaceful and convenient location. Parking available. Would suit professional. Avail alter 25 Feb. £525pcm + Dep + i'els. Please call ()l3l 337 9| l3 07990 582 92 l.

I Polwarth and Haymarket accommodation to let. Single and Double rooms available. Fully furnished. GCH. all mod

: cons. £6()pw+bills for single.

t85pw+bills for double Call Tom on 083] 286 325. CENTRAL SPACIOUS FLAT Double bedroom. shower. kitchen/lounge (elevated bed). Available end January. 6 month contract. £450pcm (include (71‘). A/H 07867 804 816 Monroe. 1969:

I Brunswick Road 2 double i bedrooms. 2 bathrooms llat.

Lounge with balcony. large kitchen/diner. All new fixtures and linings. Available now. £650pcm. Call 0208 806 9750 or ()794l ()32 058.

I Comely Bank Elcguiii 2 bed-

room (lat in quiet residential area yet close to all amenities. Fully furnished and equipped. Living room with patio doors leading on to small private gar- den. Kitchen with washer dryer. l'i'idge freezer and cooker. Bathroom with shower. double glazing. GCH. new decor. £595pcm + dep + rel's. Tel: 0l5()l 762 55l.

I Central cosy 2 bedroom

3 flat overlooking castle.

£450pcm including C/T. Available end or January. Call 0I3l 229 93-1-1 or 077-17 802 72-1.

I Flat to rent (‘iiy (‘ciiiie ~ Thistle St. Great location. H5

2nd lioor tlat. redecorated. large

living area. I double bediooiii. bathroom/showei. (i('ll. Suit prolessional couple/single per- son. 2 min walk to Princes St. £450pcni. Available lst l‘eb. Viewing - telephone after hours 0l3| 225 8214.

= I City centre flat ((ieorge s‘ii

attractively split oyei 2 leyels.

double bediooiiis. Iaige lounge. kitchen/diner. bath/shower

Fully l'iii‘nished. .-\ll mod cons. £750pcni. l)l5l)6 382 53.5 iii iiiobile 07989 07-1 l 33

I Cockburn Street .-\ lit-auiii'ul city centre .3 double bedroom spacious tlat. l.arge lounge. lully l'uriiished. Pine lloors.

\ iews io l’rinces Stieet. liscellent shops and amenities. £900pcni. Tel 07970 263 075 I Leith, the Shore 2 double bedroom flat in clock tower. .-\l| mod cons. large lounge. views ()\ er the shore. £500pcm + bills. Must be \iewed. Avail now

Call 07030 535 7| i. I Central rooms iii lidiiibuigli

Stilt singles or couples.

2 Excellent facilities. Variety ol i prices. Hesible duration or stay.

Tel ()l3l J52 3727 or 07808 297 SD.


FESTIVAL FLATS Est: 1986 We are once again seeking quality centrat flats to accommodate Festival participants for i .2. 3.4 week lets during August

/.'In/ririti'\ [1' mn/ Ilitmtliiilliw Imm (‘arole Sitiith/Aiiiie (Luring 'Iit'I: (“62.0 XIIKIZII entail festflats<a '.iol.cuni or \\ rite to 3. lankylea (’ottages. (QiITord. I'Zast Lulliiait I'III-II 4I’I'2.



I Double room in ltl\tl|_\ gay llyndland flat. (i('ll. dishwash- ei. shower \ S. pieleiietl. -\\ail now. L300 + bills .+ (“I ('all .ltlstilt/l)c‘lt'l\ lllJl 5.5“ 0.5470 ltll

ii77ss 74s 6I7

I Sunny room to rein in Dennistoun llal Rent 1180 pei iiioiiili plus bills 2 ctilllltli z..\ Sharing with one other (‘lose to City (‘eiitre + public transport. Contact Angela l)l-ll 5546332 I Single rooms in nice llal.

Pollockshields near under-

ground. All mod cons. (i(‘ll. L2l0 to £250 pciii iiiclusiye. Short term leases .i\.ii|able .\.a\' plt'lt‘llt'd lt‘l. lll»ll «129 “05" or 07932 050 77"

I Room to let in beautilul iiiodeiii llat l0 min walk tioiii e\eiywhei‘e. .-\|l niod L()|l\

Share with 2l"s. Must be easy ' going. nominal bills. £280 pcm + deposit (‘ai park. security

entiy (KillllI-tl ‘vs‘ :gs'g Yiiikliill

I Single room U50 pc‘lll -,

sliaie ol' bills. Sharing w /2

leiiiale students. All mod cons. Phone (iail: ()I-II 586 0785. Students Only.

I South close M77 collage share. Suit ii/s [il'til \liisi like

animals. own iiaiispoii. wellies

necessary. Horse gra/iiig avail-

able. £250 + bills + (VI deposit.

rel's i'eti'd. 'l‘el 0|~ll 639 75 I0. I Two rooms to let in (‘ny Centre llat. quiet residential area. quality acconiiiiodation (l‘iii'iiisliedi with residents park- r‘ :0

iiig ;\'oii siiiokeis tinly pin bills 'l‘el 0797l 37-l 6-H

I I Attractive large double

room with sanded (loois in \\esi lind llat close to liyres Road. siiil gay or gay li'iendly. pioles- sioiial or post grad teiiiale. .»\|| mod cons & (iC‘ll. £265 pcm. Ayail mid Ir'eb Tel: 09565


I Flatmate wanted to sliaie l'rieiidly \\'est l‘an flat with

cheery. young female piotes \il‘ li..y w .mhwx ..o..l‘.. lioiii (Ital: 200i.


room a\.iil iiiiniiiiuni lease 6 months t pciii not including bills (low \ t\ ("l‘ Please call til-ll 586 .s' I69 (it “7366 It): I 75,

I Friendly flatmate wanted to share with 2 l‘eiiiales in coiiit'y. lilt‘tlt'ltl lselyintlale llat l‘asygoiiig titls ii s post :‘l.'.tl or piotessional leniale. .-\ll mod. cons. Handy l'oi buses. 20 iiiins liyi'es Road. {llili deposll. {.200 pcni + ("l' A‘ phone. 'l‘el: 0|~1l 576 1 I96,

I Double room, in c‘olltloll-

able. \Vest lind tlat. all mod cons. .i\ail.ible end ol .lan. close

ll‘ liylt‘s l\'ikitl. lilik‘ lilil.ili.v\

t\ l Ill l‘llt'lltlly Roi. ll/\ leiiiale

[‘It'lt'llt‘il. L5H“ [‘c‘lll lllcl (“I t\ bills. e\eepl phone 'l‘el' 0l-il 33~l 565.2.

I Large West End rooni iii

nicely decorated. colourl'ul tlat. hung with easygoing. tidy llat- iiiales pieleiabls nis 1350 peiii Illt izitliog (‘l .\ “is lnt ‘i “5| ; (ii 07990 6273M oi 0l~ll 339-1132.


i I Female (youngish) i't-quiied to share gorgeous nioderii Hat. close to \Vest liiid. public trans-

port. shops. pubs. l’i‘iyate park ing L300 pciii ine ("l‘ is bills. escluding phone lei 0| 1! 5"t. 2 ill; ..iI.: 'i', " I West End double ail-ii. 1.- ieiii iiiiiiiediately. sharing “HI! otliei. in spacious. teneiiienl llat at Kt'lyiiilii‘itlgc'. new luiiiituie. llt‘sll decor. (i('ll. washer. dryer electric shower. suit young pro- fessional l'eiiiale. with (’}S()ll {375 pcni including ("l‘ 'l‘el till! 5.\i Ii5lii

I Kelvinbridge - large mom in

quiet conil‘ortable llat. available ; to lrieiidly person. £200 pcm +

bills. 'l'el: 0H] 334 I033.

I West End room it] clean modern llat. (_i(‘ll (k all mod cons. to sliaie with 1 other. Would suit post glad student oi working piolessional -\\.iiiaiiit lsi .\laicli. L2 i0 pciii escluding bills 'l'eli 07.\'l.\’6-15~I62




14 High Street Edinburgh



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