I Chilled-out friendly aitd outgoing student wanted to search for 3 bedroom flat tit West Find witlt 2 othersCall Simon or Sorrel on 570 1703 or 07799200521.

I Double room in luxury Southside flat. 5 minutes from City Centre. Stilt friendly. reli- able. N/S female student. Share lounge. kitchen. bathrooitt.

DC. (iCll. S/lintry. Residents parking. £280 pcm includes all bills except pltone. Tel: 01880 730 2 I 3 after 7pm.

I Flatmate wanted for friend- ly west end flat. sharittg with cheery young female prof. Bay windowed double roont avail- able 00111 I Feb. ftirn or unfurn. for 0 months ittiit let. ()wn phone aitd free internet.

£205 pent itot incl bills (low) aiid CT. Tel; 014 1 -580-8109 or 07800 202 I75.

I Southside large room avail- able itt friendly Soutltside llat. sharing w itlt one other female. Would suit easygoing n/s prof female. lixcellent access to pub- lic trans. £180pent + CT + bills. Phone (1141 423 1993 or 07880 000 20 l.

I Fully furnished room to let itt Mount Florida. CiCH ck

DG. non-smoker. 5 units train station and local antenieties. £190 pctti. plus CT aitd bills. Tel: 0l4 1-580-0305

I West End Lux llat wants gayfriendly. mature. prof female to share with 2 others. £80 per week tne bills es phone. Details 0141 507 5750. lornashaite("'ltotittaileoin. liitntediate entry

I Person required to share Merchant City penthouse flat. Ftilly furnished room with dou- ble bed and mirrored wardrobes. ()wn phone line if preferred. All mod cons. Avail beg February. Tel Mandy oit 0141 552 0840 or 07989 435027.

I Large Room to let in 2 Bedroom Flat iit Seotstoun.

All ittod cons. Security Entrance. £200 petit.

1 month deposit Newly decorat— ed. Phone 0l4l 958 l480

Ask for Alan.

I Room to let lll brand new. fully furnished sotitlt side flat. sharing with owner. 10 units from City Centre. 5 mitts Uitdei'giound. 5 ittins M8. Would suit it/s. 20/30 some- tltiitg. young prof. Ideal for city workei or commuter. £300 pitt (incl bills 4 ("ft No students til" USS. Call .\lark oil 07800 4l2420.

88 THE lIST 18 Jan A1 190 2001

I Dennistoun Gay-friendly male wanted to share with one other male. Must be a cat lover. Large sunny room share sittiitg t'ooiti aitd facilities. own phone tseparate bill). Rent £200 itth bills and CT. Phone Dave oit 0141 575 2277 after 0pm or on Mobile 07740 282351

I West End room in 2 bed- room ilat. quiet residential loca- ttoit opposite Botanic Gardens.

(jCH. fully furn. new large bath-

room. £220 pcm + bills. Suits it/s. student or prof.

- long or short term - contact 078 55 24 98 03.

I A lovely, very central but quiet top-floor two double bed- room tlat requires a prof female

llatiitate. to share with one other.

Small lounge. diitiitg kitchen and shower/bath. Avail now. £250 pcm + CT 8; sltare bills. Phone 0131 225 0199 for info. I Female student wanted to share with one other iii Sioekbridge flat. £225 pent. Call Sant 0131 478 1080.

i I Marchmont Warrendei- Park

Road. Large double room avail- able iit shared flat. All rooms iii llat are very large. The flat has a kitchen/dining room. sittitig 100111 with diitiitg area. baili- room with shower. GCH. Avail 1 Feb. £245pm. Tel: 0131 2204817 Fax No: 0131 220 2135 email: property(alenehtoit-stuaitcouk

I Attractive West End flat. Rooitt available immed. £185 pcm + £200 deposit + bills. includes excellent flatmates attd wide screen TV. Phone 0131 332 0287 or 07790 157081.

1 I Two rooms available in spa-

cious second floor flat off London Road to share with two young profs. £187.50 pent + CT and bills. Tel 0131 557 5949 aft 0pm.

I Roseburn single room iii comfy ftilly fitted furn flat. All ntod cons. GCH. Suit tttature /intitl. student. No DSS. £235 peitt ittel bills. Tel 01292 317094 (aft 0pm).

I Room in very central llat. Professional female tt/s aged 25- 30yrs. preferred. Available immediately. £220 pcttt + deposit. Tel: 0131 220 0818.

I Grassmarket, double room available front late January. sharittg with 2 guys - one gay. one straight. £225 pcm + bills.

Tel:0131 228 2500 (Alan).




I Fully furnished single room available itt beautiful. iitodei'n apartment 111 1.etth to shaie with one prof guy. CH. cable TV. ittoderii kitchen tk bathroom. Close to city centre. £00 pw incl. .-\\;lll end Feb. 07980 9l0l I9.

I Two nice rooms available. Bruntsfield Avenue. Working female or post grad. preferred £215 pcm or £225 pcm plus C

+ deposit. Tel: 0131 229 3902 . I One single room 111 house

share. close to bus stops. £ l 7.5 peitt escluding bills as CT. Available now. Tel: 0131 229 7221.

I Large room in flat share with 3 others. Access to garden w ith sqtitrrels. CiCH. electric shower. All mod cons. £212.50 pent + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 228 3l07.

I Single room in Ball Green. 10 minutes from West lind. sharing witlt gay guy. Male or Female. ntust be gay friendly. OCH. ()0. Deposit £200. £250 petn. Te|:0l3l 4430508.

I Large double room in love- : ly llat. Tranquil 8: beautiful sur-

roundittgs. Female n/s required.

E preferably vegetarian. Available imittediately at £225 peiit + bills + CT. Tel: 04083 34451 (days)

3 ol' 0l3l 441 0197 (eyes).

I Room available in qtiiet. farm cottage. near Rickarton.

liasy public transport iitto Ctty.|5 ittiits. Secluded garden.

Peace aitd quiet for £170 pent or electricity + phone. Tel: 0131

449 002 |.

I Newington double room

still It/s. young. professional

male. share with 4 6.; cat. large lounge 8 kitchen. all ittod cons. £230 pcnt+bills. Tel: 0131 007 44 I8.

I Would you like The Botanies as your back garden'.’ Friendly face wanted for small roont tit spacious. fully furnished. wood- en 1loored llat. £180 pent. Tel: 0131 551 5000 after 0 pitt.

I Double room to let in spa- cious. New Town flat. off Btouglttoit Street. £233 pent. +

3 CT a bills. Available front

01/02/2001. Tel: 0131 478 3209

; after 0pm. I Two small rooms with castle view. available soon near city

centre. £105 pcm + bills + (‘T each. Tel: 07752 155170 llk‘lllllel ()1' 400 .3l7‘)1l);iyitll Debbie ck David.

I Large double room. 111 tlat

overlooking the Meadows.

available tttid Jan. to share w itlt 3 others. £220 pcitt+bills. Tel: 01312210411.

I Very large, bright double

roont. in Meadows Flat. Stiitable 2 people. Sharing with 2 otlteis. ll/sI £300 pcin plus bills (\1 CT Tel: 0131 229 720l.

I Are you our new flatmate? Big room. with gorgeous Meadows view. 10mins walk front \\'est littd. friendly flat with Ms Britislt/Frenelt/Atisste. relative professionals. need to fill empty space on sofa (iCll +ittod cons. £250 pcitt

+CT+bills. Tel: 07712 527741.

I Large room available 111 Contely Hank tlat Two tlat ntates l)(i. (it'll. access to gal- den. supeib kitchen lzasy access Stockbiidge ts Princes Stieet £233 pcm. Tel 0131 343 1471 I West End Sunny. ittodern. furnished. 2 bedrooitt flat with security entrance. off street parking Available now. £475 pcm Tel. 0131 538 0849 oi “~94- 049"“)

I Flat/single room wanted with all ittod cons. Appros £175 pcin including CT. Students /sittokei‘s pref. Tel: 0131 329 3082 or 07944 929l50.



I Large single room 111 lovely.

l.eitlt llat. sharing with 3 other. 2 males. 1 female. nice decot & wooden floors. would stiit n/s. friendly professional. £210 pcitt+("l‘+bills. available imme- diately. Tel: 01315 551941.

I Single, furnished room available iit l.eitlt. Appros. 10 minutes front Sltore (‘oitsidei'ate professional peisoit oi glad pleletied to sltaie tltts sunny. liiendly 2 bediooitt llat. £230 pcm lllL‘. bills + deposit Tel: 0131 538 8227.

I Two double rooms, 111 spa- cious. fully-furnislted. ground floor (iCll llat. £200 pcitt per room oit single occupancy basis. Couples negotiable. + ("l. + bills Deposit ieqtitied Tel

0131 555 0977 ialtet 0.00 pittt.

I Large single room, tn ltl'lgllt.

attractive llat. n/s to share with l

other. female 37. £255 pent

including bills tv ct. Tel: 0131 553 7845.


I Room to let iit modern llat iit Silverntills area. N/s. sharing wtilt 2 oilteis. piivate parking. entry phone (k electiic heating. Avail. now £192 pcm Tel: 0131 557 I009 or 07974 l92802.

I Flatmate wanted i'oi large bo\ tooitt. in llillside. would stiit piofessional. £200 peitt 1- bills ~~ CT. all mod cons. liee parking tv close to city centre. sllalt‘ \yllll4111l1t‘ls. l llltllc. t\ 3 females. Tel: 0131 550 7502.

I Spacious double room 111 2 bedroottt flat. to share with 1 female student. Fetttale pre- ferred £200 pcm. Top of l.etth Walk, .-\ll ittod cons. Tel: 0131 477 2102.

I Large, bay window tlotlblt' iooitt. stittable lot 2pcoplc £130 pet person peitt. including CT. Clean. friendly tlat oit good bus ck walking rotite Friendly. tidy people wanted Tel: 0l 3| 00l





I Lauriston Gardens two iooitts tit bright. piofessioitai llat (.iCll tk all mod cons Refurbished. £235 pcm. Tel. 07971 422404.

I Two rooms available from February. tit Newington tlat. £280 pcm + CT + bills. £250 pcitt + CT + bills. (iai‘den. sepa- rate liv titg room Stilt n/s piofes slollals Tel 1‘13: 008 '54: I Room for rent 111 sunny l‘ittslcl Road llttl. £l70 pill + CT +- bills + dep. Phone lilatne oit 0131001 7247 or 0774 714 1414 tittobilet

I Lush double bedroom with

en suite shower room iii 3 bed-

roont llat by Ci'ags. Stiit youitg laid~back professional £205 pent. ’l‘e1:07941 03118511iayst. 0l3l 008 l7701evest

I Large room in lovely il-ai. sharing with .3 others. Available 20th January. Stiit friendly. easy- going it/s. £190 pent + CT + bills. Tel: 0131 447 0045.

I West End rooms 111 tt/s pt'o- tt'sstitltal sllalctl city sL‘llllt' fla' £250 to £350 pcm 11th bills Suit 20/30s. .-\vail itovv. Tel 07801 310 758.

I Dalry room available iii fiist floor flat sharing with one other. it/s pref. £210 pent inc! CT & bills. Tel 0131 023 5241.

I Dean Village, lllll_\ fittit litiilll Ill sll.tlt'tl isli laige loll apaitittetit £30()pc111.:\ll anteitities1(i(‘ll. Washing Machine. Dishwasher Cable TV. Cleaner). Stiit profes- sioital. avail now. Call oit

07771 835993

I Large bright room available 111 spaciotis Soutlt (‘leik Si llai large ll\ trig ltltlll. i.::. 1.. ;. balltiooiti (it‘ll. iiiiciowavt Sharing with 3 others. N/s post-

grads only please. 250 pent +

bills. Contact Nick on 0075790

or entail

N tehola.( )‘ l .ooitey(a'




I New Town, large. double iooitt. citsuite available 111 itl\'tt iy apaittttent. to sltaie with one other piof female. Flat has all mod cons. C.ll.. wooden floors. fantastic views. Stiit Prof. n/s. £300pciit + bills + CT. Sltort ternt let available. Tel: 0131 558 8049 after 0pm

I Flatmate wanted n/s stti «lent li\ct'llt'ttt location 5 ittiits walk to university. £ 190 pill + bills. 0|3l 007 0l80

I Spacious, south-facing room to let iit gay —frieitdly llat. Well furn. period features incl opeit fires (K2 piano. Central loca- tion. 2 titiits lroni Playllouse. \alvoititti ts ('rolla etc. £200 pitt ~ bills Contact (alum 01%; 557 5802/

crinacleaittn yaltoocouk