v I saw you at Teenage Fannies, Ilogmanay. We shared some red wine. You: tall, beautiful girl, gorgeous smile. Me: head-to-toe all dressed in black, standing next to you. Fancy sharing some more wine? Box No U/405/18.

. I saw you Jim, Moat House 19/12. You were the train- driving referee, I was the islander with prize-winning friends. Coffee? Box No U/405/l9.

O I saw you at the Tron, Hogmanay. You were (surely not) 30yr old, red top, red? hair (it was dark in there). You flashed me, we kissed, your boyfriend dragged you off. When will you teach me the world, like you promised? Get in touch. N. Box No U/405,’20. v I saw you at the Hall Bar open stage, didn’t play but looked damn line with those pigtails! Was standing by the door as you left. Box No U/405/21.

v I saw you at the Old Fruitmarket 31/12. You had a blue T-shirt on and l was a girl with black skirt, red top. Get in touch. Box No U/405/22.

O I saw you working in the Grosvenor nearly every day. Let's go and find some non- super pubs together. Box No U/405/23.

9 I saw you in Fopp (Byres Road) on Christmas Eve, you tall guy with sexy eyebrow ring. Then Garage 29.12.00. I'm the girl that wants to bump back into you. Third time lucky? Box No U/405/24.

O I saw you Sarah @ Optimo, New Year's Eve, with those warm eyes and smile. Your accent, maybe Australian/NZ. You said something beautiful. I left you with a friend . . . should have left my number, would love to talk. Box No U/405/25. .1 saw you ‘fruity’ bar man with tangerine boobies. You ‘apeel’ to me. Let's ‘orange' a date. Box No U/405/26.

. I saw you Brel 22/12/00. Asian princess, no. 3 haircut - dressed in black, vodka diva, seeking Scottish prince? ‘Och

aye'. Box No U/405/27.

92 TIIE UIST 18 Jan—1 Feb 2001

O I saw you indecently exposing yourself to squirrels in Kelvingrove Park on 20 December. Box No U/405/28. O I saw you oh so sexy in your black polo neck sipping a G&T in Brel. Your smile was brighter than the Christmas lights. Box No U/405/29.

O I saw you Alanamac without your make-up every morning in Forrest Road god you're gorgeous! Box No U/405/30. O I saw you in Borders Cafe wearing Belle & Sebastian badges. Short hair, glasses. You're cute! Box No U/405/32. Q I saw you perving on naughty mags from the balcony in Borders. 1 can help you it's not too late, real women do exist. Box No U/405/33.

Q I saw you working at the Heller Skelter in George Square. You were looking cold & cute, I was looking at you (drinking tea!) Box No U/405/34.

O I saw you in the Gadget Shop, Buchanan Galleries. You buying a little chrome juicer me giving a ‘wholehearted’ demonstration wearing glasses & sporting messy short hair. Box No U/405/35.

O I saw you DJing @ Bier Halle Republic Fri 16 it played a storming set & I told u so, me —- specs, short hair dresses ‘streety’ . . . !? Box No U/405/36.

O I saw you Hel at Reds on Hogmanay and my world has been spinning ever since. Jx Box No U/405/37.

O I saw you you specky, misogynist, loser, skulking behind your pathos. If you want to play Scott to my Zelda then sober up & declare! Box No U/405/38.

v I saw you Merchant City, Hogmanay. You're not Teenage but I'm your fanclub. Do you need direction, love? Box No U/405/39.

O I saw you my disney star on Hogmanay! Thank you 4 looking after me when I really was in ‘Never Never Land’ as thanks I will be your Fairy Godmother and we shall go to the Ball Cinderellal! xxx Box No U/405/41.

v I saw you at Cardonald College, Caledonian Uni, in Sauchiehall Street and in Bier Republic on Sat 30 Dec. You: tall, dark and handsome. Me: curious. Box No U/405/42.

O I saw you Jonathan working at the Sub and sometimes at Uni. I'm not sure if you've noticed me but I wanted to ask if and when you are free. So why don't you try this and we'll see . . . Box No U/405/43.

v I saw you cure waiter at Gaucho Grill on Sunday night (7/1/01).You recommended your favourite red to me, the spiky haired guy I left a £5 tip. Here's another get in touch! Box No U/405/4-I.


O I saw you on the way to Corstorphine in the snow. You drive a taxi but want to do psychology, 1 work in Dundee. We talked, let’s do it again?? Box No U/405/1.

O I saw you Dave from Dundee greatest kisser in Scotland! We met after Moby and downed some test tubes but got lost after Leith party. Where are you?! Fancy a replay? S. Box No U/405/2.

O I saw you Stuart trying to show me your 28-year-old pipe. What went wrong? Do you fancy going for a drink sometime? C. Box No U/405/3. v I saw you cool redhead buying Fighting Fantasy book in Flip basement. Did you beat that pesky warlock? If so, turn to 400. If not, turn to Box No U/405/4.

O I saw you at the Messenger Sound System, Sat 6 Jan. You were dancing with your friend and I was dancing before it got busy. Later. I sat next to you and you said ‘hi'. I bought you a Becks. You gave me a hug and left with your friend. I tried to phone you but got sidetracked. Hope to see you at the next Messenger. Box No U/405/5.

O I saw you over tonic and orange . . . at the Friday night fever. . . on your floor. . . by my beach. . . in the morning. I want to see you again. How’s that? Box No U/405/6.

v I saw you in the Smoke Stack on Friday 5 January you were the cute guy behind the counter, I was the guy who came in at lunchtime with three female friends. I handed you the tip. Fancy coffee sometime? Box No U/405/7.

O I saw you baby standing on my doorstep in your HS and you changed my life. One year on, the doorstep may have moved but my heart remains with you. Always, H xx Box No U/405/8. G I saw you shed a wee tear at the Castle as we kissed under the stars. Good luck in Woking in London! Box No U/405/9. O I saw you Mystic Debs, I saw you last a long time ago at South Queensferry, and then again (although we didn't speak!) at Greenside. There's been much water under our bridges, but miss our magic EVERY day, and know we should not be apart. All my love, Silly 8. Box No U/405/10.

O I saw you Amanda at Joy, You: classy, sophisticated, Napier student-nurse. Me: tall, blue eyes, fun-loving. Thought we really connected, lost you at the end, would like to go for drinks. Box No U/405/l 1.

O I saw you through a snowdrift, Mint, as you came to our rescue and towed us to Bowling on Hogmanay. Forever grateful, Sonya 8.: Luise. Box No U/405/ 12.

. I saw you you came to deliver my pizza with your killer smile. I forgot to sign the cheque so you had to come all the way back again. That made my evening. Next time why don't we share a pizza? Box No U/405/13.

9 I saw you John, New Year's Eve, Assembly Rooms. Me. small a blonde. you arguing with bouncers chucking out your friend. We spoke briefly - want to chat some more? Box No U.’405,'I4.

9 I saw you Anders. shaking that ass! Box No U/405/15.

O I saw you 'old married couple', living in Stuart Terrace with your cat. Great to FINALLY hear from you both we will speak soon. Miss you love to all at Brysons. S&L. Box No U/405/ 16.

O I saw you outside the Traverse and The Gateway, twice before Christmas, we always say hello, but what about getting to know each other better? So don‘t run up the stairs to the Blue Bar, without me next time. You are the best guy around in Edinburgh. Box No U/405/17.

O I saw you working in Next shop in Edinburgh. You looked swell in that pink shirt and those black rimmed glasses. You're gorgeous. Box No U/405/31.

V I saw you Lee C: I like your genes! Even if you do look like Eddie Izzard! Box No U/405/40. Q I saw you beige cap fae Lithgow. You rock my world! You wearing white top and pvc boots. Yeah baby! Box No U/405/46.

v I saw you you looked Jeannetastic. You are Poles apart. Give me a call (or a raise). From you know who. Box No U/405/47.

O I saw these three chicks; red, grey and white, and I thought that they might in spite, give me a shag even though I’m a dog. Give me a try, even though I’m a little shy. Box No U/405/48. O I saw you lovely woman working at City Cafe. Dark haired and very beautiful. From the brown haired man in black. With thanks for making my day. May surprise you in 2001. Box No U/405/49.

O I saw you glasses & goatee, shakin’ your stuff at Sublime. I’ve seen you B4. Let me be your love machine. Pink & Perky. Box No U/405/50.

O I saw you to my chick pea, come and see me by the gas works wall. Colibosh ear. Box No U/405/51.

O I saw you wearing stripy scarf. Chelsea, you‘re top of my league. Maybe ifl shoot I’ll score! Box No U/405/52.

O I saw you Swedish birthday child in your flat. I think you had too much of that weird stuff to drink! May I have some next time? Box No U,'4t)5;53. O I saw you Iguana. You: dreadlock hair. rainbow scarf. llim: long brown hair, chocolate eyes. beige jumper. Two's company. three‘s a crowd? Mmm. Box No U 405,54. O I saw you on your birthday at Taste. You. tall. skinny with a lot of piercings. Me, annoyed tea & coffee girl who tried to tell you off. Sorry. Box No U.'-105 55. O I saw you Swedish girl, red hair at City Cafe with me one Wednesday. Love you baby. R. xx Box No U 405/56. 9 I saw you Fiona at Moby gig; a cold crisp night unveils her bosom bare; in the magnificance of fireworks; I found you there. If the glove tits? llmm. Cookies & cream xx Box No U40557. Q I saw you Bert Me shakin yer wee bump down at John Vic‘s. Let's grind together homer! Box No U/40515b’. O I saw you Mary (u the Botanics, Watershed and Vegas, just sayirt hello. Box No U/405/59. .1 saw you Clementine at Space Odyssey 2001. My snake wants to slide up your sexy suspenders. Let me run my leopardskin gloves through your pink wig. Box No U/405/60. v I saw you Johnny the trunk, dancin to the funk. See you in the showers at Forecourt Leisure. Looking for your pleasure. Box No U/405/61. Q I saw you doin' your ‘recruitmeny’ thing-yah you rock. Love 'I’-Burd. Box No HOS/62. O I saw you Sean from Tas at Taste. New Year's Day. You couldn't stand up, I offered to carry you home. Box No U/405/63. O I saw you DJ Darren D. I want to ruffle your duffer baby. Love ya? Box No U/405/64. Q I saw you photographer extraordinaire (girl)/property poacher. Me: homeless homosexual! Box No U/405/65. Q I saw you playing pool in City Cafe. You: dark & rugged. Me: keen & tattooed. Box No U/405/66. O I saw you Karen at Steve top box office operatives. Always remember: Swansea isn’t too far away stay local yah! Love Tubbs & Edward. Box No U/405/67. v I saw you in City Cafe nice kilt, 22/12/00. What RU hiding under that darling little number my man. Call me purlease!! Box No U/405/68.


U I saw you music man. . . and ever since you've haunted my dreams. Box No U/405/45.