CLASSIFIED I saw you mm-


v I saw you I-‘lapjaek. Longer 'l'han Longest. ('an'l wail tlllIlI Milan you fiery young tetnplress. Aw w w, wee Bouncer. Love ya to bils, Sleyie Boy. Box No I: 4110 2.

0 I saw you cttte dark haired guy work at Glasgow l'niversity library w caring blue sltirt on Mon 15 I. Have liked you fora while. Wanna meet tip witlt 19 yr old (male) arts student sometime and gel to know each other belter'.’ Box No U/’~I(l(),’3. V I saw you foxy gtty with dark, shoulder lengtlt hair in Cul de Sac on New Year's live before midnight sittirtg at the bar. Wearing blue denim jacket and blue jeans. Wish I'd spoke t: to you. Buy you a drink? box No U 11(in, >1.

0 I saw you Billy looking sexy in red one day we will have tlte bass in the van bttt until then I will have to do. Box No U,-I()()j5.

V I saw you eating 'I'apas in Glasgow! 11.01.01. You with Irish Dublin friertd & girl waiting for table at bar. Yotrr (Irish) friend just gave tip smoking. we spoke briefly and I sat directly beltirtd you witlt friends. what was that perfume you were wearing? I’ancy sharing a tapas sortie lime? Box .‘s’o 1' 40m)

v I saw you several times, Bruce at the Polo. We've talked about travel. cosmology and lots else. It's easier to write that I really like you than to say it! Box No Ui-Illf)/7.

‘0 I saw you in 'l‘inderbox. beautiful girl guessing it was cocoa beans! Please come back soon. Box No U/40()/b’.

O I saw you Fiona in the (CA, Speaking liasy but lookirtg sad. Let's ltave a night out to cheer you up no panto and definitely no men! Box No U/400/9.

Q I saw you in Borders Bookshop reading mag. U itt black bodywarmer. grey top, white T-shirt. 2.55pm 13.01 01. Me looking 4 someone to love! 25, bit lirt. grey eyes. Il- gorgeous. (M/M. Male; Male) Box No U/'-I0(i,’10.

O I saw you Julio + John in Borders looking at porno mags! I'm always watching. Box No U/400/1 I.

O I saw you Rogano Rat Pack at Christmas time. Please cart I ltave my fart machine back! Love Nic xxx Box No U/40()/I2. v I saw you Billy Connolly Iook-a-like in Buzzywares, say hi to Mike & James. Do you know who I am coz I know you Dx Box No U/406/l3.

v I saw you at the Subby Danny boy (band). Missing you already. D'you remember the number? Do you remember that night? Box No U/406/l4.

102 THE LIST 1—15 Feb 2001

O I saw you at Glastonbury and in Brighton. next it will be Amsterdam and finally Sydney. Nadia, you are my cool Glaswegian pal!! Box No U/406/15.

O I saw you Eskimo Hybrid taking shelter from the cold in ur igloo. I have a roaring fire ready to warm it up. Box No U/406/16.

0 I saw you Action Man in Brel 20/1. Let me dive in your hooded top & ride your push- button action chopper. love Gollum xxx Box No U/406/l7. v I saw you at Brel on 6/01/01 looking fine. Ilappy Birthday Baby Roo, luv J + R, roll or parr-tay. Box No U’-I(1().’18.

O I saw you P0 in Tinderbox. l faded to black when I saw you in grey. Let's lighten tip. Your dark knight. Box No U/406/l9. V I saw you tall. good looking, Swedish mart with your beautiful brown eyes at the Art School. Happy to be in The List now?! Box No U/406/20.

U I saw you at Alex's party, beautifully dressed up as a gorgeous Japanese woman. Box No U/406/2l.

O I saw you Nina from Dunfermline. New Year’s live at Fruitmarkel, lost boy in dungareenes who wants to groove u. Box No U/-I()()/22.

O I saw you cycling on Byres Road giving seductive hand signals with your red gloves. Me cyclist too, should go fora ride sometime? Box No U/406/23. V I saw you cycling along Byres Road. Your buttocks high in the air. You wear a grey cagool. I think you are a photographer. I am the girl cyclist with the red gloves. Box No U/406/2-I.

0 I saw you outside Partick 'I’avern 12.1.01 with your dress up round your neck + lying in a pool of your own vomit. Let's puke together. Box No LIX-10625.

V I saw you Your name is Jane, you used to work for the same company as me. Your mum says your rubbish, phone me. Box No U/406/26.

O I saw you working in Oddbins, Byres Rd, you big gut, blond hair + staring eyes. You can fill my glass up anytime. Lots of lust, Gaz xx 00 Box No U/406/27.

O I saw you sexy guitarist with Jeff Styker band. Will you pluck my strings on Sun 28 Jan at King Tuts? Box No U/406/28. Q I saw you all of you at Berkeley GlobeTrotters. You are all beautiful people. Box No U/406/29.

O I saw you randy Andy F. in Borders. I want my bed to rock again. please come back. Je t'aime Kat x Box No U/406/30.


. O I saw you in my dreams . ..

then on No 81 bus. You got on Crewe Road. got out on South Bridge. I asked if we'd met in

India. You said 'No' but gave a gorgeous smile. Would love to

meet again. Box No L’.“406/1. O I saw you A.A.S.M . . . again and again. . . each time the pain gets worse . . . yet sweeter. Box No U/406/31.

U I saw you in my mind,

reading this, wondering if

someone saw a pretty girl like

you and wanted to see you again. Because you want to be seen and seeing someone and feel you

deserve the good things you'll get after you reply. Don't you? Box No Lil-106.32.

9 I saw you my baldheaded cuddlemonster, but not since late November. You loved me and left me and now I'm brokenhearted. You're beautiful inside and out and I miss you. You can't fight fate and I'm cold and lonely without you, especially Tuesday nights arid Sundays from about 5am. I adore you. Please come back. L. Box No U/406/33.

O I saw you cute painter meets Geordie sculptress, I-Iogmanay. Needs more kisses. Box No U/40()/34.

O I saw you I did not see you in ten years. Kenny the trumpet and conductor of the Edinburgh Big Band. Anybody who knows his whereabouts, send a message to J. the sax player. Would be good to drink a pint. Box No U/406/35. O I saw you sexy girl in my history tutorial in Edinburgh. Perhaps you'd like to meet up for some late night discussion sessions or such like. Box No U/406/36.

v I saw you at 18 on 27th in Edinburgh. You from Alloa, me from Glasgow. Two hours was not enough. Box No U/406/37. v I saw you at The Stand, Mon 22/1. You had wonderful eyes, and a smile that melted the frost from my heart. Me tall, dark, and needed to work on my disco dancing. Box No U/406/38.

C I saw you in P0 Na Na (Fri 19/01). You: green FCUK top. Me: black/white ‘duckface’ top. We danced, you smiled, I got shy. Will you give me another chance to dance with you? Box No U/406/39.

v I saw you stylish man in brimmed black hat, Morningside Rd/Steele’s Place, Sat 20 Jan, 4.30pm. We kept looking back at each other. Me, woman smiling madly, shoulder-length curly dark hair, long black coat. Care for a coffee? Box No U/406/40.

O I saw you doing your peanut trick after 10 tequilas!! Oxygen? We bloody love you, you blonde honey! xx Box No U/406/41.

O I saw you being ‘spikey’ at Brown’s. What are you doing on the 25th? PS shut it!!! xx Box No U/406/42.

0 I saw you being petite. but perfect. short but sophisticated. gorgeous like Gucci! Outhouse? MY house! Box No U406 43. O I saw you blonde. gorgeous. pretty in pink and fur. I know that we need Oxygen after you make us coffee. Box No Ui-Illo/M. O I saw you sexy Irish girl in the City Cafe. 20 Jan. Your smile brightened up my day nice pink fleece too! Box No U/-I()(),'45.

O I saw you Nutmeg, good luck in London babe, you are a star. So keep shining. and enjoy Mr McGann! Love and fluff Cosmic xx. Box No U/40o-Ib. U I saw you Magnus from Picture This looking ‘absolutely fabulous' at Poprokit. Can you do an enlargement especially for me? Box No U,"-I(J()/47.

O I saw you at the Basement. You were late . . . remember? Time flies when ur having fun. My Cheshire cat remains even now. Text me. Cookies & cream. Box No U/406/48.

O I saw you in City Cafe: If only your lips would grace mine I’d rise above the chaos and melt. You’re my star. Bed fellows forever. Schteev. Box No U/406/49.

9 I saw you early but not late because Nikoli had the nut allergy but I love you lots though. Box No U/-106/50.

O I saw you Ali, Ileather, Nod, Johnny, Wolfe, Ilalla, Fran, Becks, Esther, Dave ((1 the Traverse, the Forres posse. Box No U/406/51.

O I saw you Sarah in your sexy psychedelic skirt in E111. Meet me and add some essence to my phosphorous! Box No U/406/52.

O I saw you Sophia, goddess in black. I saw you in EHI 19/01/01. We connected at the bar, remember the purple and yellow shirt I’ll never forget you call me. Box No U/406/53.

. I saw you at the Mossett drinkin flamin Drambuics on Christmas Eve. See you at the Three Sisters babe. Love the Forres posse. Box No U/406/54. O I saw you tall, long legged and out of this world, not unlike me in that way and my oh my, I felt gay. I thought of the blossoming of love-erotica and the bosom of sex-exotica with a love machine femme extraordinaire. Yours forever pseudonym wild cat. Prrrr kiss my . . . Box No U/406/55.

O I saw you ye of immaculately straight fringe - does that need a spirit level? Come and even me out. EH1 19/01/01, 7pm. Box No U/406/56. O I saw you on Princes Street, Sat lunchtime 20 Jan trying on boots/shoes. Looking for a solemate? I’m no Cheapskate! Box No U/406/57.

Q I saw you baby Jeanie, are you a genie? I find you horny in your horny boots, I’m gonna switch sides. Are you takin da piss? You are my Helen of Troy. My little love toy. Box No U/406/58.

O I saw you Mesta Mal. vomiting on a copy of The List. Was it your valve? Box No U/406,"59.

O I saw you in a studio, middling knobs and phasing sound. Are you a Gemini genius or a Taurine twat? Box No U/406/60. O I saw you Tara R. Working hard and giving great love. So much C xxx. Box No U/406/61. O I saw you shaking your Mexican ass. Your nimble fingers tickle my funny and your pure wit reveals your Moray roots. Let the sea and tide wave at the shore. I'm waiting. Box No Ll,’~too,()2.

. I saw you belly dancing with pure Egyptian blood pulsating through your veins. Your electric hair was set on fire. Let the Wolf out of the cage to catch the fox. Box No U/400/b3.

v1 saw you giving a lecture at ECA. You, floppy hair, criminal sideburns. Me. hanging back after lecture to ask questions. R U gay? I could be 4 U . . . Box No U/4()()/()-I.

v I saw you the night of Nexus party. later on we shared the same birdie! Hope your birthday wishes come true Leonie. Luv B. xx Box No U/406/65.

O I saw you Mr S. K. ((1 the Filmhouse Bar. With your flowing beard and amusing face, you moved my heart like a vinegar enema. Box No U/406/66. O I saw you sometime grumpy fucker, with the biggest balls in Scottish motoring history. Let’s make use of all that testosterone, love you lots, Bubbles. Box No U/406/67.

O I saw you programming Max Pltuls at the Film Festival. Such a bad stallion shouldn’t be allowed to roam on colonial plains. Can’t wait ‘til you join me in my pool of liver. Love you 1. Box No U/406/68.

O I saw you tall, sexy Polish boy you were walking along listening to Billy Ocean, I saw you smiling, can we get together? Box No U/406/69.

O I saw you angel. I had a new smile and a funny face. You had me. We took little picktures and wore hats. Box No U/406/70. v I saw you 2 hot yanks on the decks at Wired4sound, givin tha bald eagle eye. Who luvs ya babies! Do u come in pairs? Play ‘My Way’. Box No U/406/71. O I saw you you pool shark, moving your funky stuff, and supping soup. Thanks for being my faithful entertainer next time I’ll kick your ass!! Box No U/406/72.

v I saw you Gareth, looking lovely in an Abercrombie sweatshirt. You liked the gem I had on my cheek. Call me. Becca. xxx Box No U/406/76. O I saw you at the Art College, Kenneth White talk, ‘Imagination’ on your mind and often on your bike, in your red coat, smiling and whizzing around Edinburgh. Heading to Arthur’s Seat for the view or just some more geopoetry? Box No U/406/77.