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revnews long buried secrets begin to resurface Death Row . Uncut Very stagey and slow paced at times; E .ig'azf". :‘ t"-;>, tat. 3.1“ " x.Men Lee’s dialogue is sharp even if his » ease :' 3.: :Wt'ari one er. s (12) 100 . * i * * direction needs tightening. Fun t a e'es an H ~ mins nonetheless. (Universal) 31‘ 51% ‘4' 1 '32.: 3‘3" rg: .. a. a: - The Flintstones In Viva :. LDv'C- exf'as t‘ "mi-W's 2 ~. : > ' ' Rock Vegas PG 87 mins t- s ( ) Cliffhanger This prequel to the first live action 8.833% ,3“, U .1, , outing for the cavemen family cartoon 8:30.15... __ Hp; d :6 g, W, J Shows Fred (Mark Addy replacmg JOhn GQCLif‘Tef"T8”y' DOl'Wl‘C) the .\.. 2:». Goodman) and Barney in their trailers and phat-e gaveres bachelor da s when the first court . y . y Offspring - Huck It Wives-to-be Wilma and Betty. They are MW,” 91,- M my". q. WW. ., ,. abetted by a little green alien called up... we, UK .x, , _ Wm ,. (33200 (VOlced by SCOtlandls own man Ira/ax. oat-takes and 13min: rm Cumming), but are hampered by the scenes roman.)

rival attentions of Wilma's slimy

aristocratic chum Chip Rockefeller. And ' 'l f i h ,

they all Iiye happily ever a ter, wt out feaumg a” O, we epfflm WU

a trace 0 Or'g'na 'ty', 2'9 or 295‘ the irifanrcas est Aberto First.) an: ".3;

(Universal) (Alan Smithee) Amma: Bam- se{l,,.,(j,..s

Bod - Complete

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' '1 ' l I v Buzz nghtyoar of Star Commend Serious. well-executed Marvel Comic adaptation Gone In Seconds Quality spin off cartoon genes ‘r()"' 9m}:

. . . . 15 117 mins * 7* t Vr‘V ‘1 TA “30' i as; mange: brain” / 5?. World War II. A Nazn concentration camp. A small boy is separated from his ( ) «or do J m b ' 5 ' ' 1 b’ I

parents, a large steel gate slams shut, the boy screams and the metal starts The trailer for the cinema release was “‘5 “88“ n” [Jaw M“ to twist and buckle. So begins X-Men, and a surprisingly serious and well- all revving motors and vrooommm, but Small some" executed beginning it is too, especially when you consider this is an the film itself barely makes it out of Successful ate-mated deranged To; adaptation of a Marvel Comic about a team of superheroes dressed in first gear. Bad news for this loose feat)“ "OT CC“"’/“3 3 if” ""hh spandex running around trying to save the world. In fact, the tone stays remake of the 70s cult car chase movie quite dark throughout as we follow the adventures of this group of mutant of the same name, which sees Nicolas “"8” a” "l 0" outcasts trying to save a society that shuns them from Magneto the evil Cage and his crew of car thieves 9' p " ' master of magnetism. attempt lOO auto thefts in a single UP In smoke Tour

The choice of director, The Usual Suspects’ Bryan Singer, lifts this above night. Where the original was an The 980 DaC'K iOU' 8‘8" "'9 E”"»"-©""- 9' the usually dire big-screen adaptation of any comic book; he treats the excuse for a mammoth 40-minute car Die SWOD 0999_ ("‘3' '38 C‘J‘JC‘ Shem)" subject matter with a realism not usually associated with sci-fi chase, this film makes the baffling 0’03”):er ‘JanJS “351mm aim'w’r‘” blockbusters. The undercurrent of racism is never overplayed, but is still error of not including a suitably OTT 08pm the scenes @3339?" made obvious enough to have an impact. The effects and action sequences chase. Go figure. (Buena Vista) (Miles are also executed with real skill and provide perfectly-timed edge-of-your- Fielder) " 1h

seat stuff. You may think you have seen some great fight sequences, but

wait until you see a shape shifter and a man with metal claws go at it. Live

Another big plus is the inspired casting with Patrick Stewart as mutant (18) 84 mins * if leader Professor X and Ian McKellen as his arch nemesis Magneto. But it is . Stores at Hugh Jackman as the loner, and permanently pissed-off Wolverine who Sometimes you wonder if people Edmburgh Prmces St 8' 5? James t l th h N h d l b t tt' t t 7 t ll d ' t b r H 'n 6'3590‘” My"? 5" Sauch'eha” 5" 5 ea 5 e s ow. ow ow o goa ou ge ing mu an powers ac ua yever rea scrip s e ore. i mi 9 Union St, Braehead Centre (Henry Northmore) them. Despite the saucy title, this a 8, Olympia Centre, East Kilbride FE Available to rent on Fox Pathe from Mon 12 Feb. flat, hammy comedy that only gains its 'adult’ certificate because Bob Hoskins shouts ’prick’ and ’fuck’ a lot. Bob

plays a porn mogul who organises for A Room For Romeo

The Muss (Temuera Morrison), violent, I rival producer Robert Loggia's daughter Love & Sex alcoholic Maori father. Screenwriter (American Beauty Mena Suvari) to lose Brass . L (15) 82 mins * * * Alan Duff also latches onto a faintly her virginity on TV. Suvari might be ; (15) 87 mms * 7" " Famke Janssen plays a journalist whose ridiculous Mad Max gangland scenario career-ladder climbing, but Hoskins After the blinding critical success of article on the therapeutic properties of involving two of Jake's sons. l and Loggia should know better than to TwentyFour Seven, star director of the i , blowjobs gets her fired, but she’s given Nevertheless, this is a good, solid, 3 stray near bunkum like this. And future Shane Meadows opted for a one last chance if she can write an worthy sequel that deserves a wider ; there's no shagging neither. . similarly bleak and comic look at the appropriate replacement feature on distribution than this straight-to-video ; (Metrodome) (Mark Robertson) T losers, layabouts and well-meaning successful relationships. For this, she release. It was perhaps marginalised f failures on a Midlands estate. The examines all her previous relationships, because it talks so directly and ' Me, Myself, I L amaZihg Paddy COhSldlhe plays the in particular the time she spent with fundamentally to a Maori audience. ) (15) 100 mins * * twisted stranger who steps into the main squeeze Jon Favreau. It makes a (Universal) (Paul Dale) I lives and splits asunder the close hlce Change to 599 a romantic Comedy 3 No, not the Jim Carrey comedy (that’s , friendship of two twelve-year-old White” intelligeht')’ for 3 Slightly The BESt M3“ Irene), but a 50-50 Australian comedy neighbours (Andrew Shim and Ben cynical adult audience, and you can’t (15) 115 mins * it if I drama which mixes Sliding Doors with Marshall). Is the stranger a maladjusted help but warm to the two leads and l Bridgetjones’ Diary. The always and immature buffoon or is he the the performances they give. Malcolm D Lee (whose cousin Spike 3 wonderful Rachel Griffiths is a go- devil incarnate? Bold, harrowrng and (Metrodome) (Henry Northmore) produced this) makes his directorial 3 getter journalist who gets more than ' brilliant. (Alliance Atlantis £15.99;

debut with a moralistic, ensemble i she bargained for when she's knocked £19.99 on DVD) (Brian Donaldson) 1 What Becomes The piece which is a little too cosy and nice , down by a car. By some 'miracle’ she : Broken Hearted? to really work. Novelist Harper's (Taye swaps places with her alter-ego and .

Diggs) ’fictional’ work all too closely ' finds herself married to her childhood STAR RATINGS

(18) 98 mms * * * apes his private life and as the old l sweetheart and raising kids. She rails ::" 32953349 This sequel to the brilliant New Zealand college crowd get back together for against the housewife life until she . s ., ,, Won a Shot domestic drama Once Were Warriors the wedding of Lance (Morris i begins to see the grass is, indeed, -‘ l v * Below average follows the further redemption of lake Chestnut) and Mia (Monica Calhoun), greener. (Buena Vista) (Miles Fielder) * You've been WamEd

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