Name Paul Traynor

Age 26

Occupation PR Manager, Arta

On the Merchant City 'lt presents a cooler, more eclectic Side to Glasgow; there’s lots of little bars, restaurants and independent companies. if you're looking for something cool and quirky then the Merchant City is the place to go to. Places like Mamma Ro’s, Concrete Skates and various cafes offer things you can’t get on the high street.’

On Arta ’It adds a base for people of all ages to enjoy weekends. There’s a little something for everyone. Canvas provides live entertainment on a Friday and Saturday night in a comfortable environment which isn’t offered anywhere else in Glasgow.’

Trivia tit-bit #1 Teach Yourself Spanish IS played in the loos so people often leave the tonlets speaking Spanish.

Trivia tit-bit #2 The old Cheesemarket was rescued from the clutches of Kwrk Save which submitted a planning application for the building.

'0:- Arta, 13—16 Walls Street, 0141 552 2107

Ten things to see and do in the Merchant City over the coming fortnight

1 Last chance to witness Rankin’s unnerving ability to make celebs look even better by snapping them warts and all before the exhibition heads off on a tour around the country. CeleBritation Until Sat 3 Feb, Street Level, 26 King Street, 0141 552 2151.

2 Skip a lecture/take an extended lunch to catch up on some essential MTV video-viewing at Bacchus, 80 Glassford Street, 0141 572 0080.

3 Visit the self-proclaimed home of stand-up in Scotland for a spot of unruly ranting from Allan Miller. The Blackfriars Comedy Club Sun 11 Feb, 9pm, Blackfriars, 36 Bell Street, 0141 552 5924.

4 Taste the Orient in a display of song, dance and colour heralding the beginning of the Year of the Snake. Chinese New Year Celebration Sun 4 Feb, 1pm, City Hall, Candleriggs, 0141 287 5511/341 0026.

5 Say Gringo to work and sample a pitcher of margarita in Pancho Villas, 26 Bell Street, 0141 552 7737.

- Name Malcolm Dickson Age 38

Occupation Gallery Director

Name Janie Nicoll

Age 35

Occupation Gallery Manager

On art in the Merchant city Malcolm: ’lt’s a funny area because it’s been underdeveloped and it’s always been on the threshold of complete regeneration. My feeling is that it lacks a cultural heart. There could be a stronger identity between all these galleries, venues, studios, shops, design companies and trendy bars. Arts organisations have felt the ripple effect of regeneration, but we’re in the public sector and regeneration is in the private sector.’

On the Rankin exhibition Janie: ’lt’s good to get a show like this which is of a populist nature and encourages people to come down. Hopefully they’ll keep coming back. Street Level covers a range of lens-based contemporary artworks which might not be so easy on the eye, so a show like this will encourage people to take an interest.’

Celebrity patrons Pete Irvine, Neil Butler, Travis, Phil Kay.

Trivia tit-bit The gallery is rumoured to be haunted and becomes very spooky at night.

I Street Level, 26 King Street,

0147 552 2757

The perfect Valentine's gift for your lover. Lessons.

Forget the flowers and chocolates. Take a trip to the iron and have a drink at the bar. A delicious pie-theatre dish. And be seduced mm" by Suspect Culture’s Cm Starts 14th of February. It’s just what you want far afters. Io: Office 0141 852 4261. unheated

118 THE “ST 1—15 Feb 2001

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