I Name Jane McDougall Age 35

Occupation Retail Manager, La Botega Di Mamma Ro

On Mamma 80's 'The shop looks fantastic, it really stands out. Its size makes it perfect to show off the colours, and it’s the bold colours and the Tuscan feel which attract people. It’s the only shop in Britain and we're bringing a little bit of Italy over to Glasgow.’

On the Merchant City location were quite a big attraction to the area sol think we fit in very well. We're known as a destination shop and that benefits other places. I’d like to see more people around this side of town; it’s passers-by who become our customer base after all. The Merchant City is still up-and-coming and it’s not reached the peak it should be, so I’d like to see that happening soon.’

Celebrity patrons Jim Kerr, Italian Old Firm players.

Trivia tit-hit Many moons ago, people who were to be hanged were walked from the Trongate up through the basement of the former Old Fruitmarket where the shop now stands.

I La Botega Di Mamma Ro, Merchant Square, Candler/99$, 0141 552 9513

Name Jonathan Grant Age 33 Occupation Owner, Bar 91

On W to regeneration ‘The area has grown from places like Cafe Gandolfi, but everyone jumps on the bandwagon and the bigger

companies want to create a Covent Garden. But that doesn’t just happen. You can't make something that area; it takes time, individuals and places that are organically grown.’

On lat 91 being a Merchant City institution ’We’re happy here and we’ve got a lovely mix of clientele. You've got a mishmash of people and there's no pouting and posing; it's all people coming in for a good time who are able to talk and interact with different types of people.’

WI tit-bit The chairs with the swirly wrought-iron backs are in with the bricks, as they say. ’They look ridiculous, they're dangerous but we could never get rid of them.’

I Bar 91, 91 Candleriggs, 0141 552 5211

Name Neil Murray

Age 41 Occupation Administrative Director, Tron Theatre flow the Tron fits in 'The Tron is one of the oldest buildings in Glasgow. Old Glasgow is being infiltrated by modern Glasgow and there’s a real feel of life being brought in. There's been an explosion of arts organisations around this area and the Tron was a catalyst for that. Now we’re starting to create an atmosphere of an artists’ quarter.’ On the changes in the Merchant City 'I used to come drinking here years ago and you really only had the Tron and Cafe Gandolfi. Now there’s twenty places in that same radius. There‘s increased competition, but it's creating an atmosphere that wasn’t there before.’ Celebrity patrons Peter Mullan, Alan Cumming and Siobhan Redmond are just some of the stars who cut their teeth treading the boards of the Tron. trivia tit-hit The Tron commissioned Kenny Hunter to create two sculptures. At the front is a cherub which everyone sees, but tucked away at the back is a bronzed skull, embedded in the wall, and when the sun hits it, it can freak out unsuspecting members of the public. I Tron Theatre, 63 Trongate, 0141 552 8587