We saw you

Name Callum Occupation Retail Manager What did you think? Sharp, punchy and very sexy.

I liked the photos of the

hairdressers looking at

Danny Emma

Col/ege Superintendent

It’s brilliant; it really captures the feeling and quality of the 405 and 505.

mirrors; it looked quite like a

comic strip.

Retail Manager

I wish Montgomery Clift wasn’t gay.


Graphic Designer

I dldn’t know he even took photos untll yesterday, but they're amazing, I suppose hlS films look like a sequence of beautlful photos anyway.

name David Frances Jonny Kate Occupation Student Student Snow Patro/ guitar/5t Sleeper What did you think? Fantastic. There’s bits of I didn’t know them before The first twenty minutes were I enjoyed thlS much more

Flaming Lips and Radiohead's

OK Computer in there.

loved The Sophtware Slump album.

t‘r." l'

TU”... ‘_ ‘5 "any. V}. VFW?“ . \h L a .‘n -'v" '... H. s, \z t: H ~r 1,31- " . _. 1} A. 1.‘ , Jinn-7,. ,._ v.34 H “J, “or ,s

tonight but it was well worth I being dragged along to.

great and it kind of went down in the middle but picked up for the end. Great.

than their show In Edinburgh last year, they seemed much more into it here.

Following Ow 4mm page l9 of (ms issue, here are a few more Sex Survey} Statistics...

6.5 °A of people are sex'uallg excited by the act of campi/t'ng sex sun/regs...

-< Have 540a ever experimented with any of (he fol/owing? A) Handwff;

3) A whlp

C) A Moulrné‘x Food mixer" with adjustable whlsks

8% of people are small}; excited by the act, of partiupatuy in mmeyss

60 0"” 5urv€3 me/ .1 Ask me, anythl‘ng.’. ' Have /el/Cf dane [c with h. A) A goat ?

"— 3) A 5mql’.’ dog .7

v c) rhree penguins? Yer, yes, ger.’ All Of them!

j, 'j ' WWW?


mmEUfl 1—15 Feb 2001

and 19.37‘, of were are sexually exited bg the act of'rca ('19 sec surveys...

SEX Suttch Aacmve Luann]

women‘s maoAtiufr

ilxo- HID

l Mom. 35 7. of them»: anon mm: =- , hm P‘lfl'afdnts of th‘: l9 6

s Camopohmn Kama regular! had mm - Sexual c‘ucr-coun‘c on c or kitchen 4;

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‘O‘IOLOOICAL new/\ch


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Relation: 5m? 7

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