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It may be hard for us to swallow, but Rebel lnc founder Kevin Williamson believes hardcore PORNOGRAPHV is the only truthful depiction of sex out there.

THE LAST TIME I JERKED OFF TO THE SORT of images you see in those top shelf magazines I must have been in my teens. Imaginatively challenged and more than a little naive about sex. Not surprising really as I was exactly the target audience that these so-called soft porn magazines were aimed at: immature male assholes.

Nowadays, I wouldn’t waste my time looking at a wank mag if it was thrust under my nose. And I’ve got to agree with the Women

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Against Porn campaigners that these magazines should be taken off the shelves of family grocers and newsagents; their front covers are extremely offensive by treating women as pieces of meat whose only existence seems to be for the gratification of male desires.

Unlike so-called hardcore porn which is a lot more honest and real, soft porn is an ugly blot on the sexual landscape which plays an extremely negative role in shaping men’s perceptions of women. Soft porn is usually defined as sexual images where hard-ons are excluded and penetration is a no-no and where the women are usually shown alone in a sexually provocative pose. In other words where women are depicted as available, gagging on it, and where the viewer is invited to project his fantasy onto her and into her.

It seems bizarre that we actually have laws where only women are allowed to be shown in a state of sexual readiness. These laws were no doubt written by men in order to justify a


twisted reasoning that only women should be objectified.

The idea that depicting sex is acceptable if it is artistic and called ‘erotica’ is another piece of twisted logic. Angela Carter, in her brilliant polemical essay ‘The Sadeian Woman‘, scorned such an artificial division, insisting that ‘eroticism was just pornography for the elite‘. She argued that the upper classes have had the time and space to develop a more sophisticated attitude to sexuality whereas overcrowded and

cramped housing conditions combined with the oppressive guilt-inducing role of Christianity had stifled the sexual experimentation of many working class people.

This may be so but we are still constantly bombarded with soft porn imagery. Not just on the top shelves of newsagents but in every facet of the advertising industry, television, in style magazines, and especially in all the daily tabloids; most of which are edited, unsurprisingly, by immature male assholes. Wanna check? Pick up the Daily Record, Star or Sun any day of the week and count the cleavages. The only reasonable response of anyone over the age of puberty should be: Grow up boys.

Only hardcore porn has the complete freedom to show sex as it really is. Sometimes loving, sometimes pure fantasy, sometimes wild and sleazy. But as long as none of the participants is coerced into making it, or underage, where’s the harm? It’s only sex, for

godsake, and those who object to images of consensual sex shouldn't buy it. Simple as that.

It’s true that there‘s a lot wrong with the hard porn industry but licensing and regulation could go a long way to sorting it out and make it safer for those who choose to work there, male or female. A lot of participants are still forced to take part in these movies and get exploited, or worse. That is a clear argument for legislation and not for driving the sex industry further underground.

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Unfortunately, a lot of hard porn is still produced by emotionally stunted men for other emotionally stunted men. I doubt if many women get turned on by the sight of ugly moustachioed Germans who screw their faces up in misogynist hate as they perform sex on screen but the porn industry seems to churn these out regardless. Yet the sights and sounds of consenting adults getting up to whatever, and enjoying it, can be a turn on for many people, male and female.

It’s a sad indictment of our times that our society is still riddled with do-gooder pests who try to inflict their morals on everyone else rather than choose to live and let live. It may be about sex, drugs or rock ‘n’ roll. Sometimes you just want to give them a shake, drag their heads out of their bibles, and tell them that pleasure is good, sex is great, and if you don’t like it then that’s your problem and could you please shut the fuck up, the rest of us are trying to enjoy ourselves here.

14 THEUST 1—15 Feb 2001