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Available from Ann Summers, Sh!

What's that then? Probably the most famous vrbrator In the world; not only has It been featured on Sex And The City, but Is also a favourite of Mel B and Big Brother’s Nichola and It's easy to see why. The marn shaft Is llScm long, 4cm wrde, made of soft, flexrble, ’Jelly' plastic and frlled wrth small, multI-coloured beads whrch move around rnslde while the whole thrng vrbrates and rotates. As If that wasn’t enough, there's a llttle rabbit-shaped off-shoot \‘Vthh also vrbrates to strmulate the clrtorrs, creating almost too many sensations to handle. The Rabbrt Is operated by a separate control box, Wthh allows you to choose the speed of vrbratron wrth or wrthout the rotation. RGQUITOS 3 x C batteries; powerful and norsy With It.

Wilt/Jelly g Price £9 Available from Sh!

What's that then? A shocking prnk, multr-speecl vrbrator, 11.5cm long, 4cm wrde, made of frrm plastic, but encased In the same soft, ’Jelly’ plastic as the Rabbrt; thmk tron frst 1n velvet glove. The Mrnr Jelly 6 rs contoured for easy penetration, and to Increase the chances of strmulatrng that elusrve G-spot, Thrs IS a farrly low-powered vrbe, but Still provrdes enough SIImUIaIIOH to get you where you want to go. The battery goes rnsrde, and us controlled by a dral at the base, \Nthh can be a little awkward when you’re m the throes of passron, but It’s srmple enough to operate. Requires 1 x AA battery, Subtle and relatively Sllent.

Which VIBRATOR is the most Kirsty Knaggs goes in search of a light years ahead.

black and gold, and the 'hpstlc h :s pillarbox red You Insert the batteries lll the base, and then toast the 'llpstlck’ up to operate lhere's lust the one speed, and srnc e It's only bc m long, it has llnuted use, but us so realistic you can easlly tarry rt round mth you all the tune and nobody would be any the \ylser So now you've got a great excuse for spendrng so long lll the i()ll(‘i whrle you're out Regulres 2 x ACj—l ’3 Button ('ell batteries unc ludedl, average power, but nolsy

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What's that then? As the name Implres, thrs Is a two-parter, for vaginal and anal SillTllllcillOll The mam shaft Is 15cm long, 4.5c rn wrde whrle the anal vrbrator Is 7cm

long and lSc m wrde, and both are made of soft, plrable plastrc. The two parts are

connected by an expandable flex whrch makes It surtable for use erther solo or wrth a partner, indeed, the package recommends that thus product rs used by ’swrngrng couples’. The anal vrbrator Is multI-speecl and controlled by buttons on the base of the vaginal vrbe, whrc h rotates at two different speeds. Regulres 3 x AA batteries, powerful and very loud


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What's that then? Thls rs almost too pretty to use, It's a transparent red ’Jelly' vrbrator, whrch looks uncannlly like strawberry Jelly moulded Into the shape of a penrs. 15cm long and 4.5c m wrde, rt's soft and flexrble, and rrbbed for extra sensatron, and rs so Incredibly IdCIllO, you could get gurte a lot of pleasure Just from feelrng It. However, It’s more than Just an OlDJCCI of beauty, It has multr- speed vrbratron whrch rs controlled through a separate, easy-to-Operate power box, and Its large base makes It surtable for use m a harness. It may be a lot more pricey than some, but It’s worth every penny. Regurres 2 x AA battenes, farrly subtle power and DFdCIICdHy srlent.

amt/me g

Price £1 195 Available from Out Of The Blue

What's that then? It's all In the name really Thrs rs a slrm (2cm) vrbrator wrth a large (Acm) egg- shaped head, contoured to provrde G-spot stimulation, picture a Creme Egg stuck on top of a slrghtly bent strck of rock and you’re there. Made of solrd plastic, the Slrmlrne 6 rs 18cm long and promrses ’Outrageous Orgasms? What’s more, It’s personally endorsed by adult frlm star Shayla La Veaux, rs there a hrgher recommendation? The multI-speed vrbratrons are more concentrated In the head, although there’s more than enough to go round. Luke the Mrnr Jelly G, thrs vrbe Is controlled by a dral at Its base. Requrres 2 x AA batteries; average power and loudness.


Price £21.99 Available from Ann Summers What's that then? Well, you’d never belreve It’s a vibrator. It looks exactly Irke a lrpstrck, and a fairly classy one at that. The exterror packaging rs

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