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Price £14.99

Available from Ann Summers

What's that then? This multi-speed Vibrating penis ring is shaped like a dolphin and desrgned to stimulate not only the penis, but the clitoris as well. In theory, the ring gently squeezes the base of the penis while the dolphins little nose Vibrates against the clitoris, but not only is it very awkward to get into position, but the plastic is a little unyielding and subsequently can be painful. Some may find the ring itself too small to wear, so all in all, this is best used as a hand-held vibrator. ReqUires 2 x AA batteries; strong Vibrations but qUIet With it.

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Price £25 Available from Sh!

What's that then? This is a lii-tech Vibrator designed speCifically for stimulating the clitoris. It’s about the size and shape of an egg, with a 2cm long 'flicker’ on the end which, when sWitched on, twirls around and creates a gentle tickling sensation. Combined With the multi-speed vibrations, controlled by a separate battery pack, the overall effect is fairly dramatic. lt’s covered in a revolutionary new material called CyberSkin which has an incredibly realistic skin-like texture; soft and smooth to the touch. Requires 2 x AA batteries; fairly subtle power and average nOise level.

Wet $15” Wanton/'6 Price £7.95 Available from Out Of The Blue

What's that then? Fruit flavoured lubricant which is available in Tropical Fruit, KIWI Strawberry, and Blueberry. And not only does it lubricate, it also produces a mild heating sensation on the skin which increases when you blow on it. Safe to use with condoms and most toys.


Ann Summers 55—57 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow, 0141 331 0272; wwwannsummerscom

Out Of The Blue 36 Broughton Street, Edinburgh, 0131 478 7048.

Sh! 39 Coronet Street, London, N1 6HD; wwwsh-womenstorecom; to receive a free Sh! catalogue, please send an SAE to Sh! Mail Order at the above address.

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We asked you who, when, where and what with and you replied with speed, enthusiasm and detail; sometimes too much detail. Many thanks to all those who took the time, energy and soul-searching, and here is a summary of

the results.

1% are virgins

2% only have sex with significantly older or younger people

3% lost their virginity before they were 12

4% believe sex is better in a state of inebriation

5% come most readily orally

6% have had sex to further their career

7% like having sex to Latin music 8% enjoy giving oral sex

9% of porn users read erotic fiction

10% never masturbate

11% of heterosexuals would like to have a gay experience

12% use the phrase ’making love’ to describe sex

13% don’t do oral sex

14% have filmed people having sex

15% enjoy anal sex

16% have exchanged cash for sex

17% come most readily on their own

18% have never had sex on a first date

19% of those who use sex aids prefer dildos

21% lost their virginity between the ages of 12-15

22% enjoy receiving oral sex

23% got someone drunk to have sex with them

25% have had sex with more than one partner at a time

26% have had internet chat-room sex

28% have had a sexually transmitted disease

31% have never used pornography

33% have had phone sex

34% prefer the word ’shag’ to describe sex

35% of heterosexual readers have had a gay experience

36% believe an orgasm is necessary for good sex

37% come most readily on top 38% believe sex is better in lust 40% of porn users buy sex mags

41% have never had sex with a significantly older or younger person

44% of porn users watch sex videos

46% have never used a sex aid 47% have faked an orgasm 49% think size is important

51% don’t think

size is important

53% have never faked an orgasm

56% of those who have used a sex aid have used vibrators

57% have had sex with a significantly older or younger person

58% don't do anal sex

59% enjoy receiving

and giving oral sex

61% believe sex is better in love

64% believe good sex doesn’t necessarily require an orgasm

66% masturbate at least once a week 69% have used pornography

81% have had sex on a first date

83% prefer to have sex indoors 1—15 Feb 2001 THELIST19