Art, the final frontier

You thought space exploration was all about science and warp factors and giant leaps for mankind. Yes, indeed it is, but it's so much more than that. As a new exhibition at Glasgow's Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove (Friday 2 February—Sunday 1 April) demonstrates, the images of the universe from the Hubble Telescope 300 miles above the earth are almost an artform in themselves.

Dafoe is twin of evil

Spot the difference. One of these creepy-looking uglies is Max Schreck the silent cinema star of F.W. Murnau's vampire film Nosferatu, the other is Willem Dafoe the talking movie star of Shadow Of The Vampire, a fictional account of the making of Murnau’s horror classic. Turn to the film section for a review of the movie and a competition to win goodies.

You may see today's music icons as mere pop puppets dangling on the strings of A&R execs and record company gurus, but Scottish ’rockumentary' producer Angus McIntyre has taken that notion to its most illogical extreme. For a ten-minute pilot (BBC Choice, Wednesday 21 February, 10pm), he brings together the likes of Britney, Eminem, Liam, Dre and Robbie for quickfire imaginings in a made-up club, with the acts performing their songs and chatting to camera. Will Liam and Robbie come to blows? Will Britney and Eminem kiss, make tip and take it to the next level?

"1'"! Don’t do that, do this. Fifteen days of unmissable stuff.

THURSDAY 1 Stanley Kubrick He may have been the man responsible for some of the last century's finest movies but Stan kicked off his career behind a smaller lens, shooting street scenes and celebs for Look magazine. Edinburgh is the proud host of the only British exhibition. lnver/e/th House, Edinburgh.

FRIDAY 2 Shadow Of The Vampire For this movie, John Malkovich is being F.W. Murnau, the legendary director of Nosferatu, the scariest Drac movie ever and Willem Dafoe plays the vampire Max Schreck. And,

2 THE lIST 1—15 Feb 2001

yep, it’s fangtastic. See review, page land are re-Visiting the early days of 30 GFT, Glasgow; Fi'lmhouse, New Jersey’s finest hoods. E4. Edinburgh. MONDAY 5 Phill Niblock One of SATURDAY 3 Hamlet The America’s true sonic pioneers, tremendous Liam Niblock has spend 40 years Brennan is the ~ exploring the world of eponymous, ' minimalist claSSical confused Dane in mUSlC along With the what may be the likes of John Cage

Brunton’s and plays an swansong. extremely rare Brunton show. See Theatre, preView, page 49. Musse/burgh. Wee Red Bar, SUNDAY 4 the Edinburgh College


TUESDAY 6 Filth Tam

Dean Burn is masterful in the role of Bruce

Robertson, Irvine

Sopranos Just in case you missed series one, those wonderful people in digital-

Welsh's corrupt copper whose propenSity for mayhem is matched only by his arse’s ability to talk shite. Almost literally. Ci'ti'zens’ Theatre, Glasgow

WEDNESDAY 7 Celtic v Rangers The first instalment of the Old Firm double-header sees a place in the CIS Cup up for grabs. Tickets were eaten up ages ago but telly watchers can get a taste of that peCuliar Celtic/Rangers ’magic'. Sunday sees the pair battle it out for League supremaCy. Hampden Park, Glasgow. THURSDAY 8 Narcissus: Twentieth Century Self-Portraits How do artists see themselves? From the traditional to the contemporary, 20th century self-portraits by some of Scotland’s most celebrated artists including

Douglas Gordon in Narcissus, Thu 8