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Gigs are listed by date, then by cit . Performances Will be listed, provi ed that details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Rock and pop listings compiled by Fiona Shepherd (Glasgow) and Mark Robertson & Louisa Pearson (Edinburgh).

Ticket information

Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the followrng:

Virgin, Buchanan (ialleries. 332 4400 Credit card bookings from:

Ticket Link: 287 5511.

Way Ahead: 33‘) 8383.

Virgin Princes Street. 220 3234. Ripping Records South Bridge. 226 7010.

Assembly Rooms (ieorgc Street. 220 434‘)

Way Ahead ()l4l 33‘) 8383



I Sizer Barker, Mulatto illltl Pupkin King 'l‘ut‘s \Vah Walt llttt. St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £4 plus booking lee. Si/er Barker are the new earnest indie kids a-tottring while l’upkin are a l'ar tnore enticing and tnelodic prospect.

I Anti-Product .\'ice 'ii‘ Sleiix). Sauchiehall Street. 333 9037. 0pm.

I How To Swim, Spektrum and Twelve Below Zero l’ur) .\1urr) s. Maxwell Street. 221 651 1. 0pm. £3. including entry to post-gig club.

I Vagabonds Inc Scotia. Stockw ell Street. 552 8681. 8.30pm. l'it'cc. l’optllttl‘

I Jam Session Samuel Dow ‘s. Nithsdale Road. 423 ()l()7. 8.30pm. l'i‘ec.


I SL Records present Dazed the l’otterrow. Bristo Square. 650 9195. ‘lpm. l-‘ree. (iordon .\Iclnt_\'re tballboyl and Dan Mulch tKha_\al pla} sets.

I The Whiteroom llei-iot-Vl'att

support the.

I Acoustic Underground lilephanl House. 21 George l\' Bridge. 221) 5355. 7.30. l-‘ree. An songwriter open tnic exent hosted b} Peter Michael Rowan with appearances l‘roin the likes ot~ lloil} 'l‘omas.


I Fatlip, Catcher and Travler King 'l‘ut‘s \Vah \Vah lllll. St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £3.50 tad\anccl; £4 (door). Local band triple bill.

I Money, Money, Money l’aVilion 'l‘heatre. Renlield Slt'c‘c‘l. 332 l846. 7.30pm. £ 1 2.50/£ 10.50. Abba tribute show.

I Gene Pool, Modo and Flaw.e.d The 13th Note ('al‘e. King Street. 553 1638. 8pm. £3.

I Radar .\'ice ‘n‘ Sleal}. Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 0pm.

I Helen Reeves Ratnshorn Theatre. Ingram Street. 552 348‘). 8.30pm. £4. Local singer/songw ritct‘ launching her new album Sit l'i'Ul ('p with this informal gig in the to} er bar.

I Plastascene, Definite Integral and Strut l‘ury .\1urr} s. Maxwell Street. 221 651 1. 9pm. £4. including entr} to post- gig club.

I Button Up (‘att\as, Albion Street. 552 2101. Free before 1 1pm. £5 alter. (iroox _\- instrutnental soundtrack.

I Abba Disco Party Bourbon Street. (ieorge Street. 552 0141. 7pm. £5

The best gigs this fortnight


Divine Comedy That charming little Neil Hannon and all his melodramatic pals gather to give us a sneaky peak at their latest opus Regeneration, out later this year Liqurd Room, Edinburgh, Wed 74 Feb.

Soulwax Here come the Belgians' And not a foam costume, water cannon or guffaw from Stuart Hall for miles This bunch of genre- bending, electro rock chaps (pictured) put the 'ow" in rock show. Go see and believe. See pi'eView Garage, Glasgow, Mon 72 Feb.

My Vitriol Spunky indie kids whose constant towing and Support from the likes of Kerrang/ and the late lamented Melody Maker has paid off in spades. Their emotionally charged rock delivered in an aggressive indie style gets a lull reading on their debut album Fine/mes, out in March See preView. Venue, Edinburgh, 7 4 Feb, King Tut’s, Glasgow Thu 75 Feb.


Phill Niblock A legend in the world of avant garde minimalist music, Niblock makes this rare Visit from the States for this one-off display. See DFGVICVV. The Wee Red Bar, School Of Art, Edinburgh, Mon 5 Feb.

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra The work of Mahler and Tchaikovsky are among those on the bill when this, One of the world’s most highly regarded orchestras, come to town, led by conductor Kurt Masur. Royal Concert Hall, Tue 73 Feb.

(£12.50 with dinner). Featuring an Abba tribute act.

I lSiS Samuel Dow ’s. Nitltsdalc Road. 4230107. 8.30pm. Free.


I Mel C l’la_\hotise. I8 22 (ireenside Place. 0870 6063424. l’()S’1‘l’().\'l-I1). 'l'he scouse Spice)‘ wonder has cancelled her entire tour due to a throat infection. See Surface noise page 53 l'or details.

I The Bardot, Throat, Ridgeback and Zerotonin Studio 24. ('alton Road. 558 3758. £6. A noisy bill of acts l‘rom all met‘ the country.

I Bellweather Lianacban (‘ol'l‘eehotise Blackl'riars Street. 7.30pm. Free. Acoustic set from singer/songwriter liwan Burke and friends whose last single ‘('hristmas Songs' was well received.

East Kilbride

I Opium liast Kilbride Arts Centre. ()ld ('oach Road. 01355 261000. 8pm. £5 (£3). Local band with a strong 70s \‘lhc‘.

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1—15 Feb 2001 THE LIST 53