8.30pm. £5. liddie Severn has established himself as a key figure on the Edinburgh _ia// scene since moving to the city in the late 80s, both as a player and in his role as director of the jaw courses at Napier. liddie's quartet provides a shovvcase for his trumpet and llugelhorn work. and also for his compositions.


I Chick Lyall Trio Henry's Jal/ Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. 8.30pm. £5 (£4). (‘hick l.y all has long been one of the most individual and absorbing musicians on the Scottish scene. Although his playing career has taken second place to his academic yvork in the past few years. the pianist has remained active iii a range of music. front tau standards through to free improvisation. A classically trainedcomposer. l.y all brings a rare sense of form and control to jazz composition.


I Jazz On A Sunday Afternoon ('raigsfariii. Marec Walk. (‘raigsliilL ()l5()o 433634. I -3pm. £5 (£3). Saxophonist John Burgess leads an unusual trio line-up. featuring flute and guitar.


I David Milligan Trio Henry's Ja// Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. 8.30pm. £5 (£4). David Milligaii is one of the most inventive musicians on the Scottish scene. The pianist is joined by bass player Tom l.y'ne and drummer Tom Bancroft.

THURSDAY 8 Edinburgh

I Choro Escoses Henry‘s Jal/ Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. 8.3()pni. £5 (£4). See Thu l.



I Goddard (‘aiivas. 13 lo Walls Street. 552 2 l()l. Midnight. 'l'liese up-aiid- coming funksters play a selection of original and classic tunes. featuring vocalist Jeremy (ioddard.


I High Heel Sneakers Henry 's Jan Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. Midnight. £5. See Fri 2.

I Jazz ‘n' Jive Club l‘ttii‘ltiilc inn. 44 Biggar Road. 312 8243. 8pm. £5 (£4). Special guests Jake McMahon (clarinet) and 'l‘eddy l-‘ullicl. (ti'titiipet ) join the Spirits ()f Rhythm iii this traditional jal/ SL‘SSiUll.

I Sylvia Rae Quartet Henry ‘s Ja// Bar. (S Mtii'i'istii) Street. 538 738.5. 3.5(lptii. £5. Singer Sylvia Rae takes on a selection of great songs. drayy iiig on every thing frotii jaH standards to contemporary pop. accompanied by lidinburgh‘s top rhythm section. featuring Brian Kellock (piano). Kenny lillis (bass) arid John Rae (drums). I Carol Kidd Queen's Hall. (‘lei'ls Street. 668 2(ll‘). 8.3()pm. U2 (£lll). ('at'ol Kidd is a yvorld class interpreter ol'ja/I standards. and is alyyay s a popular draw in her native Scotland. Her accoiiipanists on this occasion will include guitarist Nigel Clark and harpist (‘orriiia Heyvat.


I Fionna Duncan with The Gerry Culley Trio Dundee Rep. 'l'ay Square. ()I382 223530. l().3()pm. £4 (£2.5()). Singer l‘ionna Duncan gets together yy ith the Dundee-based pianist (ierry (alley and his trio iii a programme of syy inging ja/x standards.



I Goddard ('anyas. l.3 l() \Valls Street. 552 2 l(ll. Midnight. See liri U.

I Billy Kettles Group Brel. 3t) 43 Ashton Lane. 342 4‘)(i(i. 3 (ipm. l5rec. lixpect some interesting neyy tunes. accompanied by tiiodei'ii ja/l standards.


I Martin Kershaw Quartet llenry 's Jan Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. 8.30pm. £5. The first part of a double bill featuring the considerable talents of alto saXoplionist Martin Kersliayy. 'l‘he Berklee graduate is also heard is ith the lilses of Green Juice. Rarelaction and (iroovediggal. btit this baiid is a

slioyy case for the acoustic ja/I side of his work. and for his oyy ii compositions.

I Groovediggaz Henry 's Ja// Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. Midnight. £5. A second instalment of the Martin Kershayv shoyy. This titiic. the .saXophoiiisi indulges his love of 7()s funk in this energised retro outfit. featuring the meals of Tony King.


I Chick Lyall Trio Henry 's Ja/J Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. 8.30pm. £5. See Stiii 4.



I VIPs Of Jazz l’a\ ilioii 'l‘lieatre. III Reniield Street. 332 l.s'4o. ".3Hpm. £l8 lleH. fSL‘C \ltill l2.

I Valentine's Jazz Brcl. 3t) 43 .-\siiioii l.ane. 342 40m». 7.30pm. £l‘) (includes three course meal I. Ray Macdonald and (icoigc Burt play smooth i'oiiiaiitic (an (it) s.i\ .tiiti gtiilai' to accompany ytttii \alciitiiic's meal.


I John Rae’s 'Songs for Swinging Lovers' lleiii'y 's .la// Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. 8.30pm. £5 (£4i. More Valentine‘s iiiglii romance. this time served tip courtesy of drtiiiimer .loliii Rae and his sllll [H be I'L'H‘alcd g‘tlths.

THURSDAY 15 Edinburgh

I Cathie Rae Henry ‘s Ja// Bar. 8 Morrison Street. 538 7385. 8.3()pm. £5 (£4 ). Singer ('atliie Rae lias ptit together a neyy programme of contemporary and sell~coitiposcd material for this occasion.



The followin details are for regular free weekl (Fates: see main listings for one-o or ticketed shows. Gigs are listed by city, then by day. Residencies will be listed, provided that up-to-date details are supplied to us. Jazz Residencies listings are compiled by Henry Northmore.

-mm:- Thursdays

I June Love and Alan Pike l-Liii Drink Man Woman. 34 King Street. 552 0227. 8pm. Mainstreamja/l \yitli vocals.

I Paul Gallacher (‘oriniliiaiL l‘)l Ingram Street. 552 l|()l. l()piii 3am. l’iaiio classics. from Broadway to Beethoven.

I Danny Thompson Baby (ii‘illitl. 3 7 liliiibaiik (iardens. 248 4942. l().3()pm. .\ yy ide selection from this lounge pianist.


I Andrew Mann (‘orinihiiiii (sec 'l‘liu ). (ipin 3am. Piano and live \ocals.

I Bobby Wishart 8: Band Borders Books. Music and (ale. ()8 Buchanan Street. 222 77()(). 7.30 9.30pm. .\lL'll()\\. I Live Jazz 'l‘he liruitiiiarket and l‘irkiii. Albion/Bell Strch. 222 77()(). l lpiii. .\ fortnightly rotation of Latin and mainstream ia/l.

I Tap Moi-La Breyyery lap. “55 Saucliieliall Street. 33l 5580. 9.30pm. l’lay'iiig .\'ortliern sotil and funky iii/I. I Danny Thompson Baby (il'dlltl (see 'l‘liu). l().3()pm. l.otiiige pianist.

jazz MUSIC


I Bobby Campbell Quartet t‘lianiliers Bar. (ieorge Square. 552 1‘4“ 2 5pm. .\lainstreaiii and melloyy i.i// sounds yyitli liddie l‘oal on \ocals.

I Harry Margolis' Miller Band l.:\ll.tcllt‘. 2~ “lillt‘llmt Sllt‘t‘l. 22l 32 ill 2 5pm. Big band in the (ilenii Millet yciii. I Lauder's Big Band I .iiidei‘s. Sauchtcliall Street 331 5lSi). 2 5pm, lilic big band sotiiid. \y iilt \ocals tioiii llcatlici \\ liticiord

I George McGowan Orchestra l'al Hi'iiil. Man \\om.iii tscc llllll 2 3i) (ypm lilg'lllt‘c'l)‘l‘lt'cc big band

I Willie Hitchel ('oi‘iiitlitaii (sec l'liti t. (ipm 3am. \thlic lliiclicl and otlici icsidciits supply the ll\ c piano and vocals I The Blue Notes (“ate Rotigc. John Street. 552 4433 8 3t) l().3()pm. l'lie blues and other ia// sounds.

I Shelagh Buchanan .Sl/llt‘ls' Slcalsliiillst‘. 5‘) .-\ll‘ioii Slit‘cl. 552 421)”. ‘lpm. liiiioy ia// gtiitai and \ocals oy er dinner boolstiig on the iiuiiibci above. I Live Jazz lilackiriais. 3o Bell Street. 552 5024. ‘l 3Hpm, Modeiii tan with the three piece Button l'p on Sat 3 l~cb. l‘p and-coming sasoplionist loi‘iia Broyyti [)l'()\ ltlL‘S lllc sHillitis oi) Sal ill l'k”l‘.

I Johnny Logue liieyyeiy lap. ltiSS Satichicliall Sti‘ccl. 33" (lo-l3 ‘l3llpm. l iyc ia/x ftiiil. and covets.

I Kurt Wylie Baby (iiaiid (sec lliti ).

l().3()pm. lounge pianist.


I Michael Deans Jazz Quartet (‘iiitieis Bar. 93 llyiitllaiid Street. 357 5825.

4 "pm. 'l‘i'aditioiial law.

I Sunday Jazz with Bobby Wishart .\lacl.aclilaii's. 5~ \Vcst Regent Street. 332 0595. (ipm. live ia// every Sunday.

I David Jones Pitcher and Piano. ()2 West (icorge Street. 35.3 WW. 8 l(lpm. ('onteniporary tan piano.

I Live Jazz Blackfi'iai's. so Bell Street. 552 5024. 0.30pm. Madeline l’i'itcliai'd is on hand on Stiii 4 lieb for some iiiodci'ii tan. yyliile on Sun ll l‘eb Brian Molley drops in.

I Kerry Tracey (‘ni-iiitliiaii (sec The ). l()piii 3am, (‘lassic ial/ piano in tlie lilla l'it/gerald mould.

I Jazz DJ Baby (irand (see 'l'liti ). l().3()pm.


I Fionna Duncan with The Ronnie Rae Trio Mc(‘liuill‘s. 4() High Street. 552 2 l 35. ()pm. .\laiiisircaiii ial/ tunes yyitli this retioyy iied siiigci'.

I Kerry Tracey ('tH‘llilllilil) tsee 'l‘liii ). l()pm 3am. (’lassic. laid-back ia//.


I Bobby Wishart & Band Riissell‘s Bai' (ale. 7" Byi'es Road. 334 4073. 8 l lptii. Mainstream and modern.

I Live Jazz Illit‘ ('ltk‘kyyoi‘ls “L'L'l' (‘o..

l I53 I I55 (allicai't Road. (i4‘) (ll 84. 8.30pm. On line (i l‘cb (icoi'gc ()gily ie 'l'i‘io pays a visit with the best in l)i\ielaiid tau. and Bob l)ale Sound play on Tue l3 l‘cb.

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not to be missed.

Tickets £8/£4.50 Box Office 0141 887 1010

Fat Sam’s Band

From Glen Miller and Duke Ellington to Fats Domino and The Blues Brothers... Another foot tappin’ finger snappin’ night

Saturday 17 February 7.30pm


l—lS Feb 2001 THE llST 57