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On The seats“?

The tunes currently filling and : clearing the dancefloors.


: Photek: ‘Mine To Give' (Science *ttt)

The one time drum & bass master (pictured) has secured himself a place in the house of . . erm house with this understated beauty With smooth vocals from Robert Owens and 'oh so Simple but so damn good' programming. (MR) The Soulsavers: 'Climbing The Tower EP' (Lone Ranger tit) They don’t do much, 1'” grant ye, but this quartet of Instrumental electro/hip hop noodles are oddly compelling. Opening With a laid-

back mogadon funk groove, this trio fuse '

filmic ambience With street atittude.

Worthy of further investigation. (MR) Lucid: ‘Out There' (Delirious *ttt)

Don’t be put off by the words ’trance’, ’stormer' and 'anthem’ being bandied about for this big commercial track, it sits

head and shoulders above the mealy mouth trance-lite masses that clutters the charts and airways. All four mixes on this double pack are sleek and shiny, retaining a sense of pace and grace while pushing all the right emotional buttons every time. Lush. (MR)

Fug: ‘Ready For Us' (Nuphonic tart)

5 The first string-drenched single from the . impossibly beautiful chamber music

meets jazz meets soundtracks LP of the same name. Hardly a dancefloor stormer, then, but you can’t argue with a record that sounds like John Barry and Curtis Mayfield. (JM)

Richard Hinge: 'The Return Of Freya’ (Disko B *tttt) Dark as night four-

, track EP from the New York DJ, taking in

l mid-tempo cold techno on one side and

ultra-filthy sleazed up, doom-laden electro on the other. As with pretty much everything on Disko B: essential.(JM)

' Percy X: ‘Maintain' (Soma *ttt) Not

; that many copies about until the release 1 later this month, but well worth tracking 1 down for fans of deep, looped techno

with a tribal edge. The Steve Bicknell mix veers into house-ier territory too, so

there’s something for everyone.(JM)

leans Team: 'Keine Melodien' (Kitty Yo

i *tttt) All together now: 'Ein, zwei, , drei, vier.’ Not unlike Suicide on a pumped '

up eighteez disco tip, with daft synths and

angry shouting in German. Peaches, who's been performing the song live of late, . provides a stripped-down mix while Ml

Lan turns out a more dancefloor-friendly

techno-ish version. (JM) Coldplay: 'Trouble’ (Lost Witness Remix) .

(White Label ***) Lame-duck tedium

Q rockers go trance. There’s the usual

barrage of arpeggiated trance craZiness,

f drums that probably count as ’boshing,’ then the indie minstrels warble their


chorus over the breakdown. Unlikely to

gain an official release. (JM) (Jack Mottram and Mark Roberston)

I See Music for more reviews.

72 THE UST l—IS Feb 2001


I Yang at Yang. I Ipm—3am. Free before midnight; £5 after. Weekly. Following the corker of an aftershow for their Love Boat Party. Tangent are all set to blend up disco. soul and whatever takes their fancy every week. Michael Peck is on hand to warm things up with blistering hip hop and funk in the top bar. before the mighty Goodfoot get Northern on your asses. Kushi. meanwhile. will continue to take it deep in the back room. so to speak.

I Yum Yum at The 13th Note Club (basement). 9pm—3am. Free before 1 Ipm; £5 after. Weekly. Latin grooves. jazz. hip hop and the like predominate. btit pretty much anything goes, including wiggy projection action from Ray Suzuki.

Chart & Party

I Carwash at '2. llpm—~3am. £3 (£2). Weekly. A night of disco. funk and soul classics. courtesy ofThc Garage's Jerry Lyons.

I Cheesy Pop at Qutlos (QM If). l0pm—2am. £2 (£1). Students and tip to four guests. Weekly. Seven years on and rampant hordes of mucky-minded. vodka-fuelled urchins still flock to hear DJ Toast's Iidam selection. A riotous evening. with the emphasis on pure unashamed fun.

I Envy at Destiny. l0pm-—3ain. £5 before 1 1pm; £6 after. Weekly. Throbbing house action at the city centre mega-venue. Wear nice shoes.

I Love Bug at The Garage. 10.30pm-3am. £4 (£3). Weekly. Insanely busy night of party tunes for students and youngsters.

I Pink Cadillac at Betty‘s (Archaos).

1 Ipm—3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Break out your feather boas. ludicrous flares. platform boots and Afro wigs and groove to classic disco and sexy funk. courtesy of DJ Shaft.

I The Shack at Shack (formerly The Temple). 10.30pm—3am. £5 (£4). Cheesy chart tunes.

I Shag at Fury Murry‘s. l Ipm—3am. £5 (£3). Weekly. Drunken party tunes from Mark and James G. 'No one forgets their first Shag'. they assure us.

I Strawberry Fields at Strawberry Fields. 9pm—3am. £6 before 1 1pm: £7 after. Weekly. A party-up set taking in dancefloor faves from the 60s to the present day.



I Anti-Bar at The l3th Note Cafe. t)pm-midnight. £2. 3 Feb. Monthly. Night clubbing is dead. bars are for yuppies and staying in just isn‘t an option. Thank goodness Ms. Mingo-go is on hand to provide a wiggy-assed musical car crash at a reasonable volume to allow for. y‘know. talking. The Anti~ (‘ow has returned from his recent elopement. rumours that he sired a cow- human hybrid have proved to be a load of bull. Sorry.

I b.ding at Soba. 9pm—midnight. Free. 3 Feb. Monthly. Warm-up session to the main event at The Lighthouse. featuring diverse musical goodies from across the globe played by the likes of DJ Panic and live percussionists Firefly. See Hitlist.

I Budda at Bar Budda. 8pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. Stevie Middleton of . Solemusic with deep house and garage. : I Buff Club at Brel. ()pni-midnight.

Free. Weekly. Solid funk and soul


I The Corinthian at The Corinthian. ()pin—late. Free. Weekly. Wayne Dixon takes care of the main bar in this mega leisure complex with a selection of

classic soul and disco and contemporary ‘groove‘ (ie proper) R&B.

I Cul De Sac at The Cul De Sac. ()pni—midnight. Free. Weekly. Jim Hutchison from Sonia with funked-up techno and deep house.

I Dirty Wriggles at The Variety Bar. 9pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. A techno ‘n' electro pre-club set from Dirty ? Wriggles of Mystec Beatz. l

I Fourward Thinking at Four Cafe Bar ((‘CA). 9pm—-inidnight. Free. Weekly. Pre- club with an emphasis on breaks and beats. I Kenny H at RUssell's (‘afe Bar. 9pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. Funky house. with a smattering of soul.

I Nico's at Nico‘s. Omit—midnight. Free. Weekly. Gavin Somerville with a pungent blend of cheesy home.

I Nomad at Nomad. 7.3l)pin—midnight. Free. Weekly. Iinjoy some quality house from Kris Kcegan. Ian Thompson and A.J. and you can capture those cheeky grins with the free camera hire offer.

I Sam Wallace at Iiat Drink Man Woman. 8pm—midnight. Free. Weekly. .-\cros's-thc-hoard hotlse sounds to get you ready for a night otit.

I Spy at Spy Bar. Opin—Iate. Free. Weekly. (‘olin Basic and Law rencc Hughes do alternate Saturday s. both providing quality house grooves.

I Walker 8: Hughes at The Living Rootn. ()pin—midnight. Free. Weekly. The deepest of house from (‘olin and Lawrence - one of the best ways to gear tip for the night otit proper.

I The Works at Bar 10. ()pin midnight. Free. Weekly. Graham Wilson with sotil. hip hop and hotise.


I Archaos at Archaos. 1 Ipm—4am. £8. Weekly. A.J. rocks the main room with house and garage. Ian Thompson whacks otit the best in underground garage and dance classics in Betty's. while members in the Sky Bar are treated to quality grooves froin Colin Davie and Laurence Hughes. In addition. the Archaos cast of performers bring a touch of the circus to clubland with fire-eaters. stilt-walkers and dare devil trapeze artistry.

I b.ding at The Lighthouse (5th Floor). Midnight—3am. £6. 3 Feb. Monthly. All manner of musical styles from across the globe get an airing courtesy of ()scar (Mish Mash). Tiger Style and drum & bass fellas Irian Jaya. Indian and Egyptian styles will figure highly at this new excursion where guest DJs and live protagonists run amok.

I Bennet's at Bennet's. I 1.30pm—3am. £5. Weekly. Shaun with a commercial dance set and Annie with a blend of 70s and 80s hits at the city's oldest gay club. Not in terms of the clientele. of course. I Bugged Out! at Queen Margaret Union. I()pm—3am. £12 (£10). 10 Feb. Monthly. Another high-calibre line-up from the Bugged Out! beasts features Tom Middleton. Justin Robertson. James Holroyd. The Jengaheads and Richard Hector-Jones.

I The Cathouse at The (.‘athouse. 10.30pm—3am. £3.50 (£2.50) before

1 1.30pm; £4 after. Weekly. Indie. rock. grunge and beats across three floors.

I Club 69 at Rocksy's Basement. l()pm—2.30am (midnight curfew). £5 (members only). Weekly. The team behind the Rub-A-Dub record shop with the deepest underground sounds and the best guest DJs. For membership details. call Rub-A-Dub on «1006967.

I Clubsole Residents Party at MAS.

l Ipm—3am. £8. 3 Feb. Monthly. Solemusic proudly open the doors to the latest showcase of their multi-talented DJs and producers. Featuring Stevie ‘Sole' Middleton. Chris Harris. Ewan Kelly and Milton Jackson. this will be a smooth and sexy soulful groove from start to finish.

I Colours at The Arches. I Ipm—4am. £tbc. 10 Feb. Monthly. Presumably Colours have assembled a dossier of incriminating information on the cream of the trance and hard house comtnunity. How else could John Digweed. Anthony Pappa. Steve Lawler and the Dope Smugglaz be at below par line-up. As ever lain ‘Boney' Clarke and Jon Mancini take the warm up slots.

I Divine at Glasgow School of Art. I()pm—3am. £5 (£4): £3.50 GSA students. Weekly. Andrew Divine and Hush Puppy get on with the next ten years of moogy noodling. Northern stomp and other future-retro sounds.

I Fluid at Alaska. Next date 17 Feb with ‘Evil' Eddie Richards.

I Freefall at The Arches. l Ipm—4am. £10. 3 Feb. Monthly. Freefall ressies Alan Belshaw and Simon Foy are joined by hard hoUs‘e fayourite. and Inside Out regular Lisa Loud. Perhaps she can explain why all hard house DJs are called Lisa.

I Freeform at The 130) Note (‘lub (both floors). *lpiii—3am. Free before 10.30pm; £5 (£4) after. Weekly. All sorts of tunes from Steyen and Paul Wall. taking in hip hop. ja/z. disco and Latin. augmented by Ra) Su/uki‘s left-of—centre Prtticctions. I Freelance Science at Alaska. 10.30pm—3am. £10 (£8). 3 Feb. Monthly. The first batch of science in 2001 with Stuart and ()rde tearing it tip on decks. samplers and assorted black buxc‘s.

I at T110 :\l'c‘llc‘s. .\'L‘\l (llllc‘ 1-7 Feb.

I The Funk Room at The Arches. 10.30pm 3am. £8. 16 Feb. Monthly. It does exactly what it says on the tin: deep funk. porno-funk. jun-funk. new-school funk. other kinds of funk. Andrew Dis inc and Big Beat’s Simon Hodge are the funk DJs. Funky.

I Gain at Alaska. 10.30pm ~3am. £10 (£8). 10 Feb. Monthly. Percy X of Sonia fame welcomes leading Iinglish techno producer James Ruskin. Judging by the devastatingly high calibre of his recent recordings. this should be a popular one. Those expecting Swedish techno star Samuel L. Sessions will be more than satisfied with his replacement. See Preview.

I Groovejet at Trash. 1 Ipm-3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. Brothers Matt and Pete knock out quality house and garage in the main room. while Paul N'Jie spins R&B in room two.

I Haptic at Riverside ('lub. Midnight—3am. 10 Feb. Monthly. £5 in advance (frotn Sidetracks): £8 on the door. 10 Feb. Monthly. Residents Gianni and Polanski do their deep house thing with special guest Nicky (‘rampsey supplying the cosy warm-up sounds.

I Havana Esperito at Canvas. £7. Weekly. DJ Jan. brings his Latino box of tricks to the merchant city‘s newest venue. Canvas, where there's no dedicated dancefloor. but there is classy service and an elegant. sophisticated vibe for those who‘ve had enough of sweat with their salsa.

, I High at Mas. l Ipm-3am. £8. Weekly.

The Saturday nighter at the new venue with Lawrence Hughes.

I Home Base at Alaska. Next date 24 Feb with Rob Bright.

I Home Cookin at Baba/a. 6pm-3am (DJs from 1 1pm). Free before 1 1pm; £5 after. Weekly. Naecm is joined by Stuart Mc(‘alluni. regular guest at the likes of Fresh ‘n‘ Funky and Rotation down in the Big Smoke. who will be flying up each

and every week to spin his trademark

R&B with a dash of classic disco and funk.

I Infusion at Yang. 1 Ipm -3am. Free before midnight; £5 after. Weekly. Making ftill use of Yang's three rooms. you can catch (‘olin Gate and Dribbler in the main room with disco. New York garage and home. Andy Young and Nick Peacock do their Latin jazz thing with live percussion from Gee in room two and. last btit not least. Scott Ferguson and Rhonamok man the decks in the upstairs bar.

I Inside Out at The Arches. Next date 24 Feb with new resident Judge Jules.

I Jamboree at Reds. l Ipm—3am. £7 (£5). Weekly. John Lyons and Martin Hesketh of Velvet Rooms fame mix up a blend of commercial R&B and soul.

I Knucklehead Present My Machines at The Glasgow School ofArt (upstairs). I()pm—late. £4 (£3.50). Weekly. Wilkes and Hatch hammer out cool. deadly funked-up techno and hard as nails house to a seriously appreciative crowd. By which we mean drunk.

I Life at Life. I()pm-3am. £5. Weekly. Andy L'nger presents a selection of soul. funk and disco augmented with original samples and loops to guarantee a new

take on familiar sounds.

I I Lush at The Polo Lounge.

10.30pm—3am. £5. W 'ekly. Featuring