Exhibitions are listed alphabetically b cit and category, then

alpha etically by venue. Please send details to our office at least ten days before publication. Art listings compiled by Helen Monaghan.



Bulkhead (iallery. 264 High Street. 'I'ue—I‘ri noon 5pm.

Clare Stephenson Tue 6 hi to l‘eb. In the interior space of Bulkhead (iallery. new work by (late Stephenson featuring spray-painted and three—diinensioiial pieces.


3f) Kelviugrove Street. 564 5200. Mon—Thu l lam | lpm: l5ri & Sat llam-—iiiidnight: Sun | lain I lpin. Rankin Until Sat 3 l‘eb. 'l'o accompany a major exhibition of celebrity photogiaphs at Street Level. the (ilasgow-boi'ii photographer Rankin shows a selection of works from his new book ('t'leBritutimi. See also Street Level.


253 Argyle Street. 090] 0220300. l)aily l()am—midnight.

Satellite 2 Sat 3 Sat 24 l‘eb. The second exhibition from Satellite Studios featuring mixed media and photographic work by eleven (ilasgow- based artists including Kevin Hutcheson. Luci Ransomc. (iordon Currie. Penny Sharp. Perva/c Mohamiiied and l.vnn Hunter.

The National Review Of Live Art Wed l4—Sun IX lieb. Britain's longest running festival of live art takes tip residence at the newly refurbished Arches. with an eclectic range of new work from Mexico. Japan. Iiurope. UK and the USA. ('urated by Nikki Milican. this year featuies thirteen new Lottery-funded commissions from artists across the UK. including Scottish artists Beverley Hood. Patil Joseph. Stephen Partridge and Lisa Wesley. See feature.


l9 Parnie Street. 552 777‘). Mon Sat noon—5pm.

Nooks And Crannies Fri 2 Mon 26 ten. Paintings of (ilasgow‘s familiar and

unfamiliar nooks and crannies. featuring work by Bryan liyans. l-‘rank McNab. David Marshall and a new suite of etchings by Alan Richardson.

Shona Kinloch l-‘ri 2'-.\it)ll 26 l-‘eb. Bird etchings.

Deborah Campbell l-‘ri 2—.\lon 26 Feb. New still life paintings.

Figurative Works to 277 Mon 2o lieb. l’igurative paintings by a selection of artists including (iraham McKean. Richard Hunter and (‘hristoplier Mclilhinney.


Regent House. I I3 West Regent Street. 226 54l3. Mon liri l()am 5pm. Sat by appointment.

Glasgow Style t’niil Wed 2% lieb. An exhibition of work by Annie lirench. ('harles Rennie .\Iackintosh. 'l‘alw in Morris and contemporary artists Norman lidgai‘. Noi'iiian Kirkman and \\'.J. Maskell.


I34 Blythswood Street. 332 4027.

Mon l’ri 9.30am 5.30pm; Sat

l()am « 1 pm.

From The Edge . . . Postcards For 2001 Sat 3 Mon 26 lieb. Over 200 postcard si/ed paintings by gallery artists. Geraldine McGloin Sat 3- Mon 26 l-‘eb. New ceramics.

Wally Gilbert and Nina Bukvic Sat

3 r;\'lon 26 lieb. 'l'ableware and jewellery. Valentines Sat 3~.\1on 26 I‘eb. (‘ontemporary jewellery by gallery artists.


24-Hour Viewing Window. 264 High Street. 572 0|(il.

Road Works Until Fri 30 Mar. A set'ies of video works by four artists taking place over the next two months. First tip is Holger Mohaupt (until 8 I’ebi with his two-piece installation l-‘lut I’iu‘: Nicola .»\tkinson-(iriflith shows Sleep: duration 42 minutes (9- 25 Feb) a single screen piece showing a hooded figure: Stuart (iurdcn shows Love Song (26 Feb-l3 Mar) which documents the artist‘s encounter with a wild rat; and Matt Hulse show's ilillt’ I”'tettt Wave ( l-l--30 Mar) which looks at happiness. See preview.


360 (ireat Western Road. 334 8894.

Mon Wed 8am 8pm; 'l‘liu-~Sat

9am llpm: Sun l()am l()pm.

Sugar And Spice With All Things Nice lIiitil Sun 4 Mar. Mixed media works based on the theme of Valentine's Day by

local artists and students from (ilasgow School of :\rt.


l0 King Street. 553 0733. Mon Sat l(l.30am-midnight; Sun l—l lpm. Junction 19 - Adventures In The City l'ntil Sun l 1 Feb. Nicky (iill and Peter Murray explore the colours. shapes and textures of the cityscape in this new exhibition of work.

Russian Connections Tue I3 l-‘eb-Sun l l Mar. A group show of work by Rtissian and (ieorgian artists featuring wood. oils. w atcrcolours and currency notes.


270 Sauchiehall Street. 332 752 l.

Mon Sat l()am 5pm: Sun llaiii 5pm. Neal Beggs (ilasgow-basetl artist Neal Beggs has created ati installation for the entrance corridor space at the venue. consisting of two large blocks of text on the corridor walls. ()ne wall lists the 284 Scottish Munros (mountains ov er 3()()()ft) while opposite is a list of the 304 mulli- storey tower blocks built in (ilasgow between the l‘)5()s and the l970s.


36 West (ieorge Street. 332 555 l.

Mon Sat l()am 5.30pm; Sun noon 5pm. Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of limited edition prints.


University of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 4400 ext 2682. Mon l‘i'i l()am 5pm; Sat noon ~4pm. Watermarks limit Sat 3 l-‘eh. John Murray and John K. Mc(iregor‘s ll“ill(‘l'ttl(ll'l\'.\‘. is a series of allegorical photographs and poems. Using the River 'l‘cviot as a metaphor for themes of love. loss and renewal. Mc(iregor‘s moody black and white close-ups capture every ripple. undulation. swell and movement of the river. perfectly complemented by Murray's thought-provoking poems. Land-Fall L'ntil Sat 3 Feb. A series of colour photographs by Barry l’ielder

inspired by the rural and urban landscape.

Get Real: Romanticism And New Landscapes In Art Sat In Feb ‘Sat 24 Mar. ()rganised and toured by Art Sway. the exhibition features contemporary perceptions of the Itith century Romantic landscape by Polly Binns. lileri Mills. Pawel (ii'unert. James Campbell. lililabeth Raeburn. Ronald Pennell and Sasha Ward.

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Plate 114 from Sophie: Artist's book by Ral Veroni at Glasgow School of Art

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The best exhibitions this issue

Stanley Kubrick Still Moving Pictures 1945—1950 tintinii of the world's greatest Tilt. but he was also an it tlt'lrtill‘.li(‘(l photographer l(lllllhllijl‘ nosts ill‘.‘ only UK showing of these stunnino photographs talen toi lle‘.'.’ \i’orl Look maga/ine l/ll’i’llt’li/t House, Royal BUM/m (rattler), iii/'ihiittjli, until Sun 1 Apr

Sigmar Polke: Music Of Unclear Origin Over «10 (joiiat be. r ieateil !.'l 1996 by one of (retiriaiiy's lioolaest painters, Sioiiiai Poll e, (to on show for the first time National (ta/ler of Modern/lit, l(l/tll)(ll(}ll, until Sun 18 Mar. See rei/iew

(lllt‘t iiit‘i,

Narcissus: Twentieth Century Self- Portraits Watt hint; the artists .‘Jati h

themselves of 20th (entuiy sell~portnntu by Scottish artists i‘Jat/onal Portrait Gallery, E(//nl)ur(}li, until Sun 1 Apr See review.

CeleBritation (ilas<jo‘.'.-boii. photographer erlli/lll", snaps of famous celebs |ll( luding l/larloiina, Damien Hirst, Debbie Harry and DaVId BOWIe to name but a low Street Level and AM Organ/t, Glasgow, until Sat 3’ lel)

Roderick Buchanan Players last few days to see Roddy Bur hanan's first major solo exhibition Bringing together a substantial roller tion of his sports-based art, the short offers viewers a unique insight into one of Scotland’s finest (ontt-xiriporary artists. Dundee Contemporary Arts, Dundee, until Sun 4 Feb

Collective Gallery Shows Solo shows for emerging artists Peter McGoldrick and Michael Wiliinsoii looking at the fashion and rriiisir worlds respectively, and new paintings by Janice l/l(lldl) in the Project Room Col/ertive Gallery, Edinburgh, unti/ Sat 24 let) See review

Best Eagle Duncan MacOuarrie's fragile tin-f0il constructions, l/larlr Titcbner’s Spyrograph-style sculptures and Michelle Naismith’s Video piece which includes a woman holding a Silver-fOII wrapped bat, art guaranteed to raise a smile Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, unti/ Tue 20 Feb. See rewew.

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