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ART LISTINGS continued

McIntosh Patrick Remembered tintil Strrt l l Mar. A celebration of the work of Dundee-born landscape painter James McIntosh Patrick ( l‘)07—l‘)98). Included irt tlte tlisplay are three rtew acquisitions feattrrirtg art early oil Tilt’ Hearing S/rt'tl. ()l(/ (ilumt’s I'iit'rm'y'. l‘)2‘).

VISUAL RESEARCH CENTRE Dundee ('ortterrtporary Arts. 152 Netltergate. ()l 382 348060. Tue 8.: Wed 10.30am 5.30pm: Thu 6; Fri l0.30arrr~8prtt: Sat S; Sun |2.30—5.30prtt. Pavel Buchler l'ntil Sat 3 Feb (Centre For Artist Books). A retrospective of Czech-born Pavel Buchler‘s artist publications. \‘l'ell-krtown irt Scotland as art artist. teaclter. ctrrator arttl publisher. tlte exltibitiort feattrres early works on loan frortt the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague. recent publications and a new publication co-published by Morning Star artd VRC Publishing.


East llilbrrde


()ld (‘oaclt Road. 0l355 26l()()0.

Mort -Sat 9am 0pm; Strrt noon—9pm. rezstore Until Strrt l 1 Feb. Art exhibition by sculptor James Robertson based on the deconstruction of old pieces of furniture.


MCLEAN MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY l5 Kelly Street. 01475 7l5624. Mort—Sat l0artt 5pm.

George Printezis L'rttil Sat 17 Feb. Pairttirtgs by Greek-born artist George Printe/is.



238 lliglt Street. 0l506 670268.

Now We Are Six t’ntil Sat 24 Feb. Celebrating the gallery"s sixth birthday. art exhibition of media works by various artists.



Sir David Wilkie At The Hunterian Wed 7 Feb. lprtt. Free. Hunterian Art Gallery. Curator Artrte Dulau gives a tert- minute talk on the David Wilkie exhibition.


Larionov and Goncharova Mon 5 Feb. l2.45prtt. Free. National Gallery of Modern Art. Fiorta Pearson gives a talk. Personal Traces Wed 7 Feb. l2.45pm. Free. National Portrait Gallery. Artist. photographer artd writer Patricia Macdortald gives a talk.

Family Values: Baerentzen's Winther Family and the Biedermeier Portrait Fri 9 Feb. l2.45pm. Free. National Gallery of Scotlartd. William Vaughan front Birkbeck College gives a talk. Keeper's Choice Mon l2 Feb. 12.45pm. Free. National Gallery of Moderrt Art. Richard (‘alvocoressL keeper of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. gives a talk.

Self Portrait by James Cowie Wed 14 Feb. 12.45pm. Free. National Portrait Gallery. Duncan Macmillan discusses Cowie‘s pairttirtg.

Batik Workshop Thu IS Feb. lOarttA-rtoort. £3. City Art Centre. Inspired by the ()hseri'ulimr and Expression exhibition. a workshop for adults in the art of batik making.

Silk Painting Workshop Thu IS Feb. l.30»-3.30prtt. £3. City Art Centre. Have a go at silk pairttirtg takirtg inspiration frortt the current Observation and Et‘pn'ssitm exhibition.


Gallery Talks Wed 7 Feb. 2—3pm. Free. Duncan of Jordartstorte College (Cooper Gallery). Rob Tufrtell. guest curator of the exhibition talks about the work of the artists Simon Starling and Poul Ilenningsen.

88 THE LIST 1—15 Feb 2001




Happy Birthday Postman Pat Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Fri 9—Sun 11 Feb.

The building profession has taken on a new kudos of late, thanks to that wee fellow in a hard yellow hat. But whilst Scoop, Muck and Dizzy are all household names at the moment, their longevity is far from assured. Builders across the land may well start the day chanting ’Can we fix it? Yes we can!’ (or more realistically ’Can we fix it? Aye probably, but let's have a cup of tea and think about it’) but for how long? In the cut throat world of children's television, only the hardiest of souls can survive the war of mass merchandising. So it's a credit to writer John Cunliffe and animator Ivor Wood, that twenty years after his first TV appearance, there aren't many folk who can’t complete the line 'Postman Pat and his black and white . . .' (if you can't, then shame on you, where have you been?).

The words ‘children' and ‘fickle’ are often synonymous, but it would appear that over the years, the Royal Mail’s most loyal employee has attracted an even more loyal following of his own. Many of whom will be pleased to hear that Pat is making a welcome return to the Festival Theatre, two years after his last visit. Brought to the stage by Children’s Showtime Productions, Happy Birthday Postman Pat promises to contain the same fun mix of story and song, with Ted Glen, Mrs Goggins and of course less the cat, all joining our favourite postal worker.

'The wonderful thing about Postman Pat is he has an enduring popularity,’ says the show's producer Phil Derrek. 'l'm always very pleased, reassured and amazed about that, and I can’t quite put my finger on why. But while all these other children’s shows come and go, there are one or two characters Noddy's another one - that have a really long shelf life.‘ (Kelly Apter)

We welcome submissions for this section, but cannot guarantee inclusion. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Kids listings compiled by Maureen Ellis.

Activities And Fun

Dilly Dali Sun 4 Feb & Sun I l Feb. 3.30—4.15pm. £25 for six weeks. Art Gallery & Museum. Kelvingrove. Argyle Street. 334 2000. Ages 2—6. Fairy tales. and creating a pull-up picture based on them. is the theme of the first of these workshop terms which allow children to explore design artd fine art with a healthy dose of fun. Subsequent workshops irt the series will have different themes using different mediums.

Children's Activities Sun 4 Feb & Sun

I 1 Feb. lpm. Free. Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. Ages 3—8. Weekly children‘s activities involving different themed arts. crafts. storytelling artd fun events.

Art 8: Drama Workshops Sat 3 Feb 8.- Sat l0 Feb. 10am—rtoon & l—3pm. £|2 for four weeks. Hunterian Art Gallery. University of Glasgow. 82 Hillhead Street. 330 5431. Ages 5—9. Saturday rrtomirtg classes giving guidance on arts and design and drama. All materials provided.

Space - The Final Frontier Sat 3 Feb 8;

Sat l0 Feb. l.30~- 2.l5prtt (Ages 4 6). 2.35—3.30prrt (Ages 7 9) ck 3.50. 5pm (Ages l0—l2). £25 for five weeks. The Lighthouse. l l Mitchell Lane. 334 2000. Art out-of—this-world experience w here children cart create their ow rt universe using materials frortt planet Iiarth. Sunday Workshops: Toddler's Time Sun 4 Feb & Sttrt ll Feb. l.30- 2.10pm. £3. The LiglttltoUse. | 1 Mitchell Lane. 334 2000. Ages 2-3. Workshops for the little ones to develop art awareness of architecture. Toddlers cart play with fabrics. ltear sounds and see colours changing. helping them to develop a sense of size artd scale.

Recontres Theatrales Fri 3 Feb. lprtt. Free. Alliance Frartcaise De Glasgow. 7 Bowrttortt Gardens. 339 428 l. Pupils frortt local schools compete by performing a short play using the French language. Call Clementine to confirm attendance or to participate.

Crafty Colourists Sat )0 Feb.

I lam—noon. £3. The Arches. 253 Argy le Street. 090l 022 0300. Ages 3—5. Jan McKechie leads a workshop on printing. Learn to print irt three different ways artd pairtt a favourite character frortt Peter Pan.

Valentine Gifts Sat l0 Feb. 2pm (Ages 7—l l l and Sun ll Feb. I lam (Ages 3-7). £3.20 (£2.20); family ticket £8.60. Pollok HoUse. Pollok Country Park. 2060 Pollokshaws Road. 6|6 64l0. Advance booking essential. Make personalised

gllls littl‘ loycd Utte\ (tlltl sweethearts .II this ftrrt workshop.

Val 'n' Tina’s Cute Cupid Carry On Sun ll Feb. 1,30 3pm. £5. .-\rt Gallery ck Museum. Kelx trtgroxc. .-\rgy le Street. 334 200“, Ages 2 III. I'ttl'lttal tlt'ess l'eqtltl‘etl tor shirts and party frocks which yott cart get irt a mess) for this \alcrttrrte's afternoon of creattxe .trtd colourful arts actix rtrcs. Make a gift fora rrtatc. parent or exert a pet trsrrtg card collage. portrait pairttirtg artd fondant faxours. or take part irt games. make-up artd rrtotrstaclte- rttaktttg.


The Little Vampire it') Sat 3 Feb. lpnt. artd Dinosaur ( PG) Sat l0 Feb. lprtt. £2.25 (farttily ticket £0). Glasgow Filrrt 'I‘lteatr'c. l2 Rose Street. .332 8l2b'. Sec Filrrt lrtdex.

Blue Planet (l') daily lpm S 3pm; Dolphins (l') daily 2pm. 4pm. 5pm; artd double-features Thu Sat 6pm ck 8.30pm; Strrt 6pm. £5 (£3.50); double feature tickets L") (£6.50). l.\I:\.\ 'I‘Itcatr'c. (ilasgttw Sciertce Centre. 5” Pacific Quay. 420 S000.


Adventures In Music - Kaleidoscope Strrt ll Feb. 3pm. £0 (£4 £5); farttily ticket £24. Royal Concert Hall. 2 Saucltieltall Street. 287 SSI l. ('ltildrert’s (IIIISSIL' (ittllc‘el‘ls :tlltl tltc RSNT ) explore the rttagic of colour tltrotrglt music to produce a sy rrtpltortic rainbow. Jump on board at Grartd (’entral Slatiott artd explore tlte \at‘itttls \ec‘littrts ()l tlte orchestra. Patrl Risstttart presents llte cortcert which features excerpts of Pur'cell's 'Abdela/ar' Strite' attd Arlert's ‘Sorrtew ltere ()x er The Rainbow '.


Magic Bob's Cabaret For Kids Sat 3 Feb. 2pm. £4 (£3). Scottish .‘ylask ck Puppet 'l'lteatr'c Centre. 8 l0 Balcar‘rcs Ax erttre. Kely ittdale. 33‘) 6l85. 'I‘raderrtark liglttertirtg wit artd arrta/irtg slight of ltartd frortt Scotland's rttagical children‘s entertairter sltottld confuse artd amuse inquisitixe little minds.

Tiggers Don't Climb Trees Sat It) Feb. 2pm. £4 (£3). Scottish Mask ck Pttppet 'I'lteatre ('erttre. t' H) Balcarres Aycittre. Kely irtdalc. 33‘) ()l85. Richard Medr'irtgtort's Parable Puppets proy e tltat 'l‘igger's rttay be wortderlul things. btrt tree clirttbirtg is rtot w ltat 'I‘igger's do best. :\.:\. Millie's Winnie tltc I’ttttll characters are brought to life it) this cltarrttirtg ptrppet adaptatiort.


Saturday Storytime Sat 3 Feb a Sat It) Feb. I lart). Free. Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. Ages 3 8. Weekly storytelling sessions mixing traditiortal fair'ytales w itlt weird artd wonderful contcrrtporar‘y tales.

Orange Cows From Jupiter Sat 3 Feb. llartt rtoort. £3 (£2). The Arches. 253 Arger Street. ()Ulll (I22 (I300. Ages ()\ cr‘ 4. Master children's storyteller James (’arttpbell artd ltis usual mix of weird artd wortderftrl stories. songs artd poerrts. Join James on art adsertttrre irtto tlte surreal where you may ertcourtter nine-headed monsters. exploding cats or even frogs

w itlt rrticrowayes irt tlteir bellies.

Activities And Fun

Quickies For Kids Royal Museum Of Scotlartd. 2 Chambers Street. 247 42 l‘). Free erttry to museum for \ isitors aged 18 artd urtder. Tert-rttinute talks for children lteld every Saturday at 2. l 5pm artd every Sunday at 3.15pm. On Sat 3 Feb learrt rttore about Elephants. or The Giraffe on Sun 4 Feb. Toys From Ancient Egypt forrrt the basis of the talk on Sat l0 Feb. artd on Strrt l l Feb ltear rrtore deliglttftrl stories about The Sloth.