th March

Tickets £4/£2.50

'\t\9 ‘ea‘\“ “((68 33“ Sat 10 - 6pm

(Sat 3rd 8. Sun 4 Assembly Rooms - t . .

Street Edinburgh

120 Stands & 30 Lectures

I Nail Extensions - Beautiful nails at your fingertips. Are you fed tip with broken or split nails‘.’ Then fibreglass nail extensions are the solution for yolt. No damage to your own nails. Last around (i weeks. lixperience the confidence. ()nly £25 with this add. Telephone Mandy on 0l4l 552 0846 or 07989 435027. Evening/week- ends. Home appointments avail- able on request.

I Winter Blues? Tired. depressed. tinmotivated'.’ (iet your balatice with kinesiology. Contact Bronwen Coghill oti 07974 960 505


I Iyengar Yoga Don't delay - phone today for details of lyengar Yoga classes in (ilasgow and surrounding area. All levels catered for. Beginners welcome. Phone (ll-ll 945 3931 or email yoga (0‘ gatewaycom.

I Sahaj Marg: Meditation on the heart. A natural path of transformation frotn with. that balances spirituality with every- day life. No fees. ()pen to all regardless of background or per- suasion. Contact 0l875 830 358.

I Make a positive difference in your life now. Dietary. physi- cal. emotional or learning (men- tal) changes - kinesiology can help with these and more. Contact Bronwen Coghill on 07974 960 505 ((ilasgow)


PRIVATE SINGING TUITION. Improve your vocal technique with experienced professional singer. Beginners welcome.

Call (ll-II 942 5460.

ALL ABOUT ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE An introductory lesson or work- shop to enable you to decide whether to take your interest further. Tel Isobel Anderson 0|4l 334 1658.

I Professional urgently requires statistics assistance with research project. l-3 hours per week. Rate of pay nego- tiable. Tel 07968 000 875 and

leave a message.

'C."' "'7‘? ‘r- r- r- ; v n F v INC} v A. I" .1 v 4.....i... I "f" 2 . La ’1 l. .1 —.... 1.. 4..., if

Private practice Edinburgh/Stirling olTers counselling or coaching to

support growth. painful issues or relationship problems. Phone for bnx‘hure/discussion or free consultation.

lItt/it It/uulv imil

tulip/ct tic/i IIIIH’.

'l'elephone: E; Shirley MaeKenlie “17 07399 757913 ’- i.

I Drawing on the right side of the brain Weekend course with Jenny Smith tB.A.) hons. in Iidinburgh. 31st March and lst April. All welcome. particu- larly beginners. 'l’el/l’ax (0l3l ) 554 I999 or jenny("\ I Learning German can be fun Tailor-made sessions for all levels and topics. £l0-L‘l5 per hour. Contact Viola to discuss. Tel. 0l4l 569 0948 limail. Violal.ier(0‘compuservecom. I Hypnotherapy training lidinburgh. Starts weekend 24/25 March and 7/8 April. Free information. Ring British Iithical School of Therapies. ()l539 620 594.

I Home tuition for sixth year studies linglish. Tutor qualified to postgraduate level. Tutors highers. standards. A levels. West [ind £15.00 per hour. Call 07776 I36 837


SINGER/SONGWRITER with loads of original material seeks musicians - piano. strings. brass. rhythm. to embroider unusual. lyrical pop songs and ballads. lnlluences include Tindersticks. Pulp. Lilac Titne. Americana.

.IoeI 013] 652 1877.

I Singers/songwriters. duos. bands. Have your songs record- ed. arranged and produced by some of Scotland's fmest drum- mers. keyboardists. bassists. gui- tarists. string sections at the Mtisic Production House. ’ou don't need to be able to play an instrument tor even sing). Seriously ambitious? Call John on 014] 337 2358.

I Edinburgh band -bespoke- are looking for a backing sitiger/percussionist. Should be able to sing vocal harmonies. Contact 0l3l 2294327 for fur- ther details.

I Jazzers sought by guitarist to create energetic quartet/quin- tet. Latin. blue note. standard material. Contact Donald (ll-lo} 8b] 329.

I Guitarist seeks other musi- cians to start rock band. Purpose: make music of tran- scendental beauty. Likes: Sigur Ros. Yo La Tengo. Godspeed... .\' Drake. Contact: Pedro pmsbn l (0

I Promo photography for (ilasgow batids. singers. artists. freaks. Virtually free visual alchemy. Contact 1530(0‘APPLliONl.lNliNliT

I Dundee Singer/songwriter seeks lead guitarist. bass and drums for new original band. Influences: David (iray. Travis. 100 sings ready. Call Craig 0l24l 87l742 Musicians and music fans! Visit our site for details of a new approach to distribution of good ntusic. then tell your friends.

I Funky soul searcher male vocalist 30. front back vocals itito funky uplifting soul some lyrics words seeks band. musi- cians. producers. like-minded for funky sessions/ gigs. Call Jason ()l4l 429 4025.

I Learn the Lindy Hop. the original partner dance from the ‘Swing' lira. with The Edinburgh Swing Dance Society! Weekly 'I‘hursdays ‘Begintiers plus‘ ses- sions continue at 7.30. £4; Second weekend of the month Saturday Social Dances from 8pm. £5/3 and Sunday Workshops with guest teachers - beginners l l- l .30. Intermediate 2.30-5. £l0 per ses- sion. 9/l0 March. l3/I4Apr. All at the Calton Centre. 121 Montgomery Street. Edinburgh. For further information on these or Lindy Hop in general please contact us on 0| 3] (iol (i027. limail lnfo.esds(a‘ The [Edinburgh Swing Dance Society - Home of Lindy Hop in Scotland!





t .:_ ~ 11s., .‘tmntmrs'i'p l‘, ta ,

has; t‘.,v‘. ""fyhg'flifini the {Rm 41"“ 3.11.:


trio-Lama :cmpiete aeginnm's Speng

Workshops '2.

- Modern Ewe c.\asses - Learn to dance t‘ne easy way . L ear/7 re dance to (my music fit 6 Lari/i Charts ere.

- Come a\one or with ‘tv'vends \no need to bring a partnefl. : amp/ere Deg/finers we/(cme every week er a// rug/ifs


Mondays: Wednesdays: Glasgow Uni Union, 32 UniverSity Avenue, West end. Tuesdays and Thursdays:

St Stephens hall St Stephens 57 (bottom of Howe St), Stockoridge. Wednesdays: Craig Tay Hotel,

101 Broughty Ferry Road Thursdays: The Lott @ O Donaghues, 16 JUStice Mill Lane, Aberdeen. :19”. :tzc's are" z.' '1‘, 8e; 1., Lei/(ION? an "rut mm: H

SPECIAL OFFER. lst NIGHT £3.00 WITH THIS AD. (incl. FREE membership)

Saturday of the month 8 doom t.. 1 scam GLASGOW; Particx Hens second Satur- day of the month 8 00pm ti. 2;? 1‘3"."


- REGULAR week-end wci‘KSncps ‘Or all .eveis,

ma rm: DCSiCS Ci Ceroc iJC partner “(cote throagmat Scotland pnene


The Rth’J‘SldP. CIUD, FOX ST.

ire“. .4255 '.' .i'grrr Admission is

il‘Z‘Tt'fi (L'id Dtit‘


'1 day learn- required

Tel: 01324-613 209 - E-maiI: Web:

I DANCE WITH ATTITUDE - Streetdance & Dance lixercise Classes. Saturdays at l lam & l2 noon respectively ((1 Northcole Scout Hall. 4 Victoria Circus. llyndland (enter by stairs on Kensington Road). I‘tlsitill of Jan. Hip

Hop . African & Contemporary

styles. Wear trainers & loose clothing. Bring a

mat or towel. Beginners wel- come - no need to book a place - just come along!

Price £4/L3.50. More details'.’ Karen I’asi ()l4l 222 2266/ 014l3394l93

karen(0 (IilllCSU)[X‘.ITCC\CI'\'C.C().Uk

8 30-10'00pm (lmprovers)

8 00-9 00pm (lmprovers)

9'OO«tO:OOpm (Intermediate)

9 00- 1 O‘OOpm (lmprovers)

followed by Salsa Clu Thursdays, Fridays and

5/ D

f- / Learn Salsa 8. Mereng

with top Latino dance instructors

Monday With Joel Rojas 7'00-8'15pm (Beginners). Tuesday with Joel Rolas 7‘00-8 00pm (Beginners).

Tuesday wrth Orlando 8. Paola 9 OO-tO'OOpm (Beginners) Wednesday With Orlando 8. Paola 7 45—8'45pm (Beginners) 9 OO-10'15pm (Intemediate/Advanced)

Thursday with Eliecer Reyes 8'00-9'00pm (Beginners).

Friday With Eliecer Reyes 8:00-9'00pm (Beginners). 9 00-10:00pm (lntemediate/Advanced) Saturday wrth Eliecer Reyes 8‘00-9 OOpm (Beginners).

Sunday week-end w0rkshop to team even more fancy footwork with Orlando 8. Paola 6'00-8'00pm (All levels)

All classes cost £4 per seSSion (tst class £3 with this Ad). Partners provuded Be inners welcome! Dance classes

ni hts on Wednesdays. aturdays.

104 West Port, Edinbur h, Tel: 0131 229 8805

E-mail: events@e|

l f r .JfJfJQ



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