0 I saw you l’eekhains (‘larence l)rise Assistant .\Ian ifrom .v\rt School'.’t on esening of Sunday 4th l‘ehruary. l was tall guy buying comfort food with suited friend: let me buy you somefl’ Box No [7407770, V I saw you with your stunning iawline and embedded blue jalapeno hooks. .\ true inspiration in three succinct pieces. I adore you. Box No [7407/7 I.

v I saw you Benjy Boy .‘s'/. who works in l‘alkirk (U Mum's this morning. You left in a hurry ill the dark. did you manage to get some fresh uiidei'ss'ear'.’ Box No [7407/72.

9 I saw you Punk-Ass; 'lost' on my lloor. hiding in our 'safe lotle'. So glad you didn't let me holt. I lose you. the 23rd can't come soon enough. Always Yours; Britney Spears. Box .\'o [7407/7}.

V I saw you beautiful blonde woman RS(' 'l‘empest. Barrhead 23rd January. You short blonde hair. short leather jacket and black trousers. ()ur eyes met twice during the inters'al when you seemed interested iii tny female friend. I‘ancy a couple of sonnets‘.’ Box No [7407/74.

O I saw you James B. A. in the Buff clth on l9th January. Swap you a Yorkshire Tea for some (iourmet baby spinach?! \Vould Ios'e yoti to get in touch? (ieraldine. Box .\'o [7407/75. V I saw you squid in your bed this iiioriting. You didn't want to go to ssork and I didn't want to lease. l)innae lash ah'm cummin? Box .\'o [7407/7o.

V I saw you los'ely Baba. Bcashties on me? Lose you foreser. chicken. XXX Box No [7407/77.

0 I saw you Annie .\1. at 'I‘inderbox. Jonny on'es you Very much. Hope your play goes well. He would die for you? Box No [,7407/78.

U I saw you You were the one- legged. lesbian prostitute. You offered me half a pain au chocolate but I had one too many w allies. Thank you anyway? If you would like to share a pain ati chocolate write back. Please. Box No [7407/79. 0 I saw you on 4in tow er of a man. You are my matinee idol. Box No [7/407/80.

0 I saw you l.esle_s but 1 still managed to beat you to a ptin in the (’ul de Sac dance off competition. You sucked? I.os'c Stes'en Box No [7407/8l.

O I saw you Blonde Bombshell. Anyone told you 'you are a sexy bird'. All the boys fancy youIY You cul de sac S. Box No [7407/82.

V I saw you John with heat in your mushroom blouson . . . ('.['. iii the ('osmo baby. Martha xxx Box No [7407/83.

U I saw you at the world of sandwiches - tall & scruffy. come muss me up. I'll kiss your nose better! Box .\'o [7407/84. V I saw you catweasel in the ('uldy. Ditch that rodent. you'sc got squatting on your face. Box No [7407/85.

V I saw you in the Sac come lick me clean. You know who I mean. (‘ome to my parlour for a special session. Box .\'o [7407/86.

9 I saw you the doctor on the decks in Mosquito & Cul de Sac. (‘ome minister to my palpitations. I's‘e come over all queer. Box No [7407/87.

9 I saw you cheeky little monkey in the Sac. Howd'ya like to teach an old dog new tricks —— woof? Box No [7407/88.

V I saw you Iiirestarter (0 Bi'el. you light my tire baby. Let's meet up. let me be your kindling. Box No [7407/89.

Please note

For your I Saw You to be included on these pages, you must supp/y your full name and address with your advert.

108 THE LIST 15 Feb—1 Mar 2001

O I saw you 2 in Brel til/()z/(il

you couldn't keep your hands off

each other. Knock it off will you? You're sickening. Lose the (irampian boys & girls. Box .\'o [7407/90.

0 I saw you Maria in the (‘ul de Sac. You are so losely'. you are so (ireek. Au res'oir. Box .\'o [7407/91.

9 I saw you Scott at the bar Brel drinking white coffee a eating my white chocolate?! I'm sure es'erything'll be line if you stay with me. Box .\'o [7407/92. 0 I saw you in your whites (0 Brel. Let me swing from your knotted ponytail. Be my pictish warrior. Box No [7407/93.

V I saw you atid you're still ugly. 'Iomorrow I'll be sober and you'll still be ugly. Box No [7407/94.

9 I saw you in Brel looking cool at the end of the bar. as cool as one of your fridges. You wearing specs. me spiky blond. ('ome quick my y'oghurt is turning. Box No [7407/95.

V I saw you in Safeway. [7 were squeezing the melons. I bottght them soon alter. I am in purgatory. It's cold. Phone me. Box No [7407/96.

V I saw you with your sexy N. Irish accent. You treated me like a princess with my original + stylish bangled earrings. I'm your 80s queen. you can do me a massive fas'our anyday! Box .\'o [7407/97.

U I saw you cherub. shining like an angel from behind the Polo lounge bar. from the tall. dark stranger always gazing from afar. Box .\'o [7407/98.

V I saw you in Sadies on Friday night few weeks ago. You the DJ me brown short haired girl with attitude feel like a 'frilly' drink‘.".’ Box No [J/407/99.

O I saw you Kenneth from Virgin Megastore. Buchanan Street you cart check out my CD collection anyday! Box .\'o [7407/100.

V I saw you in my dreams ((1 first. until you walked into Borders cafe. Glasgow. Big breasted blonde. possible named Nicole”? I think I lose you. Box No [7407/l0l.

0 I saw you o Strathclyde [him on 25th January. Sam and Andy ~ I'm the girl with the broken shoe who likes to streetmate. Lose the BMW so please contact me Heather. Box No [7407/102.

V I saw you in Kilkenny's and at the Garage 26/0]. Don't you es'er change your black top ck

jeans combo'.’ You're a sweetie?

“me you got my light." CL" soon. honey? Starchild. Box No [7407/103.

V I saw you in a riser of stardust and golden spray. .\'.\Ili 2lst. you know who you are. Loads of yucky stuff Y. 'Rock 00‘. Box No [7407/l04.

V I saw you in the Garage as l was dancing the night away. You smiled and went really red? You looked like the perfect guy ~r tall. dark and handsome? Loads

of lus‘ S xxx Box .\'o [7407/l05.

V I saw you golden girl with your lion's mane. I was your chocolate I()\'CI' that night SARAH! (‘L' in the (iarage again 26/01 —- come alone without your friends. Box .\'o [7407/106.

G We saw you Brian everywhere during ('eltic Connections! You are (‘eltic connections. (‘ome on yeh! Lose fae the heilan coos. JKIJ See you in Shetland. Jan 2002. Box No [7407/I07.

0 I saw you at (ioodfoot Friday 2nd. Irish girl & pink s'est. your favourite colour is orange and I had a chewy facel

Aren't we supposed to be getting

married? Box No [7407/l08.

O I saw you hot angel boy. He cool snowy boy. (‘an we kiss‘.’ Box No [7407009.

V I saw you in liopp. you are the unbearable lightness of being. and you base a funny beard and crap hair. We lose you baby. Box .\'o [7407” I0.

V I saw you Mark. ssho'd hase thought country shirts would has'e looked so good - btit they do. Phssorrgh. Box .\'o

[7407/l l l.

V I saw you Ian. we lose you loads. You are a top gee/er and your encyclopaedic know ledge of sound recording is beyond compare. Box .\'o [7407/1 l2.

V I saw you Simon from the hand Bunica. strutting your stuff at Bennetts. your earring glinting in the mirrorball. [me you babes J&l. \ Box No [7407/1 I3.

V I saw you pic-menstrual. half-Irish hippy goddess alone in Bar 9|. with your hair on fire. praying for your period to come. Box No [7407/l I4.

V I saw you in Stenhouse Building. Strathclyde ['ni. March 2000. You lis'ed in JYII. I was in James Blyth. I looked at you and think about you always. (‘all me? Box .\'o [7407/l2l.

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