V I saw you Scott. leaving the FilmhoUse. Finally came home to roost. Couldn't have happened to a nicer fella ha ha ha. Box No [7407/1.

V I saw you Mar/.(a/Pilrigcom. ()ne Scottish Saturday Night. Your address has expired have I'.’ Box .\'o [7407/2.

V I saw you stocky head chef in Wok Bar. Iidinburgh. You shaved hair. and maybe an Iinglish accent. Me witty. intelligent thirtysornething bloke. unsure as to which menu you go for. Box No U/407/3.

V I saw you To Tony (1’). Mr Horny the comedian from Scruffy Murphy's. From the lass in the ‘My mate fancies yoti' shirt. Tried to give ti my number! Where'd u go‘.’ Box No U/407/4.

V I saw you in my dreams and in my shop. but then you left. please don't stay away forever. Box No U/407/5.

V I saw you 4th Feb in Planet Out and New Town wearing blue top and drinking Becks and Guinness. Sorry for staring. Impressive instant. I don't even know your name. Box No [l/407/b.

V I saw you at Potterow. You were wearing a red shirt and a badge. I was wearing nothing. Box No [F/407/7.

V I saw you at Heaven and Hell. Potterow is great. I'll c'ya again sometime! Box No [7407/8.

V I saw you on page three of Student. Do you write for that superior publication Hype‘.’ Box No [7407/9.

V I saw you whisky-flavoured chocolate girl . . . and you make riiy heart sing. Thank you for making my telephone ring. See you at Deacon Blue in May‘.’ Count on it! Box No U/407/10. V I saw you Hogshead. Bread Street 26/1/01. 5.30—8.30. You: black coat with two friends. Me:

navy coat with work colleagues (you took our seats!) I thought it was a wind up but later I was told you really were interested. I've regretted it ever since. Fancy meeting for a drink sometime? Box No U/407/1 l. V I saw you beautiful blonde social worker going to meeting in Glasgow. Feb 1st on 9.15 Waverley to Queen Street train. I read your paper. We chatted at Queen Street and walked to the taxi rank. Fancy a coffee? Box No U/407/l 2.

V I saw you at 3am on 4/2/01 outside Waverley station. You were catching the last bus to Dunferrnline. I gave you a lolly. you gave me a kiss. Box No [7407/13.

V I saw you yo-yo girl with hair. Hair is not everything? Need a bcau'.’ Available for audition if called. Box .\'o [.'/407/ l 4.

V I saw you wearing your dirty hoodie and your gormless smile. You looked rather charming. I just wanted you to know 1 will kill you. Box No [.7407/15.

V I saw you down the docks eating mutton on lamb. Tuesday. Box No [7407/16.

V I saw you but I didn't say anything CO]. you're so gorgeous! Meet up with me ginger . . . Box No [7407/17. V I saw you yesterday in a black chiffon nightie. you were pttttirig your kids to bed. l was in the tree that looked onto your flat. Box No [7407/18.

V I saw you dancing diva. long brown hair. sexy boots. I would love to meet again to show you my truncheon. Saw you at Peppermint Lounge. signed the love detective. Box No

[,7/407/ I 9.

V I saw you barman in the (‘ity (‘afe (downstairs) 03/02/01. Foreign. with a sexy voice! You gave me a large one. ring me so I can return the favour!! Box No [l/407/20.

V I saw you Susan. you looked fab one of the beautiful people. Box No [J/407/21.

V I saw you in City Cafe 3/2/01 -— all in black and fiery pink nails. You caught my eye and set my heart alight. Call me. Box No [7407/22.

V I saw you buying two pints of Fosters and wondered how much it was. as I need to buy a two man round btit only have £4.60 left. Box No U/407/23.

V I saw you Dougie. Full of shit. but all the better for it. Lose the wax. I might like you better baby. 'Got a light doll'." For you. yeah! Box No [7407/24.

V I saw you in the bedroom Flangela. Kept tne up all night laughing. Hope the dress fits baby. Me old china. from your old china. Box No U/407/25.

V I saw you in New Town bar. You piercings and Brian tattooed on your arm. You looked cuddly and beefy. Maybe be I can be your teddy bear‘.".’ Box No U/407/26.

V I saw you in the More store. You sheepskin catsuit. hair permed in a high pony. Me trying to catch your eye in the bargain bin section. Love you had lala from dodo. Box No U/407/27.

V I saw you big William at City Cafe 3/2/01. I enjoyed your stubble on my cheek . . . I want it again! I was the 'cheeky girl' who would love to show you round Edinburgh once more! Box No U/407/28.

V I saw you KR. ('heese me up you sexy diva. Listen come over and watch some DVDs with me and maybe more . . . Box No [7407/29.

V I saw you in (‘ity (‘at'e playing with my heart strings. You wore a yellow mac and told me it was Friday. Box .\'o [7407/30.

V I saw you Jason in the Basement. You skinhead god of love. We watch for you. love your goddesses K (S; 1.. Box No [7407/31.

V I saw you (iarode with your diva. diva daaaa. you rock my socks baby. Love you Zotill xx Box No [7407/32.

V I saw you Linda 1’. (‘an I come and fish in your pond‘.".".".’ We should do stislii sometime at the Commonwealth. Box No [7407/33.

V I saw you sexy Kiwi with an artistic thang. I know you too well. ('all me!! Box .\'o [7407/34.

V I saw you bewitching blond barmaid with pierced nasal cavity. Any other piercings. you holtelly heast'.’ Box .\'o [7407/35.

V I saw you with a hammer and sickle on your back in Iilll. Manifest my future you red- hearted Marxist! Box No [7407/36.

V I saw you hiecuping freak. smoking in Fl“. 1 want to swim in your baked-potato eyes until I'm burnt. I think I love you . . . Box No [7407/37.

V I saw you working at the bar in [5111 and size does matter!!! Box No [.7407/38.

V I saw you in fill] and size does matter! You sttid!!! Long hair and velvet shirt (purple). Box No [.7407/39.

V I saw you in the hospital. 1 Iiad a wounded pride and you healed it. Box No {7407/40.

V I saw you (iap. You blonde Penicuik hot thing. You are a gap between everyone else. Box No [.7407/41.

V I saw you at [H I. We were mellow. you cheered the tip and fed me vino. I‘ve fallen in love with you all over again. xxx little bear. Box No [7407/42.

V I saw you looking smooth. suave and sophisticated in the Filmhotise bar. 2/2. You snacked on your nicorette pen —— and l swooned!!! I.et's give tip together! Box No [7407/43.

V I saw you working in the Filmhouse bar on Friday. I think you're new!! Did I sense an appreciation of Miles Davis‘.’ Box No [.7407/44.

V I saw you at the Filmhouse bar last Friday. Dred's drinking wine in the corner. I have known many women few with a beauty as rare as yours. Box No [7407/45.

V I saw you at the Filmhouse 2/2. I thought Penelope (‘ru/ was beautiful until I saw you. You blonde goddess in red polo. me in pimp suit. Box No [7407740.

V I saw you yawning. I thought my story was great. Try to stay awake. Box No [7407/47.

V I saw you ushering at the Filmhouse w caring pink trousers. ['sher of the millennium! Box .\'o [7407.”43. V I saw you at Phoenix front above. Yoti threw rainbow s. I say come stalking. Paris St (ierniaini’ Box .\'o {7407/49. V I saw you blonde IWo\ ofl‘lce boy in Filmhotise on Saturday. Will you be my Yalentine'.’ I think you know who I am . . . Box No [7407/50.

V I saw you in 'l'esco (‘anonmills on 24/1/01 and we spoke about buy ing video players. ('ontact me and press play! Box .\'o {7407/51.

V I saw you red hair. I saw you and your erect nipples. Box No [7407/52.

V I saw you (il’ wearing your same old grey jumper in blue bar. Be brave and branch into Colour. Box No I7407/53.

V I saw you Matt B.\'ll nurse. sex on legs. Fancy a picnic or how about a rende/vous in bed. spare 4 in ward 20. Box .'\'o [7/407/54.

V I saw you in blue bar with an ama/ing blue jumper and wicked smile. Keep shopping in French Connection! Box .\'o [7407/55.

V I saw you approach. snogged my ear and whisper 'this is for real' - mmm Box .\'o I7407/5o. V I saw you Baht-a. l-‘asten your seat belts while seated. It's a bumpy ride. Box .\'o {7407/57.

V I saw you at ('Iub 30 and said I am at the (ieorge for coffee. Box No [7407/58.

V I saw you grimace. Touch me again and you'll die. Thank you all the same. Box No [7407/59.

V I saw you at the 'I‘raverse. You were tall. camel coat. a spark in your eye. I was a shy specky'. Btit I think you might love me. Box No {7407/60.

V I saw you in Traverse bar Wed 31 Jan. You went tip to bar with price tag hanging otit of shirt. You looked so innocent. I bet you're not!! Box No [7/407/61.

V I saw you at 'I‘raverse bar on 31 Jan 2001. Yoti have dark hair. the rugby type. I think our eyes met. I hope so because I fancy a game of pull!! Box No [7407/62.

V I saw you Cora. chatting with a cast-matet'.’l in the Traverse bar . . . Me in a trance. trying to keep bairn fed. l.et's hook up! Adam I’T. Box No [7407/63.

1 saw you CLASSIFIED

V I saw you at the 'l'rayerse 31/1/01. Your boy friend was looking at the free postcards . .

you had a wee rucksack I’ost him. reeeiy e me Box .\'o [SKIN-704.

V I saw you .-\|istair R 111 the transformers 'I3shirt at the theatre bar 2nd Ieh Will you be mine.’!'.’ Box \oI'x’4117/(y5

V I saw you triange beard made my day (iod is against me cos I killed a titiii. (‘ it soon'.”! Ho\ \o I74Il7/(ifi.

V I saw you at ‘0'» club dance. I would Itke to see tt at the 'I‘r'ayerse. Iiox \o I LUV/(i7.

V I saw you Murphy Ir'ottt 'Snowball' last name of the group. Yoti will know who I arri' Said I would w rite to 'I Saw You'. Sx Box .\'o [HUT/ox.

V I saw you riionai'eh of the (ilyn. Super SS inches l was a fir'eriian and fires were started. Put me out! Box No t'/.to‘7/ou.


V I saw you music man . . . in my dreams . . howabout fantasy becoming reality‘.’ . . Box No I74II7/I I8.

V I saw you Shuggie Maria . . You wee mank! Surprise . . . yer in The /.r.sr!!' Box .\'o

{7407/1 19.

V I saw you Alison on the Slll'IIllg‘ 1o (ilasgow Queen Street Saturday riiorriing. I was reading the Yellow Scottish Supcrmart. You were reading The 1m. We talked and I walked you to the newsagent. (let in touch. Box No I 7407/I30.


V I saw you .-\iiianda. Blockbuster Stirling. How many men have you tried to impress with your film kriowledge'.’ Will you ever meet your future hubby across the counter xx Box No [7407/115.

V I saw you \Vliaaasup! Big sis I,orn! I know of your secret double life as Lucia don't worry your secret is safe lrom Bri! Jtist watch otit for big bulges next time. Box .\'o [7407/1 lb.

V I saw you Mrs Robinson. in the living room. You asked If I would join you and tempted me with a bottle of wine. I atii a graduate. Are yoti trying to seduce me'.’ Box .\'o {7407/1 l7.

‘15 Feb—l 1.1ar200l THE IIST 109